Improve your Rocket League game with the ultimate mechanics course



+ Fast Aerial
+ Power Shots
+ Bounce shots
+ Power aerials
+ Ball Carry
+ The Half Flip
+ Air Dribbles


+ Drifting
+ Air Roll Shots
+ Wall Shots
+ Flicks
+ Redirects
+ Turn & Shoot
+ Double Touches


+ Wavedashing
+ Stalling
+ Pre Flips
+ Flip Cancels
+ Ceiling Shots
+ Flip Resets


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You'll get a certificate for the course if you are able to pass the final quiz.


There is no easy way to get good at Rocket League, but this course will help structure and plan your mechanics


“I’m quite impressed with how well thought out and beautifully designed this course is. As someone who needs structure and guidance to improve at anything, this kind of thing would have been perfect for me when I was starting out. Even at the stage, I am now in GC, I can see the value it has to offer, comprehensively covering everything you need to know about getting better at this game. Well done GamersRdy and FLuuMP!”

Sir Classy
“This course is really well structured, it will teach what you need to know, when you need to know it to rank up. Learning Rocket League based on YouTube is a bit like a rollercoaster, since you’re just clicking on videos not knowing what’s best to learn next.”

“Going through the course is great for beginner/mid level players to know what they should be focusing on when it comes to mechanics. Even being grand champ myself, I still found it useful as it gave clear explanations in an easy-to-follow format.”

“It’s like school for Rocket League… and it’s fun! I would definitely recommend for mid and low level players that are looking to learn or expand their knowledge on fundamental mechanics.”

“The effort that has gone into this course is evident as it goes in-depth on the various mechanics in the game. As a professional coach within Rocket League esports, I’d very much recommend this to any player, at any ELO that wants to improve their mechanical ability – coupled with some 1 to 1 coaching sessions!”




Course created by FLuuMP

The Rocket League Mechanics Mastercourse is built to encourage you to learn, apply and improve your mechanics.

What’s included in this course:

  • Over 20 topics covered
  • Video overview per topic
  • 20 in-game ‘Deep Dive’ videos per topic
  • Detailed written content & advice
  • Visual graphics, quotes and clips
  • Purpose-built training packs & targets
  • Mini quiz per topic
  • Course progress tracking
  • Final master quiz with leaderboard
  • Course certification
  • Unlimited access forever

This course is built to be as interactive and helpful as possible, whilst being able to keep track of your progress.

I hope this will make it more fun and ultimately better for you to learn the mechanics in Rocket League.

After purchasing, you’ll have full course access which is also linked in your account.








Rocket League

13 reviews for The Rocket League Mechanics Mastercourse

  1. bastianrk (verified owner)

    Could be truly excellent just with an explanation on how to perform a good air roll or tornado spin, in a way it is a vital mechanic to perform a double tap for example.

  2. KillaTibi07 (verified owner)

    I’ve started using this pack and can already see improvement in my mechanics!

  3. Jensen raquet (verified owner)

    this covers everything mechanically i struggled at, i can already see progress.

  4. ethan morris (verified owner)

    Would 100% recommend. I originally was looking for some advice on how to improve my Ariel shots and to improve my dribbling and found so much more in this course. In the first 2 hours of practicing i managed to advance from gold into platinum which i found very hard before this course.

  5. dandyj675 (verified owner)

    I cannot advise anyone enough to give this a go. i am a diamond 1/high plat and this guide taught me to consistently air dribble in one night (2 hours). Cannot wait to learn all the other mechanics in this.

  6. seensatan (verified owner)

    This course goes in-depth for all of the mechanics listed, I cannot believe how much I improved my mechanical abilities and it’s definitely worth buying it. Even thought you might get stuck at some parts, you will push past it, so don’t give up.

  7. Tom Dodington (verified owner)

    Genuinely an incredible tool to improve your game mechanics and knowledge, within 2 weeks I have gone from silver 3 to plat 1 so I would highly recommend buying this, there’s literally no reason not too

  8. oli (verified owner)

    This course is 100% worth it!
    Within one season I’ve gone from gold 3 to champ 1! Just by going through this course my mechanics have improved so much, there is alot of mechanics to master its especially useful for the lower ranks. You won’t regret buying it.
    I higly recommend this course!

  9. Anthon.J (verified owner)

    Its a great course and its helpful to anybody of any level. it teaches you everything from the basics to the advanced skills and mechanics. Since taking the course i have already seen improvement of my own game play which was around the level of a diamond and now I am champ and this really helped to get those more advanced mechanics which i would never use into my game play…… so in the end i would recommend anyone to at least try the course and I am pretty sure they will pick up something out of it!!! 🙂

  10. Marc Winterburn (verified owner)

    This course is great for those looking to establish a solid training routine/schedule. Finding out which mechanics you’re lacking in, and have the knowledge to be able to train them. There’s a nice personal touch to this with the videos and fluump is clearly stoked to be teaching you. Thanks fluump and gamersready, this was fun. I now have established myself a better training programme. Big love x

  11. Ellite (verified owner)

    This is a great course. I bought this when I was in plat 2. Now that I’ve finished the course, I’m diamond 1. The course really helps with mechanics, I had no clue how much potential I was missing because of these little things that I wasn’t working on.

  12. DYZZ (verified owner)

    Great course. Lot’s of insight into mechanics and the way they should be learnt. The training packs included are really good and I would recommend it to anyone lower than grand champ but many GCs can learn from it as well.. The different classes of mechanics are in a really good order in which you should learn it. Also, having all the training packs and tips in one place (with it saving progress) is very convenient rather than looking all over the web to find tutorials.

  13. Wayton (verified owner)

    It’s like school for Rocket League… and it’s fun! Definitely recommend for mid to low level players that are looking to learn or expand their knowledge on fundamental mechanics.

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The Rocket League Mechanics Mastercourse

(13 customer reviews)


After you book you will be sent a link to the have access to the full course


There are 22 topics which cover Rocket League Mechanics, from basics to advanced.

This course is suitable for most ranks, depending on your experience. From newer players at Silver and Gold, all the way to Champs.

YouTuber and coach ‘FLuuMP’ created this course.

Some of it, yes, for sure. But what is included in this course makes it a more enjoyable experience with added value which you can’t get anywhere else.

The time it will take massively depends on how much effort you want to put into it, the existing mechanics you have and your speed at learning new things.

With that said, an estimate would be 2 to 20 hours.

Yes. As soon as you buy the course all topics, quizzes and content will be available.

You’ll get a direct link in your confirmation email or you can access it here or from your account.