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About me:
I am formerly a professional coach for Dignitas in the RLCS, and for the 2x RLCS and 1x RLRS team “Allegiance.” I’ve spent over 4 years analyzing and correcting gameplay with over 6000 hours being spent in replays and scrims at a professionally competitive level.

I have been playing Rocket League since the release on steam and  have been Grand Champion and SuperSonicLegend (post-update) in every playlist every season.

I enjoy being able to help players of all ranks grow their skill set and improve at Rocket League. It’s my goal to help anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort, achieve and surpass their personal goals in the game. I am most known in the Rocket League community for my coaching and analysis for Dignitas. We placed 3rd in the world in season 8 RLCS and were European champs in season 9.

My YouTube channel has videos dedicated to entertaining you, while also informing you in the process. I like to keep my videos short, sweet, (subjectively)funny, and to the point (no more extra time spent watching a 45 minute long tutorial on “how to X.”)


What to expect:

  1. My assistant will reach out to you via email to discuss your goals and get you scheduled. (Please note- We will attempt contact three times. If we do not receive a response within 30 days of purchase we reserve the right to refuse service with no refund.)
  2. You will receive a confirmation/reminder email one day prior to your session. Please be aware there is a rescheduling fee if you cancel the day of your session without notice.
  3. At the time of your session, I will have you send me (2 or more) replays of your preferred playlist. (console users will play a game with me in order for me to obtain a replay file for us to use)
  4. I will then screen-share while I play your replay(s), and use an on-screen pen to illustrate over the replay, my thoughts, scenarios, alternate/better options available in situations, etc.
  5. After we finish the replay(s) I will read off a list of notes I take during the replay, and give you what I feel is your weak points, and things you need to focus on improving in your gameplay in addition to HOW to improve these topics.
  6. Once we have finished the overview I will then build a custom training pack catered specifically to things I feel you need to work on mechanically, and while building it, show you how to practice each shot efficiently.

1 hour sessions : We’ll go through a replay(s) together with an on screen pen to illustrate different ways to handle situations in that replay(s).

2 hour sessions : This gives us more time to go through additional replays. The most important part of our sessions is the replay analysis. More replays = More opportunity to learn (+all of the above)

On stream sessions:

  • Everything listed above is still true, however streamed sessions are offered at a discount because they will take place live on my Twitch stream where my subscribers will have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments during some parts of the analysis. My attention will still be primarily directed at you as we are analyzing your gameplay, but this offers those viewers who can’t book a session an opportunity to listen in and learn from our session as well.
  • Stream sessions will take place only within the hours of my stream schedule (Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday at 4pm EST. Times and dates will not be flexible for these sessions)

Your rank does not matter! Do note however, the lower the rank the longer an individual replay will take as there will be more corrective and constructive criticisms made.


*Please be advised, due to my job coaching The Flying Dutchman, sessions may be scheduled several weeks out from the time of purchase. Thanks for your understanding.*








US-East, US-West

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 100


Grand Champion, RLCS Elite

Hours Played



Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 1 Hour (Stream Session), 2 Hours (Stream Session)

Coaching Experience

1500+ Hours


PS Controller, Xbox Controller, Keyboard & Mouse

178 reviews for Virge

  1. ayeooh (verified owner)

    Virge is absolutely great. i get quite starstruck, and upon starting the session i was really nervous, Virge expertly calmed me down and the session went great. We looked over one of my replays, where he gave me ver indepth information as to where i can improve, but he also commended me for what i was doing well. He was extremely professional through the entire session and it helped me to go up another rank, GC1- GC2. as soon as he becomes available again i plan on having another session with him. 10/10 would recommend if you are looking to improve

  2. Jarryl Collier (verified owner)

    Very useful session. More than what you can get through watching YouTube videos. Virge is such a grounded guy and it was a pleasure being under his wing!

  3. Brent Van Calster (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a professional coach, Virge is your man. He pointed out all the mistakes I made in-game, telling me what I should do next time I come in that kind of situation. At the end, everything started connecting with each other. I also got a custom training pack, with 6 shots to train for the future. He was so nice all the time, and I’m probably gonna book a session again with him later. The only bad thing (which isn’t even Virge’s fault, is the sometimes bad connection between USE and EU.

  4. Kryptyik (verified owner)

    I’d without a doubt recommend anyone to choose Virge as their coach. He broke down my replay and pointed out different ways I could have handled a play and how to start looking at all the options I can use during gameplay to be more efficient and proactive. Pointed out what was holding me back and even made me a special training pack specified to the ingame scenarios I had been lacking experience in. 100% satisfied with my session. Thanks Virge.

  5. Nick Kuenzig (verified owner)

    Even just a one hour session with Virge gave me more than enough to work on & I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve!

    He was super quick to figure out a focus point for the session & kept it moving at a fairly fast pace, so we were able to cover a good amount of information. Very friendly & managed to explain things in a very relatable / logical way that anyone could understand, while keeping the conversation on target the entire time. I left the session with a ton of stuff to focus on (drills, mechanics, strategies, my custom training pack) & a ton of valuable information to improve my gameplay.

    10/10 for Virge from me! With this being my first coaching session ever, I wasn’t sure what to expect. but Virge managed to surprise me with how useful even just the one hour session was.

    – Goonzig

  6. Lucas Ryan (verified owner)

    I went into this thinking that I knew a decent amount of what he was going to tell me. He took it in another, way more productive, direction though. By giving me basic things to focus on, and not over complicating other things that I had questions on. I would for sure recommend him, and looking forward to my next session.

  7. Alec Creasy (verified owner)

    Wow! 1 hour with Virge is honestly more than enough time. Pointed out things to work on all while explaining the whys and whatnot. I loved how we worked on what I was wanting, and any extra time was spent on smaller other things I wanted to focus on. He explains it in an easy way to understand and even shows alternate outcomes when it comes to things like decision making and positioning. Overall a great session, HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for a coach!

  8. blasater78 (verified owner)

    If you are looking to improve at Rocket League I can not think of a better way. The interactive session geared towards what I want to achieve was way more helpful than the countless hours I have spent watching YouTube videos. Recommend taking notes!

  9. Viktor Haugland (verified owner)

    One hour well spent to say the least.
    As someone who approaches rocket league very methodically, having a fundamental error in my decision making pointed out to me was mindblowing.
    Towards the end of session Virge created a custom training pack with varying degree of difficulty. Some fundamentals and some shots that are just within reach with a little practise.
    I now have the one and only training pack that is actually fun!
    You WILL need to take notes, something I didnt realise untill halfway through. Virge, you could help reminding people of this before you start.
    One hour is abit short to cover “everything” even though I almost felt dizzy at the end for having to rethink my entire approach to Rocket League.
    Two hours will cover more holes in your gameplay, if you can handle processing the large amount of information. Otherwise, one hour is plenty.
    Overall, very instructive, clear cut and simple. I’d be surprised to see anyone walking away from a session being dissatisfied.

  10. Alex Hazel (verified owner)

    Incredibly enlightening to get advice from such a legend as Virge. He was open to talking about and giving advice on anything, for me we worked on my gamesense with replay reviews and it was the most imformative hour of my rocket league career! My only wish would be that he wasn’t so popular and had more coaching slots available! lol

  11. Sam Roberts (verified owner)

    I learned more in 1 hour with Virge than I could have with another 500 hours by myself, I highly recommend a session with him to anyone! regardless if you’re hitting a wall in ranked or if you just need some help with learning new mechanics

  12. Dan Goulding (verified owner)

    I highly recommend booking a coaching session with Virge! Excellent analysis and advice that is clearly communicated. A really interactive and thought provoking session, that was also relaxed and fun! Look forward to booking again once I’ve got GC 😉

  13. Greenwarrior (verified owner)

    Great hour of coaching! I had a bunch of questions written out in preparation for the session, and he was able to answer them in great detail. Thanks to his in-depth analysis, I am now way more confident in my decision making in solo-q 3v3. He was able to explain what to do and WHY in a way that helped me to better see the bigger picture (exactly what I was looking for). Well worth the effort it took to book a session with him. 10/10

  14. Kaleb Scott (verified owner)

    Thanks Virge for the session it was brilliant. If you’re on the fence about getting a session or not, do it! You’ll thank yourself later. Virge analysed in depth my replay, my style, pointed out my good and bad plays and what I need to work on and how to go about it. It was eye opening and I’m looking forward to the grind!

  15. Tessuru (verified owner)

    Virge meets all expectations I can ask for from a coach.
    In all honesty, the quality of the coaching session truly impressed me
    because I got so much benefit from Virge’s insights about Rocket League.
    If you book a coaching session with Virge you will get a deeper insight into Rocket League
    & can finally grind for those Ranks you desperately want
    because Virge will give you all tools you need to accomplish your aspirations in Rocket League.
    If you are seeking for an extremely good coach, Virge is the man for it
    because the man aka lama tamer (jokes asides) can provide you with all the informations you need to reach SSL.
    I highly recommend you to book a coaching session with Virge
    because everything you need to know, a Big Brainer like him can give you. heh.
    Thank you Virge for the coaching session. I appreciate you.
    I am looking forward for more sessions with you. Tessuru.

  16. jessejcut (verified owner)

    I purchased an hour of Virge’s time, unfortunately because he’s so sought out for, I couldn’t get my hands on 2. Nonetheless, it was super informative packed 1 hour session. Right out the gate, his use of the EpicPen tool provides visuals for every scenario on a given play, and he walks you through all the possible decisions and how to prepare for each one. At the end of it all he even took a little extra time to provide me a training pack that met all my weaknesses, and provided some fundamental techniques on how to use the training pack which is severely underrated. He’s a great speaker, methodical on his coaching style, loves what he does, could not ask for a better coach.

  17. Yannic Klotz (verified owner)

    Virge is a really really good rocket league coach if u want to improve in this game he is the right adress but there is one downside the coaching is very expensive and should only be ought if you really want to get better in long term and it is nothing for cassual players who just want to get out of a certin rank its for players who are able to loose to improve on long term. if u are like that then the money is worth it and i would always do it again.

