How to Use Tactics to Reach the Highest Ranks in Valorant

Jumping rank in Valorant may seem easy at first glance but it requires serious labour.

Although the Radiant rank may seem like a dream to many people, we wanted to share personally tested and approved tactics to achieve Platinum, the minimum rank that will allow you to enjoy the game.

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Valorant’s ranking system can be decidedly annoying at times. In order to enjoy the game thoroughly, you need to play with people who take the game as seriously as you, far from trolling, but unfortunately this is mostly possible when it comes to the rank of Plat.

It’s not that hard to get to the rank of Plat in Valorant but it’s not that easy either. When I started this journey as a Silver 2, it was so easy to get stuck between Plat 2-3. I had to follow and apply certain rules all the time. I wanted to share with you some tactics that have helped me jump rank the most in this process which will bring even a player with little FPS experience to the Gold level over time.

Aim Exercises:

The most important thing you should have in FPS is a consistent aim. The better and more stable your aim is, the more player you can hit in the game. A game called Aim Lab, available for free on Steam, allows you to train only on this issue. You can also take advantage of Valorant’s own Polygon mode for such exercises.

Aim training may seem boring at first, but if you want to improve in the game and jump rank, you need to devote at least 15-20 minutes a day to such exercises and break your own records.

Play Plenty of Death Matches:

In Valorant, the mode that determines our own rating is Competitive Mode. If you enter competitive without warming up your hand at the first moment you open the game, you will mostly regret it.

Before preparing for competitive mode, you need to play a lot of Death Matches. But you should not play this game mode, which is extremely easy in both theory and practice, waving your hands.

As you know, in modes such as Death Match, there will be many more enemies around you than in competitive mode, and therefore this mode is perfect for sound contraction.

Most of us don’t wear headphones or even turn on music when we play a Death Match. If you want to improve in this regard, you need to play a Death Match by carefully paying attention to the sound without getting bored.

Adjust the Sensitivity and DPI of Your Mouse:

One of the things that will most affect your performance in the game is that you must adjust the mouse sensitivity and DPI according to your own way of playing.

You may have noticed that many of the successful names we see in the e-sports community have extremely low mouse sensitivity. If you have just started the game, trying to adjust the settings in this way will cause you to grow away from before you get used to the game. What is called sensitivity will decrease over time, not suddenly.

Use 144 Hz and Higher Monitor if Possible:

We have to keep this item optional because of today’s conditions. After all, it is necessary to pay an extra fee for a 144 Hz monitor. However, if you are serious about this and want to take your gaming hobby one step further, it is useful to make an investment in this direction.

A high monitor refresh rate always puts you one step ahead of the competition. Let’s say your opponent’s monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate, while your monitor supports 144 Hz.

Thanks to the extra refresh rate you get, you will see your opponent before you see them, and your reaction time will be earlier in parallel. And because you’ve reacted before, you’ll always be more likely to kill the other side.

Expand Your Agent Pool:

This suggestion comes for those who usually play Valorant alone. The thing that annoys us most in every game we don’t get into with the team is the insta pick done on the character selection screen. Someone else can choose the agent you play with all the time, the agent you call main, and in these cases, you need to know other agents well to move to plan B.

It’s important to master everything that exists in Valorant, at least to a level. For example, you need to find out Sage’s most effective wall and orb locations or where it would be useful to fog with Brimstone. In addition, it is useful for you to open the contracts of newly added agents such as Yoru and Astra as soon as they arrive and learn the new powers of your potential opponent.

If you think you’ve learned all the agents in Valorant and played well, try to master the Duelist-weighted agents this time. Especially if you enter the game alone, turn to duelist agents that you can carry solo, namely Raze, Phoenix, Reyna and Jett.

Be Scrupulous About the Crosshair:

In FPS games, crosshair means the flesh of the game. Both the style of the crosshair and the place we place on the screen are of great importance in order to be able to take a headshot at the opponent and make a consistent spray.

If you try to adjust the crosshair as small as possible, you will see the opponent more comfortably, and after a while you will always start shooting in line thanks to the eye habit.

As you walk through the map, you must align the crosshair to stand right in the middle of the screen and never walk looking at the ground or up.

Use Lurk Tactic in Low Elos:

In fact, most of us are against lurk tactics when playing, but if you are in low hands and have a solo carry, this tactic can work very well to protect your team and win the game.

When you are on the attack side, when your other friends in the team enter, you can easily get the hand if you catch them defenseless by backing up people who will come out of B.

Of course, it is worth noting that this tactic does not work in advanced Elos, and your opponents will be just as cunning as you.

Avoid Run & Shoot with Vandal and Phantom:

We have to learn from CS:GO that we shouldn’t shoot when we have Kelesh or the M4 running.

For those who have not played FPS before, but will try their luck in Valorant, let’s go to a short summary: if you try to shoot by running with rifles such as Vandal or Phantom, you will shoot stone on a mountain.

Of course, this was not the case in the early stages of Valorant. January didn’t have much of a difference in running and shooting decisively at Valorant but luckily the developers heard the voice of their fans and managed to create a balance in between. And since that balance has been established, we can’t control the tab of bullets when we’re running and shooting.

In short, if you want to swoop on your opponent and kill him while running, try to choose Spectre-style weapons instead of Phantom or Vandal. If you have a rifle in your hand, focus on shooting stably by standing or crouching.

Try to Get an Exit Frag in Rounds Where You Are in the Minority:

Exit frag is a tactic used both to increase the KDA rate and to have a negative impact on the opponent’s economy when you do not win the round. Let’s say everyone on the opposite team is alive but you’re the only one left on your team.

It will be very difficult to enter Among 5 people and defuse spike, so you can try to hunt players who leave the field by waiting outside the area where the opponent has set up the bomb.

In this way, as I mentioned earlier, your KDA rate will increase and you will have to spend money on the next hand, leaving the opponent unarmed.

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