About me:
Hello, my name is Tenebra. I’m an Italian Valorant Coach currently coaching the #50 EU team based on the vlr.gg ranking system.

I started my coaching career in Overwatch about 3 years ago, I coached T2 players and teams in said game. Peak career in OW was becoming Overwatch World Cup Coach for Team Italy in 2019. As soon as Valorant got announced I instantly fell in love with the game. I reached Diamond rank in beta and after that, I only grinded and focused on coaching.

In Valorant, I have coached an Italian team called Italian Hope, a French team called Warthox, a Swedish team called MRKN. My current German team is IVY.
With Italian Hope we won every single Italian tournament, before going our separate ways due to individual offers.

As for Warthox and MRKN we achieved (respectively) top 32 and top 64 in First Strike open qualifiers EU.

With IVY we are currently set as #50 team in Europe and top 3 in the DACH+EE region just after Wave and Big.
You can book two types of sessions: VOD Review or Live Review.
  • For VOD Review, you have to record a game from your POV and send it to me, it can be a Ranked, an Unrated, a Custom it doesn’t matter (as long as it’s not a Spike Rush). After sending the VOD to me I’ll analyze it. Before jumping into the VOD Review I’ll explain the fundamentals of the role you are playing in that game, then together on Discord we will watch the VOD and correct all your mistakes explaining why those were mistakes, we will then jump into a Custom server and I’ll show you how in those situations you should have reacted.
  • Live Review, here you will have to stream me your game using Discord screen share, before jumping in a game I’ll ask some questions (example: favourite role, how to play said role and such) to “test” your knowledge and maybe expand it, we will then jump into a game (preferably Ranked but not needed), I’ll explain what you did wrong and correct during the freeze time and when you are dead, sometimes I’ll even give some inputs during the round if you don’t know what to do, everything will be motivated and explained (again not during rounds but in freeze times or when you are dead).
    At the end of both sessions, I’ll give you some mistakes that you absolutely need to correct and some tips on how to improve.

Additional Information:
Usually, a VOD Review will take up to 50 minutes to fully analyze the whole game (questions and explanations included), so the Custom part might be skipped if the booked session will be of 1 hour only, it depends on how fast we are with the Review.

If you are choosing the Live Review please have a connection that permits you to stream games at a 720p quality at least, otherwise, things might be hard, be aware that a game lasts around 30 to 40 minutes so if you book 1-hour session again we have time for 1 game or 2 very quick games, if we started the second game and time is up we will still continue the session until the game is over, unless the game just started or is some weird situation like 4v5 with some leavers, in this case when time is up the Live Review will be over.





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Yes, certainly. You can find my profile following the link above. If you can’t find me then there are other coaches available!

GamersRdy will continue to exist for now but all coaches are moving over to joining the Metafy community.

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