  18. bryantvencill (verified owner)

    I went into a 1 hour session knowing I was doing something wrong but not knowing what it was. I came out knowing what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. 11/10

  19. SIMON ZUBAREV (verified owner)

    Virge is the best rocket league coach I have ever worked with by far. He was able to identify positional mistakes that I would never have been able to see in my own replays within seconds. He provided extremely practical and easy to implement advice that already has me feeling more confident with my play in ranked. On top of that, he is a super easy going and fun coach to work with and I had a great time talking to him. Can’t recommend him enough–if you’re looking for the highest level of RL coaching, look no further.

  20. bvanhou (verified owner)

    Virge is beyond amazing! He has helped me grow so much with this game. Even when I thought I knew what I was doing his attention to detail in this game is beyond what I could imagine. This was my second purchase from him. I am definitely going to do it again.

  21. Aric Zuberbier (verified owner)

    The lesson was fantastic! I was not sure what to expect going in, but kept an open mind as to what we might work on. Virge took his time and I did not feel the lesson was rushed at all. I thought at the end he would just recommend some training packs, but instead he actually created one right there with me and explained exactly what I should work on for each shot. I would highly recommend a lesson if you are looking to improve and rank up. What you feel you need to work on might not be what will help you most with your rank. It’s not often in anything that you get to work with a coach that is also coaches a professional team in his field.

  22. DifficultDig (verified owner)

    Virge did a great job! From our session he quickly spotted my mistakes and explained in a clear way what I could’ve done better and how I could fix it. He even helped me fix a couple of mechanical errors I was struggling with and even went as far to pull up a controller overlay when I didn’t quite understand the movements he was making. If you’re stuck and looking for a second opinion, Virge is a great option to have! 10/10

  23. v.vecchio99 (verified owner)

    I always thought Virge was a perfect coach, even before booking my session. After the session i can just say that Virge is even better than i expected, it helped me a lot going through the problems i had, and i hope i can fix them with the wonderful tips he gave me. I recommend his coaching 10/10.

  24. Dominic Johnson (verified owner)

    Virge is a wonderful coach! He really goes in-depth with his explanations. Makes it easy to learn from. Also very nice and real easy to talk to. 10/10

  25. kendrickmarcum1 (verified owner)

    Virge has been the most in depth coach for me and helpful up to this moment. he found my weaknesses instantly and showed me what to do better. i know i will make great strides in improvement after this session i would highly recommend him as a coach.

  26. gramach12 (verified owner)

    Virge is a fantastic coach! He spends just as much time listening as he does coaching which helps greatly with your involvement in the session as well as your retention of information. He doesn’t just tell you what you do wrong but how to figure out what you’re doing wrong so that you can continue to improve in the future. I have seen steady improvement after my coaching session. I can’t recommend him enough.

  27. Christian Surkala (verified owner)

    Had a fantastic session with this guy. I cam here at a time when I wasn’t sure how i should go about improving my play. I was trying to learn flip resets and such without a mastery of the fundamental mechanics of the game. Virge easily identified my weaknesses, and gave me a great understanding of where i need to improve and how. I practice with my new training pack every time I warm up now, and while I’m not instantly a god, I am already seeing improvement in my gameplay. Thanks again Virge, this experience was awesome.

  28. Neal Hesselton (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing coaching. As some of the others here have said, Virge is not only a great RL player but he is a great coach. (No wonder he coaches Dignitas haha) I have never gotten any coaching for a game before but RL has always seemed more like a true sport to me and I felt like coaching would be extremely helpful. Of course I am not instantly way better but I have a lot of areas where I know I can work as well as some better ways to think when playing. I really wanted to think of something to give as a suggestion for how to make it a better session but frankly it was fun, full of good advice, and a great use of some time. If you have the money and love the game I am sure that you will enjoy your session and if you are ready to learn and practice after you will become a better player.

    Loved the session and I can’t wait to make some improvements and at some point get another lesson to show how I have progressed and to thank you for the old advice and be ready to get some more.

  29. David Hetu (verified owner)

    This was my first tutoring lesson for a video game and it was a spectacular experience. Virge was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and made learning fun. Rather than explaining specific scenarios, replays and active gameplay were used to explain concepts that can be built upon in the future. Virge, thank you for making this game fun for me again and I will be back for more in the future! -BankBlingBaby

  30. oli (verified owner)

    This lesson has to be 100% the best lesson I’ve ever had. Even though it’s expensive it’s 100% worth it trust me, his analysis on replays are so easy to understand, his training packs will help you so much and he is very friendly. Great lesson overall!
    I Would highly recommed Virge!

  31. Shriz (verified owner)

    Man, let me just start off with saying I personally never write reviews, ever. However I absolutely had to after our session. I had been holding off booking a session, because I wasn’t really sure how much I would benefit from it at the time. Not only did he far exceed my expectations, he did so in a fun, friendly, and educated fashion.

    Hands down one the most engaging and interactive experiences I have ever been a part of, ever not just in a coaching session. And at the end of the session he asks you to keep in touch with progress reports, ya know if you want to. Witch to me is really cool because I had lacked someone to be responsible to for my improvement. So for that I am grateful .

    TL:DR If you have thought about getting Virge just do it, it’s worth it!

  32. Ballistic Ball (verified owner)

    I feel like the difference between Virge and some other high GC is the skill as a coach. Coaching is just as much of a skill as playing is. His ability to adapt to what YOU need to know, his ability and speed of figuring it out. Not a moment was wasted. I came in not sure what I needed to improve on, letting him take the wheel without much guidance. With replays that I thought might be a bit ehhh as far as playing well while being punished. Replays where with other coaching I’ve experienced they might dwell on things I already know. Instead of me saying “ok ok yes yes next thing” he just knew, he just tapped into his future and mind reading script. His skill to articulate what I needed to hear so efficiently and the ‘why not the how’ is more impressive than actual RLCS players’ skill.

    In previous coaching experiences I kinda took notes a couple notes. With Virge’s not only is just the amount of useful information I have never heard before more vast. It’s way better articulated. I’m learning more with less. Other coaches might tell you what you should have done in too specific a situation. The way Virge explained to me this one part of theory, it doesn’t feel like I can only apply it to a specific situation. I feel like I now comprehend so much more of what is and is not right. That I could actually get something from analyzing my own replays.

    I consider myself a very closed off, almost awkward person around people I don’t know, but Virge was just soooo easy to talk to. That surreal factor of talking to somebody I’ve been a fan of since Allegiance, SubParHD podcast, Panda’s RLCS vlog, this guy taught me basic rotation years ago. Being able to talk to him like a friend was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in this community.
    (space, message too big on discord)
    After our 2 hours were up he asked me if I had anymore questions. I said “Not for the coaching aspect but just specifically to you” and he was more than willing to spend the next half an hour on his own time answering all I had to ask. Giving detailed, taking his time, interesting responses. Writing this an hour later still hyped at how positive and fun an experience that was.

    10/10 can’t recommend more, coming back in a couple months when I have applied most of what I’ve learned. If any of your hesitation with Virge involves the feeling you might not get much out of it, or that “it can’t be that much better than lower priced options” I can assure you it is that much better.

  33. William Rivenbark (verified owner)

    Definitely a helpful experience. Taught me about how to hit the ball to get the best touch possible and also corrected a lot of little mistakes I was making. After determining most of my errors were mechanical he went into more detail on the mechanics I was messing up and taught me how to fix them as well as building a custom training pack to practice them. Would definitely recommend!

  34. diegoreymendez (verified owner)

    In hindsight, I can’t believe it took me so much time to make up my mind and take a session with Virge. One of my main doubts was whether coaching would be useful at my level of gameplay (C2), especially considering I’m a solo player. It was great!

    He assessed my level and we went over some replays. He then gave me feedback on situations where I put myself in difficult situations and explained how I could avoid those situations. All in all, the feedback felt spot on and relevant.

    I think the biggest issue I had in improving my game was that even when I look at my replays I don’t always have the clarity of mind to recognize what it is that put me in a rough spot to begin with. With Virge’s feedback I now know what I need to be careful with.

    In short: if you’re thinking about it go ahead and book a session. You won’t regret it!

  35. Austin Prince (verified owner)

    People, you are fools if you don’t get a training session with Virge! I had a coaching session with Virge a couple week ago; I was a Champ 3 player looking to push into GC and wanted some insight on how to take my game to the next level. Virge went over some replays with me, helped me hone my decision making and rotations, and gave advice on which mechanical skills to work on. This was the best decision I could have made and helped me realize that even at higher ranks there is so much to learn and practice. I have recommended coaching sessions with Virge to all my Rocket League buddies, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to get better at the game.

  36. jonmel2109 (verified owner)

    So I waited 3 days now to write this review so that I can try to implement the things Virge told me into my games!
    And he wanted me to be honest at this review! Thats why I waited too! Just to not only write things after just a first impression,
    but as longer as I think about our session, the more sure I am that I just want this man to get this 5 Stars!
    Its fascinating how detailed he reviewed the replays!
    And he did it in such a friendly way that you notice that this man really wants you to improve!
    He wants to help and that, plus the fact that he is just great at analyzing made me giving him this 5 stars!
    He deserves it, I enjoyed it so much and I thank him for his time and everything he showed me during that 2 hours!
    Before I repeat myself everytime I will just end it!
    I enjoyed it and would do it again at every time!

  37. killianosheacreal (verified owner)

    This man is amazing! He’ll point out the smallest things you don’t even know you do but make a huge difference in your gameplay, and on top of that he makes you a training pack to work on the flaws he noticed in your gameplay! I’ll definitely be scheduling again once I get more comfortable with the improved playing style so I can progress further!

  38. rhys.fernando (verified owner)

    I wished we would’ve gotten to both replays within the hour. However, even as a high 1900 gc I am still making a lot of mistakes. Most of the things he told me I didn’t even know. Overall though, he was incredibly helpful and I could not have asked for more.

