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About me:
Hi, i’m Sabi! I am a multi season grand champ level player with over 5,000 hours in the game. I am here to help you improve at Rocket League and my goal is to give you the tools needed to not only reach, but to succeed at your dream rank.


Why Choose Me:
I stand out in comparison to other coaches because of my genuine interest in helping people who want to learn, and I am able to back up my interest with years of experience and education.

If you hire me as your coach you are not only getting a high level player but I have over 10 years of professional coaching experience. I have helped high level athletes compete at a national level in both Basketball and Tennis and I am currently the head coach of 2 up and coming Rocket League Organizations taking part in the Grid and Grid Qualifiers.

To further compliment this I have a Master’s Degree in sports psychology from which much of my coaching style is derived from. I tend to not only focus on the mechanical aspects of the game but also the mental, bringing in specific techniques that are utilized by professional athletes around the world such as Lebron James or Christiano Ronaldo. This means less time telling you what you should have done and more time explaining why and how a different approach could have yielded better results. I also like to touch on what it means to train like a professional athlete and help you get into the right mindset for improving.

Finally, customer satisfaction is my #1 priority and I will always tailor my session to your individual needs in order to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, therefore my sessions have no set in stone structure because we will discuss prior to the session about how we can benefit you the most in the time we have together, some examples of sessions I have done in the past include but are not limited to:

  • 90 minute in depth replay analysis, taking a look at everything imaginable in a game of your choosing.
  • 60 minute live game coaching, where I will spectate you playing live and provide game by game feedback to give you pointers to think about from game to game.
  • 60 minute private play session, where we can develop mechanical ability or party up and do some casual games together to give you the experience of playing with higher ranked players.

While these are the packages I offer I personally believe in coaching until I am done coaching, this is why with many of my sessions I would go overtime to make sure we finish discussing a topic we started rather than cutting off simply because we “ran out of time”

But don’t just take my word for it, see what others have to say about my services:

Thanks again for stopping by and checking out my profile, I look forward to working with you!

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PS Controller, Xbox Controller, Keyboard & Mouse


English, Swedish



Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot, Hoops, Rumble, Snow Day

Coach Rank

Top 100, Top 1000, Supersonic Legend, Grand Champion 3, Grand Champion 2, Grand Champion 1


Grand Champion

Coaching Experience

1500+ Hours

Area focus

Competitive, Freestyle, Mechanics


Rocket League

Hours Played




Session Duration

1 Hour, 90 Minutes, 2 Hours

Team Players

2 Players, 3 Players, 4 Players

61 reviews for Sabi

  1. Marc Seitz (verified owner)

    Words can’t express my positive experience with Sabi. He was exactly what I wanted in a coach and needed as a player. I presented to him my goals (first diamond, then champ) and available time to play each weak (less than most). His enthusiasm for helping others enjoy and get better at the game is infectious. His background in psychology and coaching shines through with every nugget of advice he gives. He has a wealth of knowledge about the game as well as competing in general. I found myself taking 10+ pages of handwritten notes during our 90-minute session. His goals for me were practical and attainable. In fact, just using his game strategies resulted in a 75-point MMR increase the next day in ranked 1v1. In addition to those strategies, I walked away with specific drills to help with weaknesses in my game play, both offense and defense. I’m looking forward to achieving my goal and will be utilizing him for numerous future sessions. Thanks Sabi!

  2. scott_t_glenn (verified owner)

    Great coach who specializes in the mental side of the game. Spent whole session covering sports psychology topics based on my request. Asked for some additional reading materials, he suggested a book. Great session covering things I’ve never gone over with any other coach. Highly recommended!

  3. mattei.samu (verified owner)

    Awesome coach! Had much fun in our session and only a day after I’m already improving, definitely looking forward to another session soon.

  4. Thomas Bouri (verified owner)

    Words cannot even begin to explain how satisfied I was with the session I had with Sabi. I had one of the most in-depth and understanding coaches. He tackled the root of issues, not just scratched the surface with short-term problems. I got exactly what I was hoping for, and even more. We bantered a little bit and coined the term zombie-pilot, playing like a zombie on auto-pilot. I had more fun, and got more information out of it than I ever would have expected. 20/10, really could not recommend more.

  5. Per Thomsen (verified owner)

    Had my first coaching session today. Sabi does an amazing job breaking down situations in a way that is easy to understand, and can be applied to many situations. My favourite thing was that he didn’t overcomplicate things. Can’t wait to hop in to some training and ranked mode, to really put the newly acquired knowledge in to the game.

  6. Anthony Dunham (verified owner)

    Had my first session with Sabi today and man was it the most informative and interesting coaching session. I learned so many things that I believe will improve my gameplay. His approach in coaching is very professional and he never misses a detail. He takes the time to get to know u a little and explains not only the replays but also so many extra things to help you along with ur goals. Definitely the best decision I made choosing Sabi as a coach. Definitely using more sessions to accomplish all my Rocket league goals. I wish I could give more stars absolutely an amazing experience.

  7. TempoH (verified owner)

    Loved it! Not only was Sabi very friendly, funny and overall great to talk to, he also clearly knew what he was talking about. He gave a very in-depth replay analysis while still making sure i was following along and understood everything. He used great explanations, analogies and pop-quizzes to make sure i understood everything thoroughly. At the end of the session i had gotten a lot of useful information on what i should be focusing on and why. Overall i would 100% recommend for anyone looking to improve at the game ????

