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About Me:
I have been trained and coached by multiple RLCS and RLRS players, given tips from the best, and have worked on them personally since Season 3. Here’s a breakdown of my attributes:

  • 3+ years coaching experience
  • Has made RLCSX Main Event
  • Current Head Coach for Michigan Tech University’s Varsity Team
  • Has coached RLRS players
  • Has been coached by RLCS players
  • Has worked with RLCS Champion coaches closely
  • Grand Champ all playlists since Season 3
  • Top 100 globally since Season 4
  • ESL Monthly Elite and ESL Weekly Champ
  • Reached Rank X in 6mans
  • Has coached 100+ clients

What your purchase will consist of:

  1. You will send me 2 or 3 replays (per hour) and I will scrub through your gameplay until I find important mistakes that can be explained through concepts based on physics of the game. I have an onscreen pen tool I can use to separate what you do vs. what you could do instead.
  2. As we go through the match, I will explain to you your moves and play-style using a physics based explanation. I will go over your good decisions and give you highlights, I will quickly explain mistakes that make it more likely that you get scored on (without needing concepts), and I will deliver concepts to those big mistakes that almost always will cause you to be scored on.
  3. I will write down tendencies/habits that you should move away from to improve, and also note tendencies/habits that you already have a solid foundation for.
  4. As we finish I will give you a detailed list of what we went over so you have individual things to practice over the next few weeks. I will then pin it in our DM’s and you can always come back to our conversation for pointers if you forget what you need to work on.

ALL RANKS ARE ACCEPTED! However the lower your rank is the more we will focus on basic fundamentals and mechanics.

30 Minutes: This is only a 1 replay review session, it is NOT guaranteed to be a full 30 minutes. 1 on 1 or archived.

1 Hour: Standard 1-hour analysis session. 1 on 1 only. Bring 2 replays.

2 Hours: 2 standard 1-hour analysis sessions. 1 on 1 only. [$10 OFF (when 2 hours ordered together) Bring 2 replays per session.]




Europe, Oceania, US-East, US-West

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Hoops

Coach Rank

Top 100


ESL Monthly Elite, Grand Champion

Hours Played




Session Duration

30 Minutes, 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4 Hours

18 reviews for Talliebird

  1. Greenwarrior (verified owner)

    Stellar coach who has a lot of experience both as a player and teacher, highly recommended! It is always nice to get a different perspective, and every coach I’ve had so far has taught me new things. Talliebird is great at explaining things from the perspective of a TOP player, and it shows how much passion he has for this game.

  2. Devon McKinney (verified owner)

    Was able to give me good advice to work on the foundations of how I play, and give be general tips throughout the session on the smaller mistakes I made. Overall good coaching session hour well spent.

  3. Liraz Levi (verified owner)

    Excellent coaching session. Gave me highlights that would take me a lot of time to figure by myself. Both on the mental side, in my decision making and my mechanics. Highly recommended!

  4. Jonathan Pichette (verified owner)

    I just don’t know where to start. I guess that I need to mention that I am a newbie to this game but saw myself ranking up quite rapidly and went into D1 in my 150hrs.
    I felt like I lacked on my rotations and defensive plays and would always feel awkard about my positionning! I decided to go ahead and book a coaching session after seing
    tallie do some replay analysis on twitch just so I could have some advice to better my gameplay and stay in those ranks…!

    She was professionnal, kind, precised in his explanation, patient and also just a overall chillout girl and I really enjoyed talking to her. I am writing this only a few hours
    after speaking to her and I saw a really noticeable change in my game performances. I also need to mention that Tallie is really flexible with her schedule and she actually went
    over the 2h that I booked for and she also made sure I didn’t leave the sessions before I understood everything she showed me. Really looking forward to speak to this lady when I will
    get to those higher ranks !! Cheers tallie and thanks again.

    Btw her coaching is so cheap comparing to what you receive in knowledge this is a huge deal!!!

  5. Nik Stanton (verified owner)

    Talliebird is a great coach and I found the session very useful.