  39. christopherlangmuir (verified owner)

    Champ 2 Player. Honestly a lot of what Virge taught me in our session are likely things other coaches could have imparted. I’m not a GC player so much of my play is still a bit of a mess. However, Virge was both incredibly effective with his time and his explanations were incredibly easy to follow and he was happy to expand on stuff I needed extra help with. Finally, he gave me a way to think about the game that I hadn’t considered before that I think likely would help even very high MMR players. Will most certainly learn from him again, I can’t recommend him enough.

  40. Richard Crabb (verified owner)

    Had a great coaching session with Virge today. I just hit GC and wanted to improve my game. Virge gave me a great analysis of my play and pointed out a few mistakes I consistently made. He was friendly and easy to talk to. I’m looking forward to cleaning up my game and then coming back for another session!

  41. Vortex (verified owner)

    Virge was a great coach, for me and I’m sure for everyone. He was great at letting me know when I was out of position in a deeper way, and letting me know about being positioned for any possibility in-game. He told me things that I would have never thought about myself. He was extremely friendly during the entire session, and clearly cares about helping. I would definitely book Virge again in the future 🙂

  42. biggbfan2 (verified owner)

    Virge is the man! He not only goes into an extremely in depth analysis of everything that can be improved, he built a custom training pack specifically for the mechanics he felt needed the most improvement. That is truly going above and beyond for the student! 15/10 would recommend him every single time. I appreciate your time!

  43. Chris (verified owner)

    Quite helpful.

    I’m C2-C3 and I honestly thought I wouldn’t get that much value out of coaching since I analyze my own replays regularly, but I wanted to give it a shot and I’m glad I did.

    Virge pointed out several higher-level issues with my gameplay that I had not really even considered. A lot of my replay analysis generally focused on fixing my mechanics or short-term strategy (e.g. I should’ve shot that instead of passed). Virge pointed out some longer-term strategy issues with my gameplay that really kinda gave me an “aha!” moment and brought me to a new understanding of certain parts of the game.

    On top of that, there were a couple of other insights gained just from the /way/ he explained things to me, that I really think only a high-level player can provide.

    Would definitely recommend for people who are on the fence. I’m likely to sign up for another session in the future too!

  44. vDezzo (verified owner)

    First time ever getting coached. I can honestly say I am glad I chose Virge. In order to communicate improvements, you have to be clear and concise. Not only did he communicate well, but his ability to visually show you the improvements through replay is a game changer. People understand through visuals more than voice, but he combined the two and it shows he knows how to coach. The fact that he will take time and answer questions even after the session, as well as ask for updates, speaks levels to his dedication to coaching. Highly recommend. Thanks Virge!

  45. thegamingpanda95 (verified owner)

    Extremely easy to understand, made things very clear and pointed out things the effect game at a consistent rate. and tells you in a very easy way to understand loved how he went about the coaching. “only thing for me at least was he was drawing to fast sometimes and made it a little hard to understand it once the full picture was drawn.”

  46. Cal 1 (verified owner)

    The session was brilliant, I feel like I learned so much. I’ve been a c3/low gc player for a couple seasons now and decided to book a hour session, and as someone who is quite critical on my own abilities I didn’t think there was so much that I didn’t know. Virge was able to point out these areas of improvement in ways that are easy to understand and always made sure that I understood what he was talking about. Virge is a very down to earth guy who generally cares about helping you improve. 10/10 would recommend him to anybody looking to get better and will absolutely look at booking more sessions in the future.

  47. Yomska (verified owner)

    Virge was an awesome coach, I am in silver with the thought that i should be but, after staying in silver for longer than I would like I decided I would get an coach to see where I was going wrong and, Virge was able to point out the issues woth the mistakes i knew about and more I never even considered an issue. I totally see why he is an RLSC coach and is worth booking, 10/10 would book again.

  48. Zach Sweetland (verified owner)

    I booked an hour session with Virge expecting to go over a replay or two, have my mistakes pointed out to me and have my good habits (should there be any) pointed out and reinforced. What we actually did was a sort of Rocket League “bootcamp” where Virge would have me show him my ability with a certain mechanic and then he would point out what I am doing wrong and show me how to improve. I am a very low rank (s2 in 1s) and this is exactly what I needed. The time I spent with Virge was the single greatest factor in my recent improvements. He helped me build a very strong foundation with my mechanics and I have gone up nearly a full rank since our session (about 2 days ago). People that are around my rank probably feel like spending money on this silly game so early on is a waste. I don’t have unlimited time to play the game and I want to be good at it so it made sense to hire a coach once I thought I was at a point where they could teach me something that youtube could not. I would greatly recommend Virge to anyone that is serious about not being trash at this game. I will for sure be booking another session in the future. Thanks Virge!

  49. idenizeni (verified owner)

    The training was excellent, informative and concise. Virge’s experience and love of what he’s doing clearly shows. Every minute of my 2 hours was well spent, not a moment wasted. Well worth the money.

    If you enjoy Rocket League and have a desire to get better, do yourself a favor and get a session with Virge.

  50. Mitchell Belbin (verified owner)

    The 1 hour I had with Virge was probably the most insightful hour I have had in my RL career. There were some things that I knew sub consciously but didn’t really utilize in my game play. There were some things that I already knew but he shined more of a light on them, then there were things I wasn’t even thinking about/knew i should be doing at all. I am very positive and know that he is a top level coach by how clear and precise he was on what I needed to fix and he was very easy to talk to and ask questions if I didn’t understand something. I recommend Virge to anyone trying to push past the higher ranks.

  51. simoncayouette (verified owner)

    My 3 hours coaching session with Virge was by far the most helpful three hours I’ve spent in rocket league. It was super helpful and I learned a lot. He started by giving me tasks like dribbling and teaching me how I can improve on it also he is extremely positive and helpful no matter what your rank. Let see how far i can go in rank now .

  52. (verified owner)

    So i got the 3 hours session with Virge. I know its more expensive then other coaches but with his knowledge is it fair. He helped me a lot with the slow motion Training. At all the best Coach i got. Thx for your time and GL for the current season 😛

  53. adfmcs (verified owner)

    My coaching session with Virge was by far the most helpful three hours I’ve spent in rocket league. His pointers and tips were very insightful and they forced me to re-look at the way I play the game. I really liked the use of his custom plugin to show a players coverage when they’re on the field, that really gave me a better understanding of positioning and rotation. He was very chill and fun to talk to throughout the entire session. His criticism (subtle roasting) was very non-toxic and super helpful. Overall, I would highly recommend Virge to anyone looking to rank up in rocket league.

  54. nathanh1223 (verified owner)

    Coaching with Virge has honestly changed the way I view decision making now. It’s much easier to see what mistakes I’m making in game. Would recommend him over other coaches because he had his own unique plugin and viewing angles that really helped put the game play into perspective. I only got the hour session but 2 hours would have been beneficial, may have to do it again in the future.

    He was super friendly and open, and critiqued without being rude or harsh at all. Session felt super relaxed. We’ll see how far I rank up after this!

  55. btully55 (verified owner)

    My caoching session with Virge was great! Virge gave me so many perspectives of the game I was unaware of. Virge was super respectful. He answered any question I had and didn’t make the session feel rushed. I genunienly feel he does this to really help people get better at the game. If you are looking understand the game, I would highly recommend using Virge!

  56. John McAdam (verified owner)

    My coaching session with virge was amazing. It was super helpful and I learned a lot. He started by giving me tasks like dribbling and teaching me how I can improve on it. We then played a few games where he gave me pointers on rotation and boost management. Finally he created a training pack for me to work on what he had taught me. I would definitely recommended a session with him. He is extremely positive and helpful no matter what your rank. Thanks Virge!

  57. Christopher Biscardi (verified owner)

    My session with Virge was super useful. I range from C2 to GC in various modes and I spent this session focusing on 2s where I was a C2 going into the session. It’s been a few weeks since my session and I’m holding my own at C3 while solo-queueing now because of what I learned from this session. Ranking the rest of my modes up to GC (except 1s lol) seems well within reach this season as a result.

  58. millertattoo617 (verified owner)

    What a fantastic training session with Virge. The guys super professional and friendly. I was doing so much better in 3s immediately after his insight. The change was so evident … I feel as though I have a much deeper understanding of positioning now …. oh also great playing 1v1 against him … he only beat my 15-3 !

  59. nickrobinson218 (verified owner)

    A couple days ago, I had the privilege to work with virge on a game we all love so much. I am a Champion level player but could be much more, hence the coaching session. I chose virge due to his resume, I mean who doesn’t want to work with the guy who made it to semis in a world championship. At the time of my session I had fallen back into the dreaded diamond 3 rank and was in a major rut. Luckily, after my 1 hour coaching session I have made it back to champion. From the moment you enter the discord chat you feel welcome. Like he wants to help, not just there for the money. He feels like one of the boys, causally gaming together on a Friday night. But he’s there to help, and help is what you’ll get. His knowledge of the game is unmatched and his demeanor while teaching helps you learn quickly and retain the information. There is no other coach I would use other than Virge. (Ps. I almost gave 4 stars for the 10-0 1v1 we had)

  60. BluScr3n (verified owner)

    (GC) I purchased a two hour session with Virge. It takes awhile to finally be able to get in with him but its worth it. We started off with a couple games, then went over a couple replays, talked about what I could do to fix the issues I’m having, then played a lot more games. Honestly it was the outside view looking in that I needed. He does a great job of explaining to you what you did wrong, and why it was wrong(rather then just telling you how bad you are). In the end we went back into ranked to play 3 mores games with the knowledge I learned. It went much better, and he had positive feedback on how I improved. I would highly recommend Virge especially if you are GC and want to take your gameplay to the next level – BluScr3n

  61. Alexander Domert (verified owner)

    It was only an hour long but I feel like I’ve gotten a thousand hours worth of insight. Thank you Virge for opening my eyes to how I can play at a higher level and what I need to do to improve 🙂

  62. nick.galvach (verified owner)

    I forgot to leave a review after our initial session but I have improved so much since then and credit to Virge for helping me get there. I had been struggling to reach C3 for months before working with Virge and by the very next day I had reached my goal. I can’t wait to book another session so I can work towards GC!

