If you're struggling to rank up in Rocket League then you need to apply these rules


Bronze to Silver

- Camera Control
- Accuracy
- Power Shots
- Basic Aerials

Silver to Gold

- Power Sliding / Drifting
- Avoid Ball Chasing
- Using The Walls
- Using Boost Properly

Gold to Platinum

- Dribbling
- Shadow Defending
- Fast Aerials
- First Touch

Platinum to Diamond

- Awareness
- Positioning
- 1v1s
- Building Up Speed

Diamond to Champion

- Maintaining Pressure
- Slow Down
- Reading the Game
- The Winning Mentality

Champion to Grand Champ

- Freeplay / Training
- Replay Reviews
- Meaningful Possession
- Stop Watching the Ball


Increase your chances of winning more ranked matches with the Rules to Ranking Up in Rocket League course



Step by step we’ll cover many of the key areas that you should be focusing on if you are trying to climb the ladder in Rocket League.

As well as reaching a more competitive environment you’ll be able to understand and appreciate much-added depth to your game and ultimately have more fun.

take down your opponent's one win at a time


Course created by Thanovic

Rules to Ranking Up in Rocket League is a course built to help you improve your game and know how to climb up the ranks in Rocket League.

What’s included in this course:

  • Over 26 topics covered in-depth
  • Video overview per all topics
  • 17 Deep Dive Videos on most topics
  • Detailed written content & advice
  • Visual graphics, quotes and clips
  • 10+ rank specific training packs
  • Hands-on practical tips and examples of how to apply
  • Mini quiz per topic
  • Course progress tracking
  • Final master quiz with top 50 leaderboard
  • Course certification
  • Unlimited access forever

Over the thousands of hours that I have played Rocket League, climbing the ranks has been one of the most satisfying parts of the competitive game. There has been a direct correlation to my success in winning more matches by how well I could work on areas that I was weakest at. I have been able to pass on much advice to thousands of players through the videos I have made as well as my coaching sessions.

This course is created to highlight the most important areas that you should focus on in order to win games in ranked. Then the more games you win the more you’ll go up in ranks with the aim of getting you to Grand Champion. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be hard work to get anywhere near that level but you’ll be surprised at how many easy things you need to be aware of to increase your chances of winning each game.

We’ll cover loads of areas, each topic will include examples and many will have training packs too. I want you to understand the depth that this game has to offer and hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy the game more too!

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3 reviews for Rules to Ranking Up in Rocket League

  1. SirLoons (verified owner)

    Amazing course that goes super in depth to tons of different aspects. I highly recommend you get this and go all the way through even if you are a high rank, it may help you see what things you may need to work on to get to your dream rank. Thanks Thanovic

  2. nuke161 (verified owner)

    Awesome course, it contains everything that i didnt know. I am a diamond player and it feels like im carrying the game after i read the Diamond-Champion category, awesome.

  3. morrisfamily68 (verified owner)

    I watch Thanovic on youtube, and his videos help me alot in mastering rocket league mechanics. I’m only a bronze, (because i don’t play as much as i should to rank up) But i should be a platinum now thanks to this course. I mainly play 1v1’s, And i used to lose alot. But now i have my opponents forfeiting because of my crazy mechanics that they can’t defend. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to rank up in rocket league. And thanks to Thanovic for making this awesome course and helping us all have more fun, and be even prouder in ourselves on rocket league.

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Rules to Ranking Up in Rocket League

(3 customer reviews)


After you book you will be sent a link to the have access to the full course


There are 26 practical topics which cover ways for you to improve and rank up in Rocket League.

This course is suitable for players of all ranks with a suggested rank of Bronze to Champion.

YouTuber & Streamer ‘Thanovic’ created this course.

Some of it, yes. But this course adds far more depth, added value, insights, structure and interactivity which you can’t get anywhere else. The aim is to make this a fun and enjoyable experience.

This course has plenty of examples, training packs as well as plenty of application guides and examples. The time it will take depends on how much effort you want to put into it.

With that said, an estimate would be 2 to 10 hours.

Yes. As soon as you buy the course all topics, quizzes and content will be available.

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