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About me


Hey, I am Millennium and these are my experiences in Rocket League so far :

  • Currently working for BS+Competition in the upcoming RLCS and future events
  • RLCS Coach in Season 3 under PENTA Sports
  • RLCS Coach in Season 9 under Veloce eSports
  • RLCS Coach in Season X under RixGG later in the season for YCP ( You Choose Pesce )
  • playing Rocket League since Season 1 (September 2015)
  • up to date on the  professional meta (6+ years of experience)
  • worked for 2 years with FreaKii. who formerly represented PENTA Sports, Mock-It and Renault Vitality
  • worked with individuals such as ApparentlyJack, Dead-Monster, Polar and Mognus
  • active competitive player with 5 years of experience in high level gameplay
  • consistently made RLRS Play-Ins in Europe with my best result reaching top 16 in Europe ( as a player )
  • around 9000+ hours of Rocket League playtime
  • fulltime competitive player and active streamer
  • 2nd place at German AMD Masters LAN
  • top 64 EU in RL Spring Series
  • top 32 EU in Lethamyrs 10k Eurocup
  • created a training pack which got featured by Rocket League multiple times , code : 24A2-849A-610E-C67C


What to expect


  • screensharing and analyzing a set of replays; preferably games or series where you struggled and lost
  • private matches to show / explain mechanics with drills on how to improve them
  • deep analysis while looking at the smallest details that most people don’t see
  • what to improve on to make your journey to ranking up more comfortable
  • drawings to make scenarios and explanations more understandable and clear
  • a summary at the end of the session of what to focus on to help you improve your game
  • keep in mind if you play on console to have a recorded video that I can look over since you cant share replay files from console to PC

How is this going to help you?


  • you get to know exactly what your weaknesses are for efficient improvement in short time
  • gaining knowledge and how to use your mechanics efficiently
  • develop your awareness and decision making
  • understand why specific scenarios happen to improve your decision making
  • how to use fundamental mechanics at the highest potential
  • achieve an overall better understanding of the game
  • achieve any rank / goal (eg.: Champion, Grand Champion or even Pro level etc…)

Links to my social media and ranks




Xbox Controller


English, German



Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 100, Top 1000, Grand Champion 3, Grand Champion 2, Grand Champion 1


Grand Champion

Coaching Experience

1000 – 1499 Hours

Hours Played




65 reviews for Millennium

  1. xtermanatorxrl (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend MillenNiuM anyone who needs extra help understanding their mistakes.

  2. alexwimmer11 (verified owner)

    Millennium could coach a turtle into the RLCS. He breaks your
    replays down into the basic knowledge and gives you a framework with which to
    build your decision making around. Nothing is left to chance. The session was
    laid back and he even went over 15 mins just to make sure we finished
    up the replay. By the end, I had a bullet list of points with which to work on
    between this session and the next session I will be getting. You wont be
    disappointed! See you guys at the top!

  3. Dayvaz (verified owner)

    Just finished my second hour of coaching (split into 2 sessions) and I’m very satisfied with the whole thing. I learned a lot and I got a lot of great tips for everything I wanted to know. 100% worth 🙂

  4. Connor Dolan (verified owner)

    the GOAT, with his analysis i have learned an inconceivable amount about the game, I’ve gone from a 1650 player to SSL, I have worked my butt off to get better at the game, but at this level the game is 50% knowledge and i would be playing ill-equipped without his analysis
    100/100, no other coach on this site is as worth your money

  5. m.rottner12 (verified owner)

    Es war sehr hilfsreich und hat spaß gemacht

  6. Roland Linville (verified owner)

    Really great, drawings on the field were very helpful in pointing out rotations, where to challenge, etc. Pointed out some really serious bad habits of mine and things I need to work on, as well as what I did right. Would definitely reccomend!

  7. Yannic Klotz (verified owner)

    Very, very good coach the lesson was fun and extremely interesting. Learned a lot and would definitely recommend it. I would also take another hour 🙂

  8. Collette Trejo (verified owner)

    Had a session with him today. Gave me some very good advice and things to improve on. Answered all my questions and made sure I understood what I was doing wrong and understood what I needed to improve on before moving on.