  63. Derek West (verified owner)

    Getting a coach was a big leap forward for me and i believe I made a great decision by going with Virge. Ive had two 3 hour sessions with him both being incredibly informative his knowledge of the game is astonishing. Hes also a really cool guy and fun to talk to. If he asks you what you want to do, ask for replay analysis. Best bang for your buck

  64. MattMcD374 (verified owner)

    I honestly dont even know where to begin, Im currently sitting at high c2 and didnt know what I needed to improve, within 5 minutes of listening to virge and what he had to say I knew I made the right decision. Hes always open to question and he makes sure you understand how to do something. The custom training map is a huge plus as well. I will be using again for sure.

  65. Munster (verified owner)

    11/10 Would book a session again! Very in depth and knowledgeable. He works with you and will help you break down to your fundamentals and understand everything to allow you to get better. Would recommend to any and everyone! 😀

  66. matthew russelli (verified owner)

    Would 100% recommend to anyone who is thinking about hiring a rocket league coach! Very detailed and has a ton of understanding for the game. He took his time to explain everything that I could improve on and made sure I understood everything he was discussing. Overall will definitely book another coaching session with him in the future 🙂

  67. easysinger (verified owner)


    This godly grand champ helped a gold like me. He even provided a little extra time at then of the session to cover the hundreds of questions I had. Great teacher, awesome coach, and a real humble dude. He was so encouraging! I have been coached by a pro FPS team coach for Overwatch on a different site, and I can say that pound for pound, Virge was way better, and also has a patient and kind demeanor. He rocks!

  68. shaun travers (verified owner)

    10/10 Would recommend! I found instant improvement after our session. Very detailed in breaking down analysis video and easy to understand. Extremely nice guy and willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get your monies worth. If you want improvement in your game this is your guy!

  69. Adam Hunt (verified owner)

    Very nice and straightforward. Most in depth a coach has ever been with me. All the things he says are explained well and in terms most people would understand. Really cares and likes to help people get better at Rocket League. Highly recommend!

  70. Jacob Grimplin (verified owner)

    Incredibly helpful and friendly. Would suggest to anyone who needed some RL advice/coaching. Look forward to future sessions

  71. Derek Staley (verified owner)

    very friendly and easy to talk to. he makes sure you understand everything he is saying before he moves on to the next part. will be going back. if there were more than 5 stars i would give him more!

  72. Michael Durkin (verified owner)

    I thought there was no way to justify the price of a coach to get better at car soccer, but holy hell is it worth the money! Literally within minutes I felt like a better player. Virge is a chill dude who is a great teacher! This was so in depth some stuff blew my mind. Will surely come back for another session I’m sure

  73. Kurt Quiroz (verified owner)

    I scheduled a 3 hour lesson with Virge because I had hit a wall with my growth in the game. I didn’t quite know what to expect going into it, was I going to have a great learning experience or was it going to be a waste of time spent with someone telling me “Do x by doing y, ok good lesson.” I have to be honest when I say I never expected to have the type of coaching that I received. It far exceeded anything I could have expected. We broke down what I was weak on to the core and started a process of rebuilding bad habits and unlearned skills in a way that not only made sense but were easy to grab a hold of and run with it. In the short time spent with replay reviews, playing matches, more reviews, 1v1, and deep analysis I could instantly feel and see a change in my game play and a new sense of focus and desire to build those skills. I highly recommend those sessions and will be doing them again in the future. I do advise that you have some way of taking notes ready to go because, depending on skill level, there will be an overwhelming amount of information to take it and digest. This is 100% worth every cent and every second if you are serious about getting better and what an in-depth evaluation of you as a Rocket League player.

  74. Jakub (verified owner)

    10/10 would recommend, and do again. Not only did he tell me what I was doing wrong, but also how to fix it. Watching videos will help, but it don’t have the same effect as having a personalized session with Virge.

  75. contact.alexandre.sauve (verified owner)

    This review is being written with 100% transparency and is meant to be fair for both Virge and potential trainees. I booked a 2 hour session with Virge to try and figure out why I had been stagnating at low GC in Standard (3v3) for the past 4 seasons. My expectations were high because I personally found that the price was a bit steep, particularly when you consider the conversion from CND to USD, ouch. Was it worth every penny? For me, absolutely! Here’s why. I’ve been watching countless videos on rotations, mechanics, replay reviews, etc. Don’t get me wrong, those videos got me to where I am today (low GC) but after my session with Virge, I realized that being coached is far more effective. In only two hours, he was able to pick up on my bad habits and provide me with tips that cannot be found in any training material on Youtube. THAT is why Virge gets my 5 star rating. Not because I’m being a fanboy, but because he’s one of the best out there.

  76. Erazeimos (verified owner)

    What a great experience! Did the three hour session which includes about one hour of playing with Virge (1s, 2s & 3s). Great to get replays analyzed when playing with someone who does his part right, so the focus can stay on only you (no one else is to blame for any of your own fuck-ups). Virge really did an amazing job explaining pretty much every single move I did (good or bad) and gave his opinions on how to improve the situations I could’ve done better in. Very thorough and very easy to follow his explanations. Then also getting a personalized training pack that is spot on for things you need to work on is sweeet! On top of him doing a great professional job, he’s also the nicest guy to talk to. Humble and just overall a good person. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
    Thanks, Virge!

  77. brandon.luper (verified owner)

    Virge was very informative and extremely clear with everything he was explaining. Already have a great direction to head in with practice and how to improve my play. Absolutely would recommend and plan on doing more sessions through him.

  78. Daniel LaFollette (verified owner)

    Virge was really helpful in giving and in depth break down of the replay that I sent him in order to give me tips on how to improve my game and be overall more efficient. He was also extremely friendly and helpful throughout the entire session.

  79. Bryan Chowning (verified owner)

    Virge is very descriptive and explains in very good detail that is easy to understand. Definitely going to get some more coaching from him. He has a great mentality and is doing great things for the rocket league community.

  80. Logan Stanford (verified owner)

    Virge was incredibly helpful in diagnosing areas of improvement. We played a few games together and then he broke down the replay in great detail which helped not only for me to see where I could have played better, but how I could watch my own replays in the future and look for ways to improve. He also took the time to put together a customized training pack for me based on what it was that I needed to work on. Overall, working with Virge I feel like has set me up to improve much more efficiently than I could have otherwise. 10/10

  81. Akekho (verified owner)

    Playing Rocket League without Virge is like squirting a lemon in your eye. You wouldn’t want lemon juice in your eyes would you? You’re crazy.

  82. Phil Dodderidge (verified owner)

    Virge was an amazing coach, he was so nice about everything, and he easily noticed all the flaws in my gameplay, even with limited time. He was really good at making it easy to understand everything, and giving me tips about everything. It was fun to play with him taught me mechanics I didn’t know you could do, and helped me improve all the mechanics I already knew. He told me what I did wrong and how to fix it. The only thing was that I didn’t have that much time. He only asked me to do three things in the session. Giving this feedback was easy because of how good a coach he is, if I could pick any person to coach me in rocket league, it would be Virge.

  83. Larch (verified owner)

    Virge was extremely quick at noticing the flaws in my gameplay, as well as my strengths. During the replay analysis he broke down almost every play and told me what I did well, what I did wrong and how I could be more efficient. On some occasions it became a bit too theoretical, but there were still tons of scenarios where the feedback was very specific and easy to understand. At the end he made a training pack based on the things he mentioned during the replay analysis.

  84. nickap19 (verified owner)

    Coming in I was very intimidated due to other experiences with other coaches in the past. Unlike them though, Virge made every effort to explain how to play more efficiently without making me feel inferior or dumb. He showed me he understood my thought process and how he would play the same situation in a more effective manner. He made the experience fun and informative, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a better understanding of the game.

  85. abura448 (verified owner)

    My recent session with Virge was phenomenal! Having never had a 1 on 1 coaching session before I didn’t know what to expect, but this made me want to sign up for another session immediately. It’s easy to see why he is in such demand for his coaching. He understands the game inside and out, he’s easy to talk to, and gives you simple instructions for how to improve. Seriously, what a fantastic coach! Thank you!

  86. Jack Woodacre (verified owner)

    Virge is very knowledgeable and I have noticed my mechanics and overall game sense has improved after having an hour with him.
    +rep would recommend him to anyone

  87. Dazzler (verified owner)

    Virge was extremely patient, informative, and easy to communicate with. The change in gameplay skill has been very quick and dramatic with diligent practice on the custom training packs and advice he gave me. will definitely book again.

  88. iamknightknight (verified owner)

    Virge is an absolutely unbelieveable coach. In additon to being extremely easy to talk to, he really took the time to break things down and ensured I fully understood before moving on. I was truly amazed at what he was able to point out when reviewing the replays. Even some of the simplest things I didn’t realize I was doing were having detrimental effects in game. It was also great playing against him in a 1v1 and alongside him in some 2v2s. I was a Champ 3 @ 1402 MMR when I had my initial 2 hour session with Virge. A week later I am sitting at Grand Champ for the first time ever at 1572 MMR and my GC Rewards fulfilled. This is all due to his help and myself correcting very little mistakes. I cannot recommend him enough. His knowledge of the game is on another level. I absolutely will be looking to book future sessions with Virge to further improve my game as a whole. If you want to improve at all and at any level, Virge is the coach for you.

  89. tuckerfrog (verified owner)

    It was amazing to play a few games with him to get the feel of a high level teammate. From being consistent Champ 3 seasons 8-10 I can now say I am a season 11 Grand Champ with Virge’s help. Working to make a custom training pack which I now utilize the skills in it in my everyday gameplay.

    THANK YOU VIRGE for helping me achieve my goal!

  90. drodgers6950 (verified owner)

    My first coaching session and i couldn’t be happier with the knowledge i gained. He is able to see the gameplay from a different perspective and does a great job of explaining how and why he sees it. He makes sure you understand and you genuinely feel like he wants you to get better. The replay analysis is the key part of the training. He will draw out on screen the situations in the game and explain every detail of what, and why you want to do. Virge is very thorough on explaining key elements and gives you a greater understanding of the game. To anyone thinking about booking a session i 1000% recommend it. You will be glad you did. Thanks Virge! Definitely will be booking another session in the future!

