Want to improve and win as a team in Rocket League? Here is your ultimate guide.



- Benefits of Communicating
- Vocabulary
- Efficiency
- What it Sounds Like


- What is Rotation?
- Offensive Rotation
- Defensive Rotation
- Shifting Between Offense and Defense


- Why Passing Works
- Communicating To Pass
- Types Of Passes

Improving Together

- Playing Together
- Analyzing Replays
- Giving and Taking Advice
- The Improvement Cycle

Plus: Master Quiz & Leaderboard

- Master Quiz to test your knowledge
- Get 'Team' Certified
- Get in the top 50 quiz leaderboard
- Training Drill Included


Rocket League is the purest esport – now you can win and improve together as a team



In this course we’re going to be covering all the aspects you need to play and win together. It’s about the improvement cycle and that is exactly what we’re going to focus on: how you can play and enjoy the game more by playing as a team. Intentional rotation, intentional passing and intentional communication.

Plus, we’ll also look at how you can actually analyze over and talk about your games in a constructive and systematic process. You won’t regret it!



Course created by GamersRdy

The Ultimate Guide to Teamwork in Rocket League is a course focused on the most fun part of Rocket League: Playing as a Team

What’s included in this course:

  • Over 15 topics covered in-depth
  • Video overview per topic
  • Detailed written content & advice
  • Over 10 in-game videos
  • Visual graphics, charts, quotes and clips
  • Purpose-built drill to help you practice passing
  • Mini quiz per topic
  • Course progress tracking
  • Final master quiz with leaderboard
  • Course certification
  • Unlimited access forever

If you take a step back and look at Rocket League, all the biggest moments in the game are focused around 3v3 competitions. From the main stage of the RLCS to events such as Dramhacks, Eleagues, and many more. And for good reason: it’s a team sport.

Not only will we look at vital aspects such as how to communicate effectively, but also tactics such as passing, rotating, and how to analyze your replays together as a team. Each of these topics has a ton of depth which I am certain will help you improve and play better as a team. Even if you don’t have a consistent team you play with, you can still use these principles to help you improve your own game and prepare for when you do play with others.

You see, the reason that the best teams get to the top is that they play as a team. That might sound obvious, but they work endlessly to prepare, practice, and communicate together as a team – the process of getting there takes hard work but the reward of playing together and winning is where the fun of this game truly comes to life. And that’s exactly what this course is all about. It’s about how you play Rocket League as a team, and ultimately, to fulfill the develop your own enjoyment in this incredible team sport.

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7 reviews for Ultimate Guide to Teamwork in Rocket League

  1. Dylan Tilley (verified owner)

    Excellent course for anyone looking for a framework of improving your team play, from low to high ranks. I found the vocabulary and passing segments to be the most impactful to my game sense. I will be revisiting the course over time to refresh some of the topics and stay sharp. Thanks Wayton!

  2. Mrmayhem (verified owner)

    GREAT COURSE! I’ve watched Wayton’s videos on YouTube which is always excellent content but this really takes it to the next level prior to completing this course i was P3-D1 now im C1 which is a huge win for me. pack helped open my eyes to alot more on how to expand my game! i cannot wait to get my next course.

  3. daflamingpotato (verified owner)

    Great course! I first discovered Wayton on YouTube and quickly discovered that he has a knack for educational content. I always learn something new from his videos. As a Season 13 Grand Champion, I can attest to the value of this course. Anyone looking to improve their team play can benefit from this course. Thank you Wayton 🙂

  4. SirLoons (verified owner)

    Wayton is goated (:

  5. sauerkraut.gg (verified owner)

    I spend a lot of time in 1v1s in order to improve my mechanical skills. In doing so I’ve formed a lot of bad habits that work in 1s but don’t translate to team play, but since they do work in 1s, it is hard to identify them and figure out how to get rid of them.

    This course highlighted a few of my bad habits right away and provided insight into how to handle improving those habits. I am looking forward to taking what I’ve learned here and applying it to my 2v2 team play, and sharing this course with my teammate. If only our communication improves as a result, that is enough to make this course worth it!

  6. Garret Amundson (verified owner)

    I hope that other guy reviewing this course didn’t drink a whole gallon of milk in 1 sitting.

    Anyways I suck at rotation and talking comma, this the material I need to keep me progressing.

  7. Syncro (verified owner)

    Let me put this course into perspective, and please, bear with me. Imagine a gallon of milk from the grocery store. There are approximately 75,708 drops of milk inside the average gallon. That’s a lot of drops. Now picture each of these drops representing an individual and crucial piece of information included in this course. So, what do you normally do with a gallon of milk? You pour it into a cup, a bowl with cereal, or even a smoothie. This means that you consume milk in small increments, with or without other ingredients to make your food/drink tastier. This same concept applies to Wayton’s Ultimate Guide to Teamwork in Rocket League. He gives you multiple key points of information from the course in comfortable proportions, and it is your choice whether or not you’d like to apply those learned topics with other mechanics or touchpoints in your own gameplay.
    At the time of writing this review, I am currently almost finished with the first module and am about to take the quiz that ties the section together. (If I am able to, I will come back and edit this review with my updated progress. If not, my opinion still stands). I strongly encourage that you write down notes for all topics that you got incorrect or aren’t sure about. Coming back to them at a later date has proven to be very effective in ensuring that I absorb all aspects of a topic. Doing this also helps keep track of what you need to work on the most.
    I highly recommend that you enroll in this course, as you will not regret it, so long as you can accept new ideas, and show your willingness to learn. Wayton has put forth an astonishing amount of time and effort into his Ultimate Guide to Teamwork in Rocket League to make sure that it truly shines where it is supposed to. He really drove the entire nail through the board with one swing of the hammer! Thank you, Wayton. This course is fantastic!

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Ultimate Guide to Teamwork in Rocket League

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