  9. Paul DePetris (verified owner)

    Great coach

  10. VG (verified owner)

    I’ve had two sessions with Millennium – 1 hour and then 2 hours. The level of analysis is very professional and thorough. From specific mistakes or errors in mechanics, to the overall gameplay and rotations, these were the most useful 3 hours I’ve spent trying to learn something in RL so far. Millennium explains everything in such a clear way, makes sure you understand what he’s explained and that you know how to apply that or how to practice. What is important to me personally, is that I now have a structure, i.e.
    what areas and mechanics are most essential to focus on for now in my rank. I’d been all over the place with the training packs and trying to learn all sorts of things, so to have that kind of structure is incredibly useful. Will definitely book more sessions. Recommend to anyone at any level.

  11. Urs Klöpping (verified owner)

    100% worth it. I learned a lot in the 1 hour session I booked. He explained everything very well and would always make sure you understood it. He didn’t just point out what I was doing wrong, he also showed me how to do it better and how to improve myself with the right kind of training. I would definitely recommend Millennium and I’m looking forward to book another session in the future!

  12. Max Theo (verified owner)

    Very good coach would definitely recommend this to somebody. He showed me what I was doing wrong and also recommended me a few maps in steam workshop

  13. Connor Dolan (verified owner)

    far and away the best coach on this site, doubly so for the money, millennium (in a 2 hour session) breaks the session up into 2 parts, each a week or so apart, allowing you to improve on what it is that you learned the previous session, and then improve on what you will learn in the second session. the insight gained from these sessions are insanely indepth and very constructive and it’s almost impossible to beat, rather than pay lethamyr $80 to tell you to grab minipads (no offense leth youre the man) have your entire gameplay deeply analyzed at the level of a doctorial thesis

  14. James McGregor (verified owner)

    Gave great insight into theories and what we were doing wrong and also gave us opportunities to teach ourselves in the future. Also great to talk to and explains everything perfectly

  15. Raul Marrero Miranda (verified owner)

    I think if your coach can give you so much good advice and guidance that your brain is having such a hard time processing all of the information passed on to you that you get a headache… He’s a good coach. The one hour we spent looking over my replay felt like three and by the end I had a very different outlook on how to play Rocket League. At the end he gave me a small list of things I should be focusing on in future games to basically summarize the session. Amazing coach that I would recommend to anyone trying to get better at Rocket League.

  16. patrick.ruegg-8652 (verified owner)

    Millennium did a great job showing me my mistakes and how to correct them. Also he goes very deep into your own questions and problems if needed. Really could recommend him to any player also in high champ/GC Elo.

  17. Gustav Lindqvist (verified owner)

    Had a 1 hour session with Millenium and I can honestly say it’s money well spent. Even for a bit more inexperienced player such as myself he explained everything so I could understand it perfectly. He even managed to find ways to compliment my mediocre plays sometimes. I would highly recommend a coach session if you want to get better and understand the game at a higher level.

  18. Jan Eylander (verified owner)

    Again a great coaching with top comments! He takes his time and explains mistake and also why something was a good play highly detailed.

  19. mattei.samu (verified owner)

    I gotta say it was an amazing experience and I’ve seen myself improve almost instantly, definitely recommend him to anyone at any rank cant wait for my next session!

  20. Ryan Puente (verified owner)

    Great coach, easy to talk to. He is very thorough and explains things very well.

  21. SaucyD (verified owner)

    An awesome coach. This is the guy you need coaching you if you want to take your game to the next level. He teaches you the fundamentals of rotation, and positioning which is the most important aspect of rocket league. He also notices mechanical errors and gives you maps and tips on how to work on them. It has only been one day and my game has significantly improved. Definitely recommend to anyone and will be getting another session in one day from him.

  22. FireRedAlezz (verified owner)

    This guy got me from C1 to GC in a space of 2 months. His attention to detail and way of explaning mistakes was extremely intuitive and he made it very very easy to follow along. He was also great at summarising your weaknesses and lists out ways to improve. If you are looking for a long term solution to getting better at rocket league, Millennium is your guy!
    Thanks for the sessions and it was a pleasure to interact with you, and looking forward to the next sessions. 😀

  23. KL (verified owner)

    Awesome coach. First time getting coached in rocket league and it was an awesome experience. He corrected every mistakes that I made and told me how to improve on it. As well we had some good laughs on some of my mistakes haha. At the end, he gave me a summary of the entire coaching session and put in it what needs to be fixed and I am currently working on those to get better as we speak. If you’re looking for a coach, I would 100% recommend MillenNiuM. Thanks for coaching me <3

  24. alvarosalcedoq (verified owner)

    Millennium has an amazing understanding of the game and where the best place to position yourself is. He explained every single aspect of my rotation in great detail and pointed out many key problems/tendencies I kept on having. He gave me a list of things to go focus on and habits I should fix. If you are in need of fixing up your rotation, positioning, and overall understanding of the game, Millennium is the coach for you. He will help you understand your mistakes and tell you how to improve them and get better in no time.