  91. AJ Otti (verified owner)

    This was my first coaching session and it was eye opening, Virge is knowledgeable in every aspect of the game and always takes the time to make sure that the information is understood and palpable. Never once did I feel like he was rushing and he always made sure to ask If i understood what was being said. The replay analysis is by far my favorite way to learn and the on screen writing makes it even better.
    Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to book a coaching session to try VIrge. Thanks again Virge!

  92. Steven DiPietro (verified owner)

    I’ve done many coaching sessions but none were like this. For the price, Virge will greatly go in depth and really pin point on what you need to change and improve on. You can definitely tell he’s a very smart guy and knows his physics lol. He gave me a better understanding on how I should be playing. I 100% think that you should choose virge for a coaching session. Thanks again virge!

  93. Kyle Webb (verified owner)

    If you have spent any time on YouTube watching Virge’s videos and have found his style in them to be of value you will enjoy his 1 on 1 coaching. He is knowledgeable and has a style that makes learning easy. His replay analysis was on point and the training pack he put together for me certainly helps address some of the weaknesses in my game.

    One thing that I think could be of value he could add to his coaching would be to watch you in the training pack or even freeplay and give feedback on the specific mechanical errors you are making to help you improve in real-time kinda like you get in real life sports coaching. This is not to say that his coaching wasn’t worth every penny, it’s just a way I think it could be even more valuable.

    All in all, I am glad I shelled out for the three hours, and will likely do it again in the future after I have had a chance to work through the training pack and his positioning recommendations.

  94. Gage Ponder (verified owner)

    Virge was an amazing coach. Went into depth on every little thing that he felt I could do better and how to do it. He noticed a lot of things that I wasn’t even noticing in my game play and widened my vision. All in all a great coach and was always checking to make sure i understood what he was talking about.

  95. Anthony Daniel Mullins (verified owner)

    Amazing coach. He went to every detail that could help you progress. He knows what he’s talking about and is here for his client to get better. He’s professional and makes every aspect very simple.

  96. Jacob Dorr (verified owner)

    Virge was absolutely phenomenal. He took time to break things down into things that i could really understand. He immediately was picking up on things that i could start with to improve my playstyle and speed. Will definitely be rebooking him!

  97. frank lepine (verified owner)

    Definitely enjoyed my session with virge. His way of going over replays with the on screen pen makes it extremely easy to follow along with his advice. some of the details he pointed out i would not have noticed on my own for months or even ever.
    Definite recommendation

  98. titansfanzachary (verified owner)

    VirgeRL does a great job of explaining why and how you should do something. He’s incredibly professional and has a much better setup than other coaches. Worth every penny

  99. ashmonmi (verified owner)

    Virge goes very in depth into all aspects of gameplay. Also he is very willing to tailor the experience to your needs. It’s obvious he’s genuinely cares about improving your game. Highly recommended.

  100. typedefvoid (verified owner)

    I knew I had a lot to learn and improve upon in my gameplay. Through his replay analysis and very precise explanations, Virge unlocked a whole world of things for me to work on – many of them things I wasn’t thinking about at all. Even if you think you know what you need to work on because you’ve watched hours of Youtube videos and streams, there’s nothing like having an experienced coach like Virge identify precisely where you need to focus. Money well spent, highly recommended, A++++++ would be humbled again

  101. Mue (verified owner)

    When I booked my session, I wasn’t expecting quite as much help as I got. I sent 4 replays and we went over 1 replay because of how in depth his analysis. He also managed to pick out my weaknesses very quickly, weaknesses in my gameplay that I didn’t even know I had. After my session I was even thinking to book another because it was truly helpful.

  102. jhumble798 (verified owner)

    I was really nervous coming into this as I know how high Virge is in the pro scene. Honestly, he was so down to earth and helpful. He immediately caught me off guard, I wasn’t expecting to get as much compassion as he gave. Virge goes out of his way to help you and show you the things you need to correct. Honestly this was the best experience for me and I loved having him teach me. He words things in a way that is easy to understand and follow. I appreciate all he has done for me. Thanks a ton Virge.

  103. snowfox08 (verified owner)

    At first i was nervous and wasn’t expecting too much but oh boy i was wrong. Virge is, to me, the best coach i could work with and genuinely caring and dedicated person. I didn’t expect to learn so much in a few hours it was an amazing session. It was worth every cents to be honest i recommend him. Its easy to understand his analyse and working with him is very enjoyable.

  104. drewjones2012 (verified owner)

    Virge has one goal: to make you a better Rocket League player. And he’s very good at what he does. After getting a quick feel for where I am as a player, Virge used one of my replays to make sure I had a solid foundation of fundamental concepts. It’s very clear that he values teaching his students how to think about the game. When I wanted to explore anything in particular, he was more than happy to take the conversation in that direction. Then to top it off, he created a custom training for me and went over how to squeeze every bit of improvement out of it.

    Highly recommend booking a session with Virge. I got all the information and tools I needed to start making real improvements to my game. I’ll definitely be booking another session in the future. Thanks, Virge!

  105. linck.nathan (verified owner)

    Alright so to begin what will undeniably be a lengthy review, I want to thank Virge for being such a nice person in general. Hes very cool and understanding and on top of that, friendly. I want to start off talking about scheduling. Obviously scheduling has no real impact on a review because it covers nothing on his actual advice or methods. However, I just wanted to talk about my experience as a whole. I ordered a 2 hours session on Wednesday before rlcs 7, and understandably it took a while for him to email me after that (I also attended). However, there were a few delays and rescheduling issues, I understand life is life and virge is a busy man so our schedules didnt end up colliding until over 2 weeks from initial purchase. He was very, and I cannot stress this enough, VERY resonable about it and apologized several times for the inconveniences. Now that that is out of the way, I can talk about whats actually important, his teaching methods/advice. After playing some games and seeing how I handled myself, he made a training pack based on things he saw I was lacking in. He was very instructional on what he was currently doing, why he put it in, and how i should be doing it. Some of the shots i felt were too basic and that I had already known but besides those one or two, he had a pack full of things that I was bad at, which I should not have to say is what you want in a training pack. In general, hes a really good person who I felt actually cared about improving my skills and teaching me on what I was doing wrong. Virge if you are reading this, I suggest for future sessions and maybe you could get back to me on this session, that you could maybe make a list of the things you noted that need working on because you gave out a ton of helpful advice and I feel as though most of it I put aside and forgot while trying to focus on the next tip. The pack did not cover some of the game sense that you talked about. So in total I really enjoyed this experience and the only negative thing that came from it was scheduling but obviously that was a personal thing related to what cant be more than a few other people and the advice he gives very much outweighs that anyway. Thanks again virge and if you are hesitating about buying from this guy, don’t, he’s one of the best for a reason and hopefully my session can help me get back into c3.

  106. Daniel Smith (verified owner)

    I was GC 2 seasons in a row. Season 10 for some reason gave me a lot of trouble. I booked a session with Virge because I had no idea what to work on. His advice showed me so many things I could work on that I never would have even noticed on my own. It wasn’t an instant win-streak to GC after the session, but I applied his advice consistently for a couple weeks and finally got GC back today. This time I actually feel like I can hang with other GC’s and just overall feel much more confident and solid in my gameplay. Highly recommended for higher level players!

  107. Gags30 (verified owner)

    Great instructor! Clear and easy to understand! It’s evident that Virge has spent the time with the game to truly understand and master the concepts and ideas behind advanced gameplay and mechanics. He does an excellent job of not only explaining those concepts, but making sure that you as a student are truly understanding what he’s saying. Highly recommended!

  108. Jeffrey Infante (verified owner)

    Virge is a great coach! I was having trouble being consistent in my rank and mechanics. Virge was able to recognize where I was making mistakes in my games and helped me correct my gameplay. Since I have maintained my rank and gone up to C3 in 2 playlists! Virge is definite recommendation!

  109. LeG4Cy (verified owner)

    When Virge started giving me things to improve during the replay, I started noticing the problems I had though the games I was playing after. I started looking into my other replays and noticing the same problems occurring. Virge has a great system on how to criticize and help you improve. The training pack he made for me helps me work on my weak points and it helped that he showed me how to do the training pack and how to start improving. I will for sure be asking for his coaching even more and work on progressing to get to my goal.

  110. json_rl (verified owner)

    Worth every penny! It’s very hard to take an unbiased view of your own game. Virge pointed out aspects of my game play that I hadn’t realized were deficient. I really appreciated that Virge has a systematic approach to the session. He clearly has a method which allows the customization of the session toward improving your game. Virge also has a way of delivering constructive criticism that leaves you eager to improve. I’ll definitely be scheduling more sessions!

  111. Uchi (verified owner)

    Virge is an amazing coach! After just 2 hours I now have a better sense of the game and understand so much more than I did before. His coaching style is perfect for people looking to claw their way into GC, kick butt and take names! He quickly got a grasp of my abilities, and explained everything I’ve been doing wrong without making me feel like an idiot. If you need coaching, Virge is the one you should go to!

  112. bubba83 (verified owner)

    Virge was a good coach – I’ve done 5 sessions with him on my grind to GC. I’m not quite there yet but I’ve had a couple lost potential GC rank up games which is insane progress. I no longer feel like a fraud borderline GC player. He’s helped me work on mechanics a lot and pointed out many inaccuracies and bad habits I’m working on breaking so I can be more efficient in my movement and recoveries. I’d highly recommend Virge as a coach!

  113. BlizzardWizard (verified owner)

    Fantastic coach, Virge really takes time to break down every aspect of your game and talks you through it giving very constructive feedback on your gameplay. The way he breaks it down will have you coming back for more!

  114. Buttons (verified owner)

    Amazing Coach! Make sure you have a recording software to soak up all the info. Virge is incredibly descriptive and thinks outside the box. Really opened my eyes up to how I need to go about improving upon my own gameplay and revisions! His visual drawings of potential plays blew my mind. Thanks again really really apprciate your time!

  115. kelly.waters88 (verified owner)

    I’d just like to say holy crap is virge a legit coach! He is so well versed in RL knowledge and he breaks it down for you so that you’ll understand! He made it feel like he was my buddy explaining how to improve as opposed to just getting through the session. I would highly recommend Virge for anyone that wants coaching!!

