Corner Ball Clears (by Psema)

This pack helps you get used to awkward situations in your own corner or on the opponents corners. The goal is to get decent touches and to read the bounces as fast as possible so that you can beat people to these balls or at least avoid whiffing. Scoring is not really a goal but you have 6 seconds to follow up your hits and score or just take control. Pair it with bakkesmod (PC only) and the mirroring option and you’ll get some nice training on both sides of the field.

  • Number of shots: 10
  • Target rank: Diamond to Grand Champ
  • Created by: Psema


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Copy the code then head over to Rocket League and go to Training > Custom Training > Enter Code > Paste Code > Play

Yes, all Rocket League codes are compatible and work on PC, PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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