  25. Garrett Palko (verified owner)

    I’ve never had someone be able to breakdown every little part of a game before like this guy does. Especially when it’s giving the reasoning for before and after the play. This coach does it all for you all while explaining it in a simple way. Just an hour, and you can learn more than you would think.

  26. Kai Röder (verified owner)

    This coach gave me a completely new and fresh perspective on the game and its strategies.

    I booked a 2 hours session that we’ve decided to split up into 1x 1 hour and 2x 30 min sessions. All sessions included a review of a replay of mine and a short bullet list of things that I need to focus on.

    At the end of the last session, I was able to spot almost all my mistakes which for me is the foundation for improvements in the next few months.

  27. SentinelKG (verified owner)

    He’s very intelligent and knows exactly how to explain mistakes while teaching you how to prevent them. It’s amazing how much he can teach you in just an hour. 100% recommended and I will be ordering from again.

  28. Dennis Walton (verified owner)

    the coaching was brilliant i learnt so much in the time frame and the coach was very friendly and gave me tips on what to work on in the furture definitely recommend to anyone who wants to greatly improve.

  29. baliukonis.matas (verified owner)

    The coaching was awesome, the coach was really friendly and down to earth. I learned so much in 1h. He was able to identify my playing style and correct it, and also gave me some tips for the future. Definitely recommend to everyone who wants to get better at rocket league not by being carried by your teammates, but by doing it yourself.

  30. Catalin Topala (verified owner)

    I was absolutely amazed at how much you can still improve even at a Grand Champion level after taking a coaching session with MillenNiuM. I loved how he went through every mistake I did and made a list on what should I improve in my gameplay. 12/10 Highly recommend.

  31. Connor Dolan (verified owner)

    Unbelievably insightful, I’ve tried numerous coaching sessions from this site, and a few other high level players/”gameplay thinkers” and almost none of them have had such an impact on my gameplay as Millennium, especially at a grand champ level. I gained over 120 mmr in a single night after applying the things he recommended to add to my gameplay, and he was recently picked up for an rlcsx team as well, very unsurprisingly.
    This is imo the single best coach for rl on this webiste (that I’ve tried) and gets you a lot of bang for your buck at the rates he charges. Very pleasant experience, 10/10

  32. vanguard2k (verified owner)

    The coaching session was perfect and extraordinarily well structured.

    We discovered things I immediately integrated into my gameplay. Others will take a bit of work on my side.

    However, the most motivating thing about the session was that I was never under the impression that a suggestion/technique was unattainable, too complicated or too difficult for me given my current skill level – which is a very important thing.

    Keep up the good work Millennium, I’ll be in touch with my progress report for our next session.

  33. Nicholas Stebbing (verified owner)

    Im back… and this time he coached me in 3s.
    Once again i got so much knowledge from him that you feel kind of superior against your opponents. In game you just now exactly what to do and what not to do.( even though its hard to brake bad habits). My rank went up once again.
    Probably not my last session 🙂

  34. isaacgamer1124 (verified owner)

    He explains everything clear and detailed to make sure you understand. A great thing to mention is he points out really usefull information you probably didn’t know.
    Also be free to ask him because that way you’ll be helping him and yourself.
    I really loved the session :3. Would recommend 10/10.

  35. Nicholas Stebbing (verified owner)

    This guy just knows what hes doing and telling you very understandable. I was stuck in Champion 3 for almost 2 months. I took a choaching hour from him and almost instant went up after that coaching to low gc 1530ish. He says exactly what needs to be said about what you are doing wrong and the first hour was extended to 1,5 hours with no extra payment.
    After my second coaching lesson that was like 2 weeks after the first one, i went up to 1660 peak mmr and that was an extenden lesson too.
    Overall i think for everyone who are new to Gamersrdy, hes the man for the job and he just takes his time with people.
    best price for his Knowledge 🙂

  36. Reece Simmonds (verified owner)

    As a new play, he’s given me lots of good knowledge and different things to think about when playing. He answered all my questions and showed me everything I can improve on. 10/10 would definitely do this again.

