Improve your game and climb up the ranks with better mechanics, rotations, and decision-making.


Mechanics & Car Control

- Foundation of Car Control: Dribbling
- Mastering The Air
- Recovery Mechanics
- Reading the Ball

Rotation & Boost

- Rotations Foundation
- Boost Management
- The Art of Pressure
- Advanced Rotations

Decision Making & Game Knowledge

- The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Role
- On Ball Decision Making
- Off Ball Decision Making
- Replay Reviews

Plus: Master Quiz & Leaderboard

- Master Quiz to test your knowledge
- Get 'Rizzo' Certified
- Get in the top 50 quiz leaderboard
- Training Packs Included


Learn to combine your mechanics with real game-sense to be able to play Rocket League at the highest level



The reason this course is titled ‘The Essentials to Rocket League Improvement’ is that you need to know the importance of certain aspects of the game, such as mechanics, rotation and decision making. They’re not easy or fundamental areas, but they are essential.

Based on the many years I’ve been playing as a Pro I’m confident to say that without these essentials, it will basically be impossible for you to rank up.

So that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this course, cover all the areas needed in order for you to actually master your game, rank up and play at the highest level.



Course created by Rizzo

The Essentials to Rocket League Improvement is a course focused on helping you advance through the ranks and reach the highest level.

What’s included in this course:

  • Over 12 topics covered in-depth
  • Video overview per topic
  • Detailed written content & advice
  • 12 deep-dive videos
  • Visual graphics, quotes, and clips
  • Purpose-built drills and training packs
  • Mini quiz per topic
  • Course progress tracking
  • Final master quiz with leaderboard
  • Course certification
  • Unlimited access forever

Knowing what the essentials are of Rocket League is the first step to being able to take your game to the next level. It’s important to know that when we talk about ‘Essentials’ it’s not the same as saying the basics. Just taking a quick look at the topics we’ll talk about you can see that most of these are not basic, if anything their intermediate and advanced.

It’s exactly for this reason that we talk about taking your game to the next level, and in the years I have been playing in RLCS, I can say that there are some mechanics, rotations aspects, and decisions you’ll need to focus on more than other areas.

We know that the fancy mechanics make for great clips but what will get you breaking into Grand Champ, Supersonic Legend, and beyond is very rarely going to be an advanced mechanic. So that will be the focus of this course, helping you improve your game and learning what areas that you should be focusing on in order to maximize your chances of winning and ranking up.

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2 reviews for The Essentials to Rocket League Improvement

  1. alexwinfield94 (verified owner)

    This course is amazing. A lot of useful information, most experience players would also have some of these knowledge too. But it’s also great to be reminded what we do. We usually pick up bad habits from youtube tutorials and knowing from a pro point of view, this pack is really good.

    I have actually purchased Kronovi’s course on Panda, and its quite interesting comparing to both of you, it’s almost the same thing in knowledge wise.

    My favourite part of this course was the “deep dive”. If im honest, I am not really a “read to learn” type of person, i like to see things with explaination. And how you explained about rotation and replays gave me the biggest motivation ever.
    Its that funny because after completing the course, I played 2s with my bud, and he saw massive improvement and then he asked, how and why did you get good all of a sudden?
    I replied, because im playing like Rizzo 😉
    Thank you so much Rizzo for big help, i am a champ 3 in 2s, and watching this, i hope i progress to gc, which is my dream.

  2. baseman4492 (verified owner)

    Great course with good breakdowns of all topics Rizzos knowledge as a former pro really does add an extra element to how he breaks it down course lasted much longer than expected with several training packs to practice with would love more courses from him

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The Essentials to Rocket League Improvement

(2 customer reviews)


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There are a total of 12 topics which cover exactly what the essentials are to playing Rocket League at the highest level.

This course is suitable for low to high-ranked players looking to improve their game. The suggested rank for this course is Gold to Champ but all ranks will find it useful.

Once you buy this course you have access forever.

YouTuber, Streamer & RLCS Pro ‘Rizzo’ created this course.

Some of it, yes. But this course adds far more depth, added value, insights, structure and interactivity which you can’t get anywhere else. You also get everything in one organised place. The aim is to make this a fun and enjoyable experience.

The time will depend on how quickly you can apply what you learn – for example, one player might take 10 times longer than others to achieve the same result.

With that said, an estimate would be 2 to 6 hours but should be much longer if you apply everything you learn.

Yes. As soon as you buy the course all topics, quizzes and content will be available.

You’ll get a direct link in your confirmation email or you can access it here or from your account.

Once you buy this course you have access forever.