    She was very easy to talk to and analysed my replays in great detail pointing out areas of strength and areas to work on.

    During the session, Tallie made sure I understood what was going on and the points she was making. In addition she was always happy to answer any questions.

    After the session, The areas to work on were listed out in terms of importance and I was given many examples to think about and ideas on how to work on it going forward.

    I ordered an hour session and Tallie went way above and beyond what I expected by chatting for what was probably 30 minutes afterwards to talk through questions / general ideas on rocket league.

    I’d recommend anyone to go ahead and use Tallie as a Coach. Very friendly, very fairly priced and will help you to improve your game.

  6. rgurlik (verified owner)

    Great coach! Tallie took the time to really focus on my personal habits and gave me a list of specific things for me to work on. Tallie also said I could always follow up with any question I had afterwards. Very happy to help me out!

  7. Brad Colditz (verified owner)

    Tallie did a great job walking me through all of my mistakes in my gameplay. He focused on my personalized adjustments for me to get better and I learned a lot from our 1 hour session.

  8. srambaud117 (verified owner)

    i am a top 3 former 1s player hoping to improve my 2s. Last season i finished at 1900 MMR in 2s and i wanted to see what i was doing wrong, what i could improve on. Tallie not only helped me with my positioning in 2s but also made it extremely easy to understand and adapt it into my game-play. She talked to me like i wasnt a total idiot so that was good. She had only compliments for my offence but understood when my teamate had the ball i didnt know where to be or what to do. Not only did she help me with it, she used various amounts of examples. I hope to hit 2k on this new season of RL. Absolutely would recommend tallie to anyone. It was a little easier for me to understand because i have been playing the game for so long, but i have no doubt she can make easy on anyone with explanation and graphics. Amazing time with this coached… Money well spent

  9. Ashtoneer (verified owner)

    I went to Tallie to help push my 1800mmr to 2000mmr or higher. She did an excellent job showing me the higher levels of offensive and defensive rotations in the sense of extending and supporting rather than the simple 1-2-3 rotation. Also, it was not a problem that the session went over the scheduled amount of time. I very highly recommend Tallie.

  10. Noah Schilling (verified owner)

    Gave me a step by step guide on how to approach the ball and play as it’s going on throughout the game. Crazy helpful and fun to be coached by.

  11. stephen collins (verified owner)

    He went in depth on everything we done right and then what we done wrong. I feel like he helped me and my teammate out so much. If you are looking for a great laid back coach then TallieBird is the way to go.

  12. cooper_johns (verified owner)

    He honestly taught me so many new ways to look ar the game and the field of play for that matter. He went into so much depth and I would recommend him to anyone!

  13. Andrew Valassis (verified owner)

    First, super easy dude to talk to. He was very insightful and articulate with his style of coaching. Pointed out stuff i didn’t even realize i was doing wrong. I have a lot to improve on, and now i have direction. Great coach, great guy.

  14. Noah Norcross (verified owner)

    Talonn is an impressively intelligent Rocket League player. He was informative, kind, and efficient at explaining what I was doing wrong and how I could improve. You cannot go wrong ordering coaching from Talonn.

  15. Michael Valdez (verified owner)

    I appreciated Talonns coaching, he was super chill and took the time to explain to me the mistake I was making not matter how minor they were. I really appreciated this and I would recommend Talonn as a coach.

  16. mberger99 (verified owner)

    Had a 2 hr coaching session with him. we went trough 4 replays. he broke down every single one and expained me why and when i did mistakes. He was super kind, very helpful and really tried to to give a straight plan on what to work on and what to improve. talon best birb uwu <3


  17. Ryan Smith (verified owner)

    We went through 2 replays he showed me a new way of playing the game, he was very informational I wrote down half a page of notes, he was also willing to go over time to help me alittle more. Great guy and coach you need to book him

  18. finnbouma6 (verified owner)

    really good coach, has helped me see what i do wrong and teached me things i didnt know about the game.

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