3 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Indy Gaming League

Over two years have passed since Indy Gaming League (IGL) began hosting their free online video game circuits and about 1 year since IGL has been partnered with GamersRdy. These circuits were designed for gamers of all skill levels and backgrounds looking to compete in an exciting esports environment.

Today, thousands of gamers from around the world interact within the IGL ecosystem and participate in weekly scheduled games for a chance to reign champion in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Circuits. 

With registration for the IGL Fall Circuit opening earlier this week, it’s no wonder why IGL continues to be able to provide structured seasonal circuits for some of the most competitive and recreational of gamers. Not only are the circuits entirely free; all you need to do to get started is to create an account, sign-up and become rank verified.

IGL develops the schedule for you while keeping in mind player ranks, so you’ll always play other competitors with the same skill level, no matter if you’re a beginner or expert. 

Here are three reasons why you should participate in the upcoming Fall Circuit: 

1. You Can Play Conveniently From Home

One of the best things about IGL is the ease with which you can participate. Over the course of six weeks, you or your team’s captain are responsible for reaching out to the other team captain to coordinate a time that works best for both party’s schedules.

The freedom of being able to schedule ahead while doing it all from home means less pressure on logistics handling. It makes for an extremely smooth experience when it comes to actual game time, so you can worry about the competition, rather than any issues setting up the game.

All of this is done through IGL’s convenient website which holds personalized profiles and even includes a virtual trophy case where players can show off achievements such as MVP of the Week and team titles. Competitors can also purchase a “Buffed” membership which allows you to dive into weekly stat lines and go back and track past games on the season. 

2. Skill Tiers Provide a Competitive Experience

One of the best things about IGL is that players not only get to compete but they are matched against other like-skilled competitors. This increases the chances that your games will be close and always remain competitive, yet fun.

For repeat players, you also tend to compete against many of the same teams each circuit, creating lasting rivalries that enhance the esports experience even further. 

3. You Can Play on Stream with Live Commentators via IGL’s Community Caster Network

One of the most unique experiences that IGL brings to the table is its diverse list of over 30 community casters. These casters open their own schedules to announce and produce a casting that makes you feel as if you’re competing in a professional atmosphere.

Any team can sign-up to have their games cast by IGL’s Community Caster Network, giving no advantage to those who may be higher ranked. Even players who are there just for fun get to experience what it’s like to be in that experiential moment of competing at an esports event. 

IGL also provides excellent opportunities for you if you’ve ever dreamed of owning an esports organization. With the purchase of an “OP” membership, franchise owners get instant access to a wide range of tools and platform capabilities that makes creating a franchise easy. You’ll also be able to manage multiple teams within your network and receive special perks along the way to help build your empire. 

Come and Play!

Overall, IGL provides a refreshing experience when it comes to an esports league. Where many try to bring the top-notch talent to their platform, IGL is the perfect opportunity for gamers of all skill levels. It’s an easy process that allows even the busiest of gamers to compete and experience a professional level of esports quality, all from the comfort of your home. 

If you’re interested in participating in the Fall Circuit, IGL is offering a variety of competition in Rocket League, Apex Legends, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Brawlhalla, MageQuit, Killer Queen Black and Quantum League. Registration for the Fall Circuit is currently open and will close on Sept. 25, so be sure to head on over to indygamingleague.com/leagues and get registered today to experience the fun for yourself. 


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