Introducing Valorant to GamersRdy

We’re excited to announce that GamersRdy is expanding to Valorant.

Ever since the beta announcement back in March 2020, it was on our radar. You can’t ignore a game release when Riot Games make an announcement, especially in the mainstream FPS genre. As we kept an eye on it, we only kept seeing better things from Riot Games. This was primarily due to both the dev and esports team being transparent with the community with clear communication.

Our primary aim with Valorant is to help players get better at Valorant, as well as getting stuck into the community. This means getting to know the players, the coaches, content creators, and everything in between. I’m sure it’s pretty cliché to say this at any sort of event or product launch, but we have some exciting plans ahead of us.

These are still early days and we’re working closely with the community to make sure we get it right. Over the coming weeks and months you’ll start to see plenty of content, guides, tips and maybe even some fun tournaments organised by GamersRdy with our partners.

With that all said and done, we would like to thank everyone who has stuck with us over the years. We’re not some corporate-funded company, but that means we must be well connected with the community in a genuine way. Here we go.

Launch trailer is also now published, definitely worth the watch:

If you’re interested in working with us as a coach, a content creator or a writer, then please join us on Discord where you can apply to join the team.


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