  37. Ellen Reeves (verified owner)

    10/10 Best German around. Knowledgeable and very well priced didn’t feel like I was getting ripped off. Went thru every mistake I made and made a list of how to improve after analyzing the replays. 100% Will be back once I hit another wall in progressing rank.

    Thanks Millennium!

  38. Chris Brooker (verified owner)

    Got to be one of the best coaches, Spotted every mistake I made and made sure to elaborate on any point I had about it.

    Great person to be around and definitely knows what he’s talking about. Highly informational and helps you with resources and text files to improve your gameplay long after the sessions are over with.

    Definitely recommended to my teammates and friends, and I’m eager to book again.

    Thank you so much Millennium :]

  39. Hannah Suarez (verified owner)

    Had to book another session after seeing his coaching video and helping my CRL team! Super kind and helpful as always and definitely finds a way to make anyone understand without making them feel bad!! You can definitely tell that he wants everyone he coaches to improve! He also gives so many tips on how to improve both mechanics and rotation, it’s absolutely worth every penny!

  40. Bne (verified owner)

    Mega helpful, am curious to see my improvements

  41. schnippler (verified owner)

    helped me a lot to get out of bronze. gave me many tips and told me how to practice and implement them. worth every euro

  42. Christoffer Pedersen (verified owner)

    Very nice session with MillenNiuM. He had tons of usefull information that I really didn’t thought about and hopefully this is going to make my gameplay a lot better. He pointed out stuff in details and were very thrurough with his explanations. Never had I thought that he could find so much stuff from a repley and hopefully it pays off. He takes his time and will answer every questions that you might have. I can definently recommend trying out his sessions for anyone. Guaranteed improvement!

  43. Hannah Suarez (verified owner)

    Absolutely one of the most attentive and thorough coaches I’ve worked with! He coached my University’s Collegiate RL team and they all benefited well to Mill’s insight and corrections on rotational and individual mistakes that were being made. He makes sure that everyone understands what he’s saying before moving onto the next topic and definitely is passionate about what he does in sessions. I cannot recommend Millennium enough, he’s such a fantastic coach!!

  44. toned (verified owner)

    Extremely helpful session, pointed out mistakes that I was making that I didn’t notice before and showed how to fix them. He explained everything clearly and made sure I understood. Highly recommend getting a coaching session with Millennium.

  45. Alexander Skrob (verified owner)

    this guy knows whats poppin……he takes the time u need to understand something and he will reply it as often u need it to understand it. He also put in my first lesson extra 20 mins for free 🙂 this expirence with his knowledge about the game is just crazy, he completely destroyed my head in the first 10 min ngl…..just book this guy und you will get instant better at the game !!

    ps: my english is not the yellow from the egg lol.

  46. smatty (verified owner)

    I’m leaving another review here because I was very pleased with my second session. He pointed out a lot of things that were hard for me or my team to notice, but made a huge impact on the game. He gave so much detail that he went over the allotted time for no extra charge just to make sure that everything was covered. I went from d3 to almost c2 after my first session, and in this second session he still showed me so many more ways I can improve. Highly reccommended!

  47. David Svensson (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with my two sessions in general. He went through a lot of complicated but usefull stuff when it came to rotations even tho I thought that was my strong point when we begun I learned a lot. He was also kind enough to go a bit over time on one of the sessions to asure that I got all the info I needed. So, very happy with it all.

  48. geoffreyhanthorn (verified owner)

    Very helpful in what I need to focus on and gave me tips along the way to work on mechanics

  49. Michael Callier (verified owner)

    very helpful

  50. smatty (verified owner)

    The amount of info he was able to pull out of one single replay was more than I could have learned from hours of youtube videos or other training. Millennium went really in depth into a lot of aspects of my game that I had never even noticed before. He gave me an extra 40 minutes on top of my scheduled time because of how much there was he wanted to explain, which really showed how passionate he is about coaching. After the replay analysis he gave me a list of things he noticed that I can improve on and made it really simple for me to take those improvements immediately into my gameplay. He also showed me a few exercises to do in training to improve certain mechanics I felt uncomfortable with. Overall, he was super nice and I couldn’t believe how much knowledge he had to share about the game. I highly recommend getting coaching with Millennium, I know I’ll be booking another session soon.