  116. chris.tucker.nm (verified owner)

    An expert for sure in coaching RL. He was very patient and provided exactly what I needed.

  117. Release Sin (verified owner)

    Great coach knows exactly what the player needs to work on has a lot of experience and can help anybody improve at any level only things I see is something I have learn from pass coaches is just leave a little session notes next time so we can reference what the whole session was about and what we need to work on if we forget.

  118. E (verified owner)

    If I could sum up my coaching session with Virge into one word it would be, “Wow”. Exceeded every expectation I had before the session. Definitely worth the wait for an opening. I could not have asked for a better coach.

  119. zboes10 (verified owner)

    Great experience overall! Virge took a lot of time to stop a replay and explain the worst and the best way to carry a situation so I could see both sides. I brought the 3 hr session and in my eyes that is more than enough time to go over everything you want to go over. It helped me that I am kind of close to his MMR at GC so I could see things and do things that I need for the next level. I would definitely recommend Virge to anyone at any rank. Appreciate it buddy!!!

  120. gmahringer (verified owner)

    Just had my first coaching session with Virge and he opened my eyes on some things in solo queue that will definitely get my game to the next level. I’m currently a 1600 MMR Grand Champion and I’m pretty confident his advice will finally let me break through to new limits. The session starts of with you having a 1v1 where he will check your abilities before giving feedback and watching a replay of your choice with you going through it step by step explaining every mistake in high detail. If you’re gonna throw money at a coach throw it at virge! There’s a good chance I will book another session with him in the future. 🙂

  121. mattmolina7212 (verified owner)

    First coaching session I have ever gotten and glad I got one with Virge, Offense, Defense, rotations, mechanical, Virge will break it down to a great understanding. Virge’s replay analysis’s are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC. Really friendly, easy to work with, overall the best and funnest learning experience I have received in the game. Regardless of your rank, Virge will absolutely help you with anything you need! Highly recommend Virge for coaching.

  122. jtpende (verified owner)

    If you payed anyone for RL coaching, it should be Virge. He sees where your mechanics, defense, and decision making are first in a private 1v1 (and owns you too lol). Then you play a handful of games in either 2s or 3s (your choice) with him to gather a few replays. After that, he goes through a few and assess your gameplay, showing you where you made mistakes and how to fix them, as well as what you did right. Finally, he creates a custom training pack with a few things to work on to improve your play in certain situations. My kickoffs and aerials improved immediately, and I can already feel myself becoming a better player. I highly, highly recommend hiring Virge.

  123. luisipad98 (verified owner)

    The best most in depth rocket league analysis you can get. This man has got the eye to spot everything you can do to improve you’re game he clearly knows what he’s doing and you can tell he has a passion for what he does. Cannot recommend enough if you are trying to improve your game especially for high ranked players

  124. alex.l.walker63 (verified owner)

    This coaching session was amazing. There were a few specific things that I truly enjoyed about the session. 1. The way he does replay analysis is perfect. It is clear and precise giving you all the information you need to learn your good and bad tendencies. He does a very good job of explaining both and how to improve on both.
    2. The fact that he makes packs to help you inprove with things specific to your problems is nice because lots of packs out there right now are very generalized.
    If you are considering getting a coaching session, then this us the right person for the job. You get what you pay for and then some!

  125. jtdg423 (verified owner)

    What else can I say other than pure amazing in depth coaching session. It felt very personal and he showed a lot of care when explaining certain subjects. I absolutely loved this coaching session and am DEFINITELY going to do it again.

  126. jason_meredith17 (verified owner)

    Great session with a top guy last night. Virge was professional, calming and very encouraging! Gives help with what you need to improve on in a super constructive way, points out what you’ve done well. I’m just gutted I didn’t have longer! More sessions to come in the future!! Also I ran a little over time but he didn’t rush me off. Asked me if I had any questions. Bring on the grind!

  127. bvanhou (verified owner)

    Virge is such a great guy and amazing coach. He opened my eyes to things I never even considered, specifically the Reflective Property. Since training with him I noticed that my game has increased significantly, (after a brief time of me getting worse as I taught my muscle memory kicking in lol). I will definitely train with him again.

  128. zacfred13 (verified owner)

    we were one second into the first replay and he was already giving me game changing advice and the training pack he gave me at the end was perfect for working on that among other things.If I had any complaints it would be that he explained things too well

  129. 22bilello (verified owner)

    This guy has such an amazing depth of knowledge for Rocket League. Virge showed me so many ways to improve when I was unsure how to progress. He is a skilled player, and an incredible teacher. He fit so much into our short session. I’d recommend Virge to anyone who feels stuck. He can help the path forward become much clearer. Thank you Virge! 😀

  130. jsingleton12321 (verified owner)

    Top tier coaching. Taught me about so many minor things that I never even knew existed even after my 2000+ hours. If you want to learn the nuance of rocket league, and truly perfect your game, this is the coach for you

  131. jsingleton12321 (verified owner)

    Top tier coaching. Taught me about so many minor things that I never even knew existed even after my 2000+ hours. If you want to learn the nuance of rocket league, and truly perfect your game, this is the coach for you!

  132. dwayneore4 (verified owner)

    During the entire session, I felt extremely comfortable and I think that’s something really important for coaching in the RL community right now. It’s very easy to bash a player for their mistakes and not make them feel like they can improve.

    I would book again in a heartbeat, a wonderful personality and I accomplished what I set out for when booking the session. If you’re on the fence about booking a session with virge take this as your leap and do it. 😀

  133. jaxgott (verified owner)

    Amazing coach! I learned so much. He focused on the points that I needed help with the most. His analysis on replays are simply amazing. I wouldn’t recommend any other coach in all honesty. He has so much experience in helping others out and knows how to cater to your needs.

  134. phunthyme (verified owner)

    Thank you for this session so much! Exactly what I wished for – a detailed analysis of my replays and now I know what to practise to get up there. Great addition to the tutorial videos as well, keep it up!

  135. MahNameIsChick (verified owner)

    Absolutely rekt me in 1v1 and then gave me very helpful advice during the replay analysis that would never even noticed. Very nice guy, will definitely schedule more sessions!

  136. justin_bj97 (verified owner)

    Ive tried watching every video on youtube on how to learn and improve on different things, but with one session i honestly learned so much more than any video can teach. This guy is amazing at what he does and you can tell. 11/10

  137. jakobechelle15 (verified owner)

    Completely chill dude, very flexible, and absolutely insane. Corrected a bunch of stuff that I wasnt even picking up on. He is incredibly precise and will definitely catch the fundamentals that you personally need to work on.

  138. 1200jmaster1200 (verified owner)

    Sensei Virge knows all, thanks for the help man, was great workin with ya. for customers reading, i would book again so that should say it all. 10/10 would recomend 🙂

  139. bzm (verified owner)

    I did the three hour session and it was a great experience. He doesn’t coach you during the games at all. You don’t have to worry about Virge getting mad at you. The review was super good. I don’t feel like he overstates stuff or understate stuff. If the mistake happens a lot he will tell you multiple times. I think that is great but, you might not.

  140. Peregrine581 (verified owner)

    I paid for a 3 hour session with Virge and I have to say, probably the best way I have EVER spent my money. He was on time for our session (actually even a little early). We started off by just breaking the ice a bit and proceeded to play 2 1v1 matches him vs me so he could see my mechanics. As intimidating as it was, Virge was there the whole time with words of encouragement and constantly told me to “play my game as I normally would” which was really nice to hear. After seeing my mechanics, we jumped into some 2v2 matches (my playlist of choice). Here I am, this pretty intimidated Gold I player playing in Champ/GC, and Virge and I managed to take 2 of the 4 games, all the while Virge was right there reiterating that I shouldn’t worry about mistakes or hurting his rank, etc, and it made me play more relaxed and even better, to the point that I was actually relevant in the games! After those games, the replay analysis was incredibly in depth and there were so many things he told me I did well in addition to the constructive criticism that by the third replay analysis, I was able to recognize things as or just before he pointed them out! If that isn’t excellent coaching, I don’t know what is! We even went over our time a bit which was really cool that he was so willing to make sure I understood everything and didn’t care that we went over the 3 hours. The custom training pack he made is fantastic and him showing me how to do each one is so helpful. The cherry on top? I asked Virge to record our entire session and he was more than willing to do so. He sent it to me later that day, so now I can always go back and review whenever I want! Virge, I know you want constructive criticism to be better, but honestly, I can’t thing of anything for you to inprove at this point. Thank you so much!

  141. mjwalters1 (verified owner)

    So its been about a week since my session with Virge. The training pack he made after the session has helped me tremendously with my mechanics and the replay analysis really shed some light on rotational and situational awareness issues i have.

    Having spent about a half hour before every time i play going through his training pack I feel like everything from aerials to ground control has improved. Along with adding in the replay comments i think I have more than gotten my moneys worth out of the session and would highly reccomend Virge to anyone whose looking for a coach.

    Solid guy, solid coach, Solid session.

  142. corey.dron (verified owner)

    Being at GC, I was beginning to feel a bit stagnant in my progression. As with everyone else looking for that next step to get better. Hiring Virge was easily the best decision I could have made. He opened my eyes to a lot of the passive issues in my gameplay that I had, and gave me a myriad of tools to overcome those issues.

    I can’t wait to put a lot of the new understanding I was taught into action and hopefully progress competitively. Virge had a great setup in the 3 hour session with playing some ranked and then looking at the gameplay to analyze some of the more notable games; Then moving forward to create a training pack and recommend other existing means of practicing. The analysis was in depth and was perfectly framed for me to understand and work off of.

