Awkward saves (by MooseTDI)

Winning in Rocket League means saving just as much as scoring. Use this training pack to get warmed up and make some awkward saves against some fast shots.

  1. Has to have decent power and be aimed to at least mid boost
  2. Has to be redirected behind you
  3. Cannot hit the ceiling and must have decent power on it
  4. Must have a good recovery in net, Ball needs to be away from the net before despawning, cant be in front of the net
  5. Made to emulate a recovery, you have to press a button as soon as you spawn, don’t wait for the car to be on the ground
  6. Has to be a good clear, the ball must despawn near the corner
  7. Has to have considerable power and be downfield
  • Number of shots: 7
  • Target rank: Champion to Grand Champion
  • Created by: MooseTDI


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Copy the code then head over to Rocket League and go to Training > Custom Training > Enter Code > Paste Code > Play

Yes, all Rocket League codes are compatible and work on PC, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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