  51. FlxffyMelons (verified owner)

    Really good coach who exceeded my expectations. The session was a lot of fun an I got a list with specific things I need to improve on to rank up. And I’m certain that once I learnt those things, I’ll get another session with this coach.

  52. Axel Kremer (verified owner)

    super nice coach who made me aware of many mistakes that I had never been aware of before. He explained everything in a very understandable way, so that I was able to immediately implement what I had just learned in the game. I was also allowed to learn many new tricks and refinements.
    I highly recommend it and will definitely book again!

  53. Jayson Stucki (verified owner)

    Millennium did an amazing job with me, he covered a lot of things that my team and I were doing wrong, plus gave me a few tips regarding how to coach my own team. I for sure plan on booking another coaching session with him!!!

  54. Brittany Hoppus (verified owner)

    Super good coach! He analyzed one of my most recent games and gave me pointers on what I could do to improve my playing style. 10/10 would have him coach me again!

  55. Ellis Brown (verified owner)

    We went through one of my recent games and really made me understand my problems in more detail, gave me concise feedback and made a list of things that I should focus on and how i should work on them.
    Recommend to anyone looking for coaching 🙂

  56. Fabian Wey (verified owner)

    Very good Replay analysis! I learnt some really important things who i didnt saw before. I can only recommend!!

  57. klauser57 (verified owner)

    I had a wonderful time with Millennium, the hour I bought lasted 1.30h without overcharging. And I’m glad to say I learnt more about rotation in 1 hour than on 15 hours of YT videos! The good thing about him is that he doesn’t criticise low skill players like myself and just stay positive, trying his best to explain meticulously everything that’s wrong with the positioning, with very easy to follow sketches on the map.I immediately went from gold to grand champion in one day 😀 Kidding aside, I learnt so much that I bought 3 more hours (split in 3 weeks so we can improve ourselves after each sessions) and I know the money spent is worth every penny with him!

  58. Manuel Pirker (verified owner)

    He really helped me to understand the game better.
    I´ve made a lot of positioning mistakes which i didnt really notice until he pointed them out.
    He is friendly and patient and tries to explain everything as good as he can.

  59. Neil Prete (verified owner)

    Being high Gold level, I wasn’t sure if getting a coach would be worth it. But after the first session I don’t know why I waited so long. Millennium really knows the fundamentals of the game and clearly illustrates them in your session. I learned more about rotations in one hour than I have watching YT videos all year. It is tremendously helpful to have someone skilled watch my game and give specific examples of what I do right and wrong. I can’t wait to see how far I can climb as I use what I learned, and I can already tell he has a lot to teach me when I’m ready for the next session.

  60. Louis Wilken (verified owner)

    He splitted the 2 hour session in 2 one hour session which was a great idea. He analysed a replay and tell me everything clear what i did wrong. I learned alot just from listening to him. He also gave me a list of things to improve and tipps for my mechanics. He stretch the one hour session to one hour and 30 minutes (without deduction for the next hour). So great Coach! He show so much interest in teaching and helping other to improve. Thanks Millennium 🙂

  61. Dooober (verified owner)

    He was able to split up my 2 hour session into 2 one hour sessions without any troubles. We looked at one replay per session and he scrutinized everything that I did. He taught me so many things and improved my mental game a ton. 10/10 would book again.

  62. (verified owner)

    Very good and nice coach helped me a lot and if you need a coach who speaks german take him 🙂

  63. george kan (verified owner)

    He has a great knowledge of the game.i had a really good time in a 2 hour session with millenium!he analysed quite a lot of my games and showed me where am i doing something wrong and what could i do better in order help myself and my teammate.I believe it was a great help for the games to come!Very friendly and overall a good coach.I would do it again anyday!!

  64. krmoor1013 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the experience and how he showed and explained certain plays, he showed where i should have been compared to where i was, and gave me very helpful tips that will help me for the rest of my games in the future. 10/10 would do again

  65. psema (verified owner)

    I’ve tried quite a few coaches in the past year, but haven’t felt the need to write a review.

    Never have I ever encountered anyone with so much knowledge about the game. His game sense is RLCS level.

    In my opinion his profile info doesn’t do him justice. And his drawing can and will be better in time.

    But you will not find someone that good at analyzing pro replays at that price.

    I can’t test his coaching for every level because I am 1800 atm and don’t plan on dropping. (Weird flex)

    All I can say is I am very happy Millennium is a GR Coach and I can recommend him to any high level player.

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