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Hi, I’m Simple. I’ve been playing Rocket League since the beginning of season 3 and currently have 5k+ hours on record. I’ve played in multiple tournaments including RLCS, ESL, WSOE, WGN, and Dreamhack. I have played at the highest ranks of Grand Champ including being Top 100 in doubles. Currently, I’ve recently reached the top 24 in the RLCS, and Top 17 in our bracket for DreamHack Leipzig.

I offer several versions of coaching for Rocket League players who are looking to improve their game sense, positioning, awareness, and mechanical ability, ranging from straightforward replay analysis to partying-up and playing your preferred playlist and then breaking down replays afterward. Some of these packages are the following;

  • Package #1 (Basic Package) Screen share replay analysis of 2-4 replay files. This package is geared towards PC players because you can’t screen share on discord on PS4 or Xbox One. (1 hour)
  • Package #2 (Standard Package) Play 30 min with you, analyze replays of games afterward. (2 hours)
  • Package #3 (Premium Package) Play 1 hour with you, analyze replays of games afterward, or we can have three-hour multiple sessions to see where you most need improvement. (3 hours)

During the sessions, I will focus on what you feel you need to improve on. Every session begins with us set goals for your training. Whether it is mechanics, rotations, positioning, or game awareness, I am committed to using my knowledge to help you improve your game.

I look forward to working with you, making you the best player you can be!


English, Portuguese


US-East, US-West

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 100


Grand Champion

Hours Played



PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours

10 reviews for Simple

  1. aðalsteinn már (verified owner)

    Real nice and easy to talk to, answered every question I had and pointed out flaws I had that I just did not realize on my own. And didn’t hesitate to show me how to do the tings properly. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their game.

  2. Colin Patton (verified owner)

    Super relaxed and easy to talk to. He is very good at finding flaws in your gameplay and helping you to not only recognize them but how to avoid them in the future. Had an amazing time and would recommend him as a coach to anyone who is looking to really improve their gameplay. Really a lot of fun playing with him too. I can’t wait for the moment i queue into a game against him when I rank up. Im coming for you Element. lol

  3. alex omo (verified owner)

    First coach i have ever had and was fast to realize the issues i was having plus was really fun to work with. would recommend

  4. Loot3rdude (verified owner)

    Very first rocket league coaching session I’ve ever had and I had a great experience! Element was easy to talk to and very easy going! He was very clear with what he was trying to explain and convey to me what I needed to improve on. I would recommend anyone who is looking for coaching, regardless of rank, to choose Element!
    10/10 coaching, would highly recommend!!!

  5. cctabor (verified owner)

    Great coaching session, He was very helpful with what I needed to improve on. Not only did he tell me, but he showed me as well. He provided written feedback at the end so it’s much easier to keep track of and improve on. The only thing I didn’t like was the scheduling, I’d rather have a time set so I can plan better for it, but in the end it worked out and the coaching session was very helpful.

  6. Jacob Clark (verified owner)

    Very good coaching session. Very straight forward with what i needed to work on while also pointing out the things i did properly. Provided me traingin packs to work on what i was struggling with and then went the extra mile to teach me faster movements. All around would recommend 100%. Best coach there is.

  7. Temper (verified owner)

    Overall a fantastic coach. He was approachable, experienced and nice to work with. He gave good advice on what I should be working on and also gave me tips and methods to improve. He is very good at identifying flaws in your game that could use work and is really nice about it. 100% worth it.

  8. chris-cooper1 (verified owner)

    What to expect – scheduling is flexible, but I would have like to have just been given a definitive time to show up once I gave him my availability. Instead he said, “I’ll just hit you up during one of those times.” It worked out, but with a work schedule and as a parent, it would help to be able to plan for a set day/time.

    As for the actual coaching, it was great! Definitely worth the money I paid.

    We started by playing a couple of 1v1 matches. I won’t explain his approach here so as not to ruin the effect, but there was a method to how he played that I thought was smart. I’m not sure how much he was “going easy” on me, but I didn’t feel nervous or hopeless or anything like that. Still, he crushed me about 7-2 both times, and that’s after being nice enough to not capitalize on a couple of missed fast kick off attempts. He literally stopped his car before hitting the ball I just missed so we could have an actual play. While this wasn’t necessary, it did help me warm up to him and built some trust that he was there to help me.

    We then watched both replays back. He would explain some of my tendencies that hurt me while also giving me props for what I did consistently well. As a teacher, I can tell you that being able to point out strengths as well as weaknesses is one of the hallmarks of a good teacher/coach. He then asked me to pull up a couple of replays of games I felt good about, so we watched those and continued the analysis. Towards the end of the session he gave me the opportunity to ask questions (although I had been asking them the entire time) and this included some screen sharing time where he watched my technique for moving up and down the field and gave me feedback based on what I was doing in real time. This was probably the most helpful part of the session for me. When I was struggling at one point, we switched to me watching his screen so he could show me his wave dashing technique. There were a couple of other techniques we covered, too. I learned why I don’t get as much power on my aerial shots as I would like, and how to work on it, for example. The replay analysis showed me that I was putting myself out of position more than I thought. So I got a good balance of strategy and mechanics work. He also gave me a few training packs and suggested a regular training regimen to address these weaknesses. So to summarize, Element was super nice, and pointed out several (nine that I listed) things for me to work on and how to approach them, while also giving me confidence in the things I was doing well, using a variety of approaches from replay analysis to screen sharing commentary. He was able to explain concepts well and answered my questions fully.

    A couple of weeks ago I dropped from Diamond 1 to low Plat 2 and had been grinding my way back up. After his coaching, I focused on a couple of the areas we worked on and finally hit Diamond 1 again! He gets my full recommendation!

    Thanks again, Element!

  9. jacob.kilpatrick (verified owner)

    Element is the type of player who has experience that YOU need for a great coaching session. He works extremely well with your schedule, and has a great way of explaining your strengths and weaknesses. Have a notepad ready because you will learn a lot!

    10/10 Much love!

  10. joshua.b.robinson (verified owner)

    Element gave me a great overview of where my mistakes are in my gameplay. He gave me some trainingpacks that fit to what I needed to practice, and told me what i needed to work on. It’s helped alot.

    Great dude aswell!

    10/10 would buy again! 🙂

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