    The only even slight issue I had was with communication in the lead up to the session, but for anyone looking to schedule an appointment I wouldn’t highlight it as much of an issue as everything went smoothly regardless. Virge is obviously a busy individual with coaching and everything else going on and it is just important to keep this in mind and be slightly flexible/patient! 🙂

  143. madisoncrogers (verified owner)

    I already had a pretty good understanding of the game seeing as I am already a high champion player. But VirgeRL defiantly got me to work on the things that I still struggled with. I do not think that I will book another session with him because he helped me so much with just one session. He really speaks the truth and gives great advice to every type of play style. He knows his stuff and can help you with what you need. Great coach for all levels of RL players from the lowest of the bronzes to the highest of champs. He will always give you a tip of how you can improve your game play or overall knowledge of the game. He is a great coach and even a greater guy all around. He just wants his clients to get better at the game because that’s what he does this for. Not for the money but for the satisfaction of knowing he helped someone in becoming a better player. I appreciate everything Virge and thank you for the help. <3

  144. Fizban (verified owner)

    In the time between purchasing a session and actually meeting with Virge I really wasn’t sure what to expect, or how to prepare.
    Do I save some replays? If so which ones? best? worst? mediocre?
    Does he want them before we meet so he can analyse them or when we meet?
    Maybe we’re going to play a game together and analyse that replay.
    I should probably think about my strengths, weaknesses and goals beforehand in case Virge asks.
    I’ll just wait, if he needs something he’ll reach out… Me to @Virge Hey! So how we doing this?

    Virge was responsive on Discord (1-2 days) before I booked a session with him. He didn’t actually respond to my question about how it was going to work, but it was just over a day prior and he didn’t have to. He knows what he’s doing.
    Virge called on Discord at the scheduled time and we jumped right into a couple of 1v1’s where he began assessing and testing my ability. (Save replays).
    He had me send a replay of the playlist I want to focus on, broadcast through Discord and analysed & discussed it live.
    He then shared a training pack with me, showing how to do each movement and describing a variety of reasons and ways I can benefit from each, and vary the exercises.
    To top it off he showed me a workshop map to work on my aerial car control.
    Throughout this first session, Virge was genuine, present, knowledgeable and thorough. Immediately raising awareness and providing valuable insight.
    I will definitely be returning and could talk all day about the positives. But right now… I’m off to try out this training!

  145. chargetlucky (verified owner)

    Perfect training. The exact spots i found myself falling short in were explained and broke down to be simple. Absolutly amazing and i would refer anyone who wants to get better to Virge. Thanks again!!

  146. mcdonald.alexander.w (verified owner)

    Had a 3 hour session and I’m going to book another when his availability opens up again. No matter what rank you are, Virge knows how’s to make you better. From quick tips to why you can’t get a nice controlled touch, to in depth analysis on what the physics of the game allows you to do, Virge will guide you into becoming the best RL player you can be.
    Sign up, you won’t regret it!

  147. feyrah (verified owner)

    Virge is an extremely friendly and passionate player and a great teacher. Within the first couple minutes, I already learned several new things that I had never seen mentioned on any of the tutorial videos that I’ve watched, and had never even thought about, but are super essential to the game and your own control. The explanations and visualisations were super easy to follow and extremely helpful. I’m excited to practise with the training pack and drills I was given and share my progress and hopefully have another session in the future! Thank you.

  148. nloseke (verified owner)

    100% worth the time and funds. Extremely insightful about small little things I never even thought of before. He breaks down each play in a way that sheds new light on the situation and new things to think about. He also identified technical skills I didn’t know I was struggling with, and showed me how to improve, even by creating a custom training back just for those skills. Thank you so much for your passion and willingness to help.

  149. MyStumpyLegs (verified owner)

    Great first session with Virge, helped me identify points to work on, and how to work on them. He is great at giving examples and familiarising aspects of the game to your level, so even if you are Gold, GC or Pro it makes sense. He demonstrated plays above my current level and opened my eyes in what I have to come as I get better. Would thoroughly recommend Virge, really nice guy and even complimented me on my progress which is certainly motivating. I expect I’ll be returning at some point in the future.

  150. josiahnabi (verified owner)

    Virge was awesome! He explained the though process behind why things work as they do, the thought behind rotation/ proper rotation, he explained everything in detail. He is an awesome guy who really knows what he’s talking about! Would recommend him as a coach the session was very beneficial !!

  151. aleclewald88 (verified owner)

    I can’t recommend this training enough. Virge identified problems I was going to ask about before I even asked them and brought up some new ones too, all with well-articulated answers. I knew to get to the next level I needed to “play faster” but I now know exactly what that means and how I’m supposed to do it. By the time we were done Virge created an entire training pack for me with demonstrations on how to use it and where these skills will be applied in my game. I would highly recommend using OBS Studio (or something similar) to record your session. Now I feel as though I can watch one of those “how to improve your game” YouTube videos except it has exact answers to the actual questions I was having. 10/10 would purchase again

  152. Gabriel (verified owner)

    After I started playing 3v3, I felt like I needed a second opinion on what I needed to work on, and in all honesty Virge did way more than I expected, he helped me a ton with things I never even considered, and don’t be fooled, I’ve been top 20 in 3v3 and won tournaments, but there’s always room for improvements and Virge showed me more than I thought was possible. Definitely one of the best coaches by far, knows what he’s doing. 100% Recommend ordering him!

  153. twierzbicki9 (verified owner)

    If youre in a spot, where youre not sure what else to do in order to grow the way you want to in Rocket League then please sign up for coaching with Virge. This man lays it all out there for you to see and is able to paint you a perfect picture as to what you need to be doing and what you can do different. Not only does he analyze the replays with you to help with your rotation and positioning but he literally creates a training package right in front of you. Hes able to identify your weaknesses within moments and makes sure to give you an explanation as to why you do or dont do something. This is great stuff. I’m signing up for more sessions soon.

  154. terpskid01 (verified owner)

    I am a champ 2 player and got 3 hours with Virge. Virge helped me out a lot more than I could have imagined when I initially purchased some of his sessions. He is a super cool guy to work with too, and his experience from working with pros really shows when he goes over your gameplay and answers your questions. I could not be happier with what I got out of the session, and I am confident that what he taught me will take me beyond all of the goals I have for this game.

  155. anro6767 (verified owner)

    I did a 2-hour training session with Virge and it was well worth it. Virge understands the game extremely well and is very effective at communicating the weak points in your game as well as how to improve them. During the replay analysis, he would explain why certain things were wrong as well as what I should have doen instead and why that was better.

    Then he spanked me in 1v1s which was also extremely helpful. Nothing points out weaknesses like getting smacked 9-1, and I will have that replay to reference.

    He also designed me my own shot pack to target the specific mechanics that would make me get better. Not only did he make the pack for me, but also gave very specific and helpful instructions on what to focus on when doing each shot.

    All in all, the training session was really helpful in all aspects of the game. Virge is a great coach.

  156. ScorpionNest (verified owner)

    Virge was an amazing coach and he is very qualified for this job! He went on to explain things I could work on in depth and showed me a bunch of things I didn’t notice I was doing wrong. He was not only able to point it out things I didn’t notice but was able to explain it on a level I could understand. He was also, very responsive on discor and is clearly committed to his job. He was also, patient on waiting for me to contact him. On top of all this, I only paid for 1 hour but he almost gave 2 hours of his time to help me out! He doesn’t do this just for the money but instead he actually wants to see you improve! Virge is an amazing coach and I do deffinetly recommend you choose him to coach you. ????

  157. nathanaelmarguereta (verified owner)

    So, I’ve 1 week ago I’ve decided to get myself a coaching session, and as you can see, I choose Virge. I’ve booked up a 2 hours session as many review told that it was better, and I confirm it, 2 hours is realy the minimum you should take and 3 hours would be better. So, how did the session went up, well way better then I expected. He started by reviewing one of my replay, and we took arround 50 moins to finish that game. I was realy impressed by how much little things I wouldnt notice and how well he explained everything. He realy know what he’s talking about and he will realy explain you in depth for you to understand it perfectly. And also he’s telling you the good thing that you do so you keep doing them. I should mentioned that if you understand what he’s saying, tell him because it can optimised a little bit more of the time. But otherwise, it was realy good. Then he proposed me to go and play some ranked. Btw I’m diamond 1 from Europe, and we played on EU server. So, we were put against GC and a champ 3, and it was realy realy fun, and it realy showed me that mistake cant happen in those rank. We manage to lose a 4 2 and the thing is, that he’s not here to just carry you. He’s just playing like a normal teammate and it was just a lot of fun. We went for an other game, this time against a Champ 3 and 2 and we actuelly won like 5 2 xd, and it was realy good because I applied the stuff I learned right before and seeing it working is realy changing your mind about how you should play, because in lower rank your sometimes making mistake and knowing you shouldnt do that. And being able to do those few games against higher rank realy leave you no room for the mistake that you make. And it realy showed me how I should play.
    After that he went creating a training pack for me, and this is where I was surprised the most. He was just creating shot to make me improve in the things I was not comfortable in. And he just explained so well how to improve and be effecient in those shot. It was probably where I learned the most, and it was realy realy intresting about.
    Overall, I dont regret at all that session, Virge is a realy good teacher and knows what his talking about. The only “bad” thing (cant call it bad things tbh” was because I’m french it was a little bit difficult to get in contact and that sometimes when he explain something for a long time but you already know it, it can be a little long. I’m saying that, but on some stuff I tought I was knowing about, he still manage to learn me something. So it’s not even bad, its just good. I’m personnaly gonna get an other session in few weeks or month because he’s realy good at coaching. Can only recommand.

  158. TheMustache (verified owner)

    We’ve all seen his analysis in action on YouTube, so I knew he had a handle on the game. What sold me was the dedicated training pack built for me at the end of the session. He knew what skills I needed work on and how to tackle them. It’s helped so much in my gameplay and I know it will help you too if you go with Virge.

  159. williamhaslam88 (verified owner)

    Booked a 2hour session with Virge. I’m Champ3 looking to make that final push into GC.

    Overall I thought the session was worth it. I learnt some useful things – particularly on kick offs and decision making. Teaching style was good, clearly knows his stuff. The training pack I’ve been using quite a bit and have definitely improved.

    One small negative was I felt Virge spent too long really trying to explain something. I understood the first time I was told – having the same thing repeated 5 times didn’t add much for me. That means that in a 2hour session we only got through 1 full replay and a few minutes of another. If the session had been a bit faster paced I felt I could have learned more.

