Using Sage in Valorant

Sage is an easy to learn but difficult to master agent in Valorant. She has a pretty simple and solid kit that gives you the ability to fight for control over the map, and gives your members an advantage because of her signature skill and ultimate.

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Any competitive Valorant player must have a vague concept on how to strategize some tactics. However, most players don’t have a deep understanding on how to make good tactics and game plans for your team.

Sage is best played when you understand map control, timing and positioning since her abilities are used mainly for making your opponents’ advances harder to achieve. Her sustain abilities can also give you man-advantage throughout the rounds.

The Healing Orb is her signature skill. When used it can heal up to 60HP for the duration of 10 seconds if used on yourself or 5 seconds if used on your allies. The ability has a 45 seconds cooldown and you receive 1 charge of it at the beginning of each round since it is a Signature Ability.

To better make use of this ability, you will need to position yourself in a safe spot, since if you die before your allies you will be virtually losing value from it. It is important to note as well, that the closer you are to the center of the map, the faster you can patch your allies back into action making Sage be usually played in Rotator Spot for both security and proximity reasons.

Her next ability, Slow Orb is a basic skill that cost 200$ each charge. When used, Sage will launch a small orb in the direction of your crosshair that creates a field in the ground upon landing making all agents inside of it slower. The field created lasts 7 seconds.

This ability – alongside Barrier Orb – is what makes Sage so special. These orbs can be used both offensively and defensively. If you are on the attacker’s side, you can line it up to cut rotations and make it harder for your opponents to open certain picks. As for the defenders’ side, it can be used to slow attacker’s entrance into the bomb site and can be used to gain control over some areas as well.

Knowing the timing to use this ability is key to break your opponent’s tactics since this can stop your opponents from reaching certain areas such as Orbs, for example. But this can be used to buy you some time so your teammates can rotate over to help you stop their entrance inside the bomb.

I hope you found this article helpful!

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