About me:
Currently coaching the 3rd best team in Europe, Top Blokes and as a result won 2020 RLEsports Subreddit coach of the year. I have significant experience in different levels of coaching in different areas: coaching basketball at a high school level, music tuition to a variety of levels and of course in Rocket League, coaching almost every rank and level, from academy teams, to RLRS, to the very top of RLCS at the championships. If you’re looking for a coach who has the experience and knowledge to help you step up your game and pursue something serious within Rocket League, I’m your guy!

Team Experience:

  • Team Secret (RLRS Season 2+3)
  • Red Reserve/Triple Trouble (RLCS promotion tournament and off-season)
  • The Bricks (RLCS Season 7)
  • Team Envy (Gfinity Elite Series Season 4)
  • Triple Trouble/Method (RLRS Season 8/9)
  • Top Blokes (RLCS X and current)

What’s included in your team session:

Team coaching sessions will typically last an hour, give or take, and I can differentiate the sessions depending on what it is that the team will want from the session. I always ensure that I am thorough and leave little room for confusion when it comes to my tips, advice and coaching. I will keep a personal track of what it is the team should be improving upon, and each teams members strengths and weakness and how to fine-tune each of those to become a better player and team.

Hope we can work together soon, and if you don’t want to take my word for it, I’ll leave some player quotes below regarding my coaching!

Useful links:

Rocket League Tracker Profile

Twitter Profile

Featured reviews:

“What I particularly like about RamS’ coaching, is how much detail and effort is put in for his analysis. It’s clear he puts in so much work and is able to find the root cause of a issues in replays. It helps me clearly see where an issue may be and provides potential solutions for us to fix it”

– Francesco kuxir97′ Cinquemani (The Bricks)

“RamS worked with us for the best part of a year, and throughout that he worked with us an analyst to help improve our play both individually and as a team. Once we began, it was soon hard not to appreciate how valuable as an outside and non-bias opinion was when it came to finding areas where we could improve. In particular, RamS was very thorough in his work, watching countless replays and noting the cause of every goal, giving us a concise flashback of every series or scrim we played, as well as a guide on what we did well, and where we could improve.”

– Stephen ‘Tylacto’ Griffin (Team Secret)

“I worked with RamS for a brief time while I was trying out with Team Secret at Dreamhack Leipzig before joining Team Envy. RamS’ analysis was very clear and helpful. When I read his analysis, it’s like everything I see happening in the game, but I’m unable to put into words myself, is there.”

– Jordan ‘Eyeignite’ Stellon (Currently TSM)

“In the short time we’ve worked with RamS he has been a pleasure to have around both as an analyst and a friend. His knowledge of the professional Rocket League scene and its players, especially for the European side of things, is incredible and only contributes more to his analytical knowledge. RamS’ understanding of the balance of both in game and out of game factors in contributing to results is unmatched, and often in his time with us he made a point of not understating the difference that both mindset and lifestyle can make to a team within Rocket League’s highest tier. RamS immediately improved the way we look at our careers both as individuals and as a team, and within a short space of time can have a huge impact with any willing roster or organization”

 – Euan ‘Tadpole’ Ingram (Triple Trouble)

Coaching Experience

1500+ Hours





Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours




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Yes, certainly. You can find my profile following the link above. If you can’t find me then there are other coaches available!

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