  160. itigerxaux (verified owner)

    I recently hit champ 1/2 and felt i needed help with mechanics and rotational advice. I purchased a 3 hour session with Virge and its was awesome. I recommend a 3 or more hour session to everybody looking for a coach. Not only will you get the advice you needn you will also get playing time in the higher ranks with him to see just how much your poor mechanics stick out. It was eye opening to see all the little mistakes i was making without noticing them. Virge not only points them out but also goes into detail on how to fix the issue and show what the difference will be once corrected. Super happy with my first 3 hour session with him and will definitely buy more if needed!

  161. titus.chirila (verified owner)

    I had been thinking about going for one of these coaching sessions for some while, but I was sure who the coach who I wanted was. Virge is a safe option, he is really good, gives constructive criticism in the most constructive way possible and it instantly becomes visible that his chief concern is helping you improve once that session starts. He is obviously highly experienced and extremely capable. Thanks for your time Virge!

  162. hornet1102 (verified owner)

    Not really sure how to start this out other than, WORTH. Virge is very detail oriented and will notice things you never thought of. He will find where you need help and make sure you know how to get better in each area. i have 1100+ hours and have learned multiple things from him and know where I need to practice more now. I’ll be coming back again after another couple hundred hours or so. It really helps to have someone as knowledgeable about the game help you personally with your playstyle.

  163. wanekm (verified owner)

    I purchased a 3 hour coaching session with Virge (am currently C1 in 2s/3s), and it was worth every penny. I was expecting to examine rotation and decision making mistakes, but I wasn’t ready to have my mind blown by seemingly basic things. Virge explains mechanics in very precise, very understandable ways, and I feel like I just relearned how to play the game. It’s hard to describe, but here goes: I have a training regimen now that is focused not on mechanics as a whole, but the discrete parts of those mechanics which will actually allow me to improve.

    I was impressed by many things, not least of which was the presentation of the lesson. His skillful use of his on-screen pen & Rocket League replay system was so fluid I felt like I was watching a YouTube video custom made for me. If you’re looking to improve, I can’t recommend Virge enough.

  164. Érid (verified owner)

    He’s passionate alright, if I was a recruiter I wouldn’t hesitate to hire this guy for anything that he shows passion about.

    He took the time to not only point out my mistakes on the replays but also made me understand why and how to fix them. The way he explains things made me understand the underlying problem. Rather than just trying to correct a “mistake”, he helped me understand the reasoning behind them and thus giving me the option of being able to adapt more easily in the future for different situations, this for both mechanics and positioning, helping me understand the basic concepts like possession and even how the physics works on the small things, facilitating decision making and more complex mechanical moves that I wouldn’t have thought otherwise.

    He tends to go in circles at times, trying to fill the gaps and being completely thorough, so I do recommend making him aware if you already understand his point, otherwise it’s definitely worth listening till the end.

    I’m Diamond 2, and for my first session there was so much I learned and I still feel there was much left, so for a first timer I wouldn’t recommend less than 2 hours if you’re around my level. 5/5 would recommend to anyone.

  165. Craig (verified owner)

    Where do I begin,
    Virge has been phenomenal. If I could rate more then 5 stars I would in a heartbeat and I HIGHLY recommend getting a session with him. I can promise you wont regret it. So far I have only had one session with him and I can already see improvement in my gameplay so much so I booked another session with him to see how I improved and how I can keep growing as a player. He pointed out the key gameplay mechanics that I need to work on to improve my gameplay and not only built a custom training pack for me but walked me through step by step what I need to do for each shot and how to utilize the training to its full potential. I have received coaching from others on Gamersrdy but none compare to Virge. Whenever I have questions or I am struggling he is always there to put me back into the correct mindset to keep improving. I cant say enough good things about him. Thank you Virge!

  166. mikie3723 (verified owner)

    Awesome guy very informative did a 3 hr session with him worth every penny showed me things I would have never recognized myself gave. Learn a whole new aspect to the game very knowledgeable. If your looking for a very good coach to break down your game step by step and learn how to do things better this is the guy you want. Thanks Virge

  167. zekefrench (verified owner)

    Insanely useful, gave mechanical tips literally no one else would even consider and almost literally perfected my rotations. Awesome stuff!

  168. thomaswardhughes (verified owner)

    I’ll start with the only negative thing I could really say about the session. There are times that Virge goes so in depth he kinda repeats himself. This is fine to reiterate important points, but it also spends a bit more time on topics that may not need it. Some things do indeed require in depth explanation, while other things could be summed up by just asking if the player understands. The in depth route is safer, as there are more than a few of us that may be too shy/embarrassed to be honest if he gave a simple explanation and we didn’t understand.

    With that being said, the rest of the session went really well, enough to easily overtake the small issue I noted. The method we chose was to play together so he could get a feel for my playstyle. These games meant he was very aware of what was going on, rather than reviewing a replay he didn’t play in. This led to less time analyzing the why of a situation and getting right to how to improve. The training pack he makes and the demonstration on how to go about using the pack. He’s laid back, does a very good job of critiquing without come off harsh, and was honestly very enjoyable to work with. I did the 2 hour session and I would recommend that as replay analysis alone takes quite awhile for one replay.

  169. pittman.noah1 (verified owner)

    I was looking to improve as a player but felt stuck at my current skill level. Virge not only helped me understand the game better but he developed my own unique training pack to work on specific instances that would improve my weakness. He also is very intelligent about the game and goes into great detail when analyzing replays. He’s really professional and works with you throughout every step showing you the proper way to execute certain mechanics in game. I have a lot of respect for him and the effort he puts into his coachings sessions. If you’re looking for a serious coach who wants to help you improve I recommend Virge.

  170. mrmcflurry101 (verified owner)

    Virge helped me understand all my weaknesses and what to work on and makes a training pack just for you and even teaches you how to do all shots that he puts in there. He also gives you the freedom to try new things in each shot and my personal training pack that he built for me is defiantly going to up my game if I just keep practicing.

  171. kirk.j.luther (verified owner)

    Relaxed and clear, everything was easily understood and he’s very supportive through every issue you have

  172. tritz55 (verified owner)

    Being in mid plat and playing casual with champ friends made me realize there’s a lot to work on, but I wasn’t sure where to go. Virge did a great job breaking down a replay like i’d never seen before. He focused on nailing the basics of higher difficulty moves so that I could take a step by step approach to fixing my mechanical problems. During the replay, he focused on decision making, putting my in a position to make plays, provided I get those mechanical problems fixed. All in all this was definitely an eye-opening experience, and I’ll definitely be back for more sessions after I nail down this custom training pack 🙂

  173. shaunofnintendo1 (verified owner)

    During one of Virge’s streams I gave him a reply to review. When I sent it, I didn’t think I’d get much out of it at the time. Boy was I wrong! Virge’s ability to see the smallest of small details in this game is jaw dropping. So I thought, if I could get that much out of a quick 20-30 minute replay analysis, what would I poissibly get out of a full 1:1 2 hour personalized coaching session with him?

    The session started like I expected. I sent him two replays and he showed me everything I could have done better, and the impact my decisions had on the match. He got me thinking of the bigger picture in every match and showed me just how important it is to be fully aware of everyones position on the field, including my own.

    Next, we jumped into a few ranked 2s to give me the opporituniy to try to impelement what I had leared. I was happy to see that I didn’t get fully carried, but there were most certainly moments where Viege was pulling more weight than I was. I haven’t looked over the replays of those games yet, so I’m looking forward to that! (I was also called out for being a smurf lmao)

    To wrap things up for the session, Virge made me my own personalized custom training pack. Everything in this pack was constructed with the purpose of improving my weakest mechanics. I honestly cannot wait to spam this training pack every day before I play.

    Everything about this session has given me the drive and excitment to try to push myself even higher in this game than I ever thought I would.

    The gap between me and those higher ranked players is small but also large. I look forward to the day I close that gap.

    Thank you very much Virge,

  174. Trognic (verified owner)

    After I was watching my own replays to figure out how I could improve and didnt find anything, I booked a session with Virge and now I’m totally blown away and have so much knowledge of what I can improve in and how to do it!
    If you consider getting a coach, get Virge!

  175. Bennito_01 (verified owner)

    Virge is an excellent coach and person. He went over the clock to complete the replay review to fulfill his commitment to giving me all the information he promised. He exceeded my expectations and much more. Replay analysis reviews were eye opening from his in depth explanations on my mistakes and how to correct those mistakes in not only one, but different situations as well. No matter what he took his time and made sure I understood what he was trying to get across to me. I appreciated his side tips and the fact that he didn’t only focus on aspects of my poor form, but also my good moments during gameplay and complimented those moments. He showed me better ways on how to play the game overall. I could go on, but im very satisfied and looking forward to our follow up session to show him how he has helped me improve.

  176. Jakk22 (verified owner)

    Virge is a highly effective teacher. I noticed he uses repetition to get his points across which really ingrains those valuable tips into your mind. I can honestly say that our 2-hour session was worth far more than the money I spent and the time we utilized could not have been used any better. My time learning from Virge and my own mistakes helped give me a better understanding what I need to focus on in order to improve, and precisely what bad habits I absolutely have to break in order to succeed. If you are like me, someone who struggles at learning new things without an instructor, getting a coach is absolutely the best thing for you. This man is a true professional. 11/10 would recommend.

  177. robert.lewis.6 (verified owner)

    As mentioned in the description, Virge is very passionate about helping people improve playing RL. Very patient and thorough explanations about even the littlest of details (i.e. mistakes that don’t get punished in lower ranks). This was a super informative session and Virge has such a great personality that the session was very pleasurable. Highly recommend 2 hours and make sure to save replays. Thanks again Virge!

  178. mrclutts (verified owner)

    After feeling like my progress had stalled a bit in ranked, I figured I needed to get a second opinion on my gameplay. I knew I had weaknesses but I couldn’t fully understand what they were or how to overcome them. In under 15 minutes, Virge had me rethinking the way I need to play the RL and pointed out issues with my game that weren’t even on my radar. This is exactly the type of feedback I was looking for when I signed up for a session. Definitely a great coach that knows his stuff.

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