  8. micaelfortnite123 (verified owner)

    Really good coach,he can show you many things that u are doing wrong and help u fixing that mistakes, pretty good coach,100% recommen

  9. Anthony Adams (verified owner)

    Sabi is a magnificent coach, He broke everything down for me when I was asking about specific core mechanics and freestyling tips. It made it very easy to shake off my nerves and gave me a bunch of resources and training routines to take with me even after the session. I couldn’t thank him enough afterwards. He pointed out the mistakes without being condescending and really showed me where I needed to improve all while making the session fun and enjoyable. Definetly will be buying another session.

  10. thinkfivetimes (verified owner)

    Sabi, thank you for breaking down the aerial mechanic, showing me where I was mistaken, and working with me until it made sense. Now I can practice correctly and improve the right way! I highly recommend and I will be purchasing again. Thanks coach!

  11. carlator4 (verified owner)

    Great coach, he really knows what he’s doing and is very helpfull. His coaching sessions are incredible!

  12. brady strang (verified owner)

    Just had a coaching session with Sabi and i absolutely loved it! He’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to rocketleague and he helped point out several mistakes that i am making in my gameplay and what i should be working on to fix those mistakes. We done a replay analysis so he can see my gameplay and thoroughly explained where i was going wrong, i was trying to go fast and hit the ball when nobody was pressuring me just causing me to give up position. Sabi also went into great details about the small boost placements and the paths i should be taking on my rotations back to far post. overall the session was great and i will be back!

  13. philp.02 (verified owner)

    I want to start by thanking Sabi.
    Thanks for a good seassion, I learned a lot.
    Sabi was very clear with things he explained. He also showed what he meant on certain occasions. Very good and detailed analysis,
    I would highly recommend Sabi’s lessons. From me he gets 11 out of 10 stars. I will definitely use Sabi’s service again in the future!

  14. Niko Pal (verified owner)

    I loved my session with Sabi. They gave me the tools I needed for working on my wall plays and flicks. The explanations were detailed and specific to my play. As a Parkour coach, I found him employing a lot of the same training mentality I do with my students. Video tutorials don’t work too well with me, and Sabi helped me understand the missing aspects of the mechanics I’m working on. I’m super stoked for our second session, and to show how much I’ve improved. Very encouraging and supportive coaching. A++

  15. Graeme Elsby (verified owner)

    Had a coaching lesson with Sabi a few days ago and I came away with a new perspective on the game. Sabi pointed out areas where I could improve in terms of boost management and game sense and also went through certain mechanics I was unsure about. I liked the fact he also commented on what I was doing well. Also showed me features of bakkesmod I wasn’t aware of that I have now incorporated into my free play session. I would highly recommend getting a coaching session with Sabi and I’ll definitely be getting another one once I have had time to practice everything we covered.

  16. Laurence sun (verified owner)

    just done a coaching session with sabi and i learn a lot from him just regret that i didn’t order more time for the session, Sabi was a awesome guy and really fun to talk to also i would love to order more coaching session, such a good coach.

  17. Marc Neal (verified owner)

    Just had a coaching session with Sabi and he was honestly amazing. He was really chill and nice to talk to, and his knowledge about Rocket League was amazing to listen too and learn from! He pointed out the weaknesses in my games and told me how to improve and notice certain aspects of the game that I hadn’t noticed before. Would really recommend a session with Sabi, even if its only one, you will learn a lot about the game from him! I will defo be having more coaching sessions!

  18. Christina Alden (verified owner)

    I really loved sabi he is really positive and knows the game we’ll I really recommend this coach btw he lives in ikea land

  19. gg gg (verified owner)

    Sabi is one and I am not joking, one of the best people to talk and when he explains whats wrong he does it in a nice way. He is an amazing coach to start your journy with! Also I bought it during summer time, so get it well its 25% off!

  20. Oscar Villa (verified owner)

    Sabi was super nice before, during and after the session. He answered all my questions and helped me with all I launched at him.

  21. kowusek (verified owner)

    Sabi did excellent work on pointing out the flaws in my gameplay. He went thoroughly through 15 minutes long replay and broke down my playstyle. He also showed me why I was doing things wrong and what I should be doing instead. In combination with reinforcing good habits, Sabi opened my eyes to how to play RL properly. As a person, he is very understanding and has the right approach to his students. At the end of the session, Sabi listed things that need immediate work and showed me how to train them efficiently. He also allowed me to record our session, but of course, I suggest asking yourself. I recommend him as a coach. I consider my money well spent.

  22. Srk (verified owner)


  23. John Pemberton (verified owner)

    Sabi does a great job of teaching the mental side of the game. whether it be rotations or mentality involving your playstyle and how to make small changes that will drastically improve your in-game effectiveness

  24. Tristan Patterson (verified owner)

    I got the 90 minute training session, and was very pleased with the insight he gave me. He told me things to look for that I didn’t even know was a thing. Then at the end gave me things to train and practice. Great Coach and easy to talk to. Would highly suggest him.

  25. Sebastian Frank (verified owner)

    Good Coach easy to understand, humble way of showing your mistakes worth the money!

  26. Aran Patel (verified owner)

    Great Coach, knows what I need and teaches very nicely

  27. mohamed al hiriz (verified owner)

    really friendly guy that gives great advice on positioning and boost management and he will make sure you understand the mechanic before moving onto the next topic and he cracks jokes from time to time XD

  28. Mighty (verified owner)

    Don’t hesitate to sign up with Sabi!!!

    He took his time to ask you questions to understand what I wanted and then reviewed replays with me to see what I needed to work on. He then gave some training packs, free play training techniques, and advice on how to approach the game while in matches.

    Def will be back and recommend!

  29. klaythacker11 (verified owner)

    I love this dude, if you want to know your mistakes to detail this is the Coach you need.

    Has amazing recommendations for training, training packs, and how to raise you through the rank(s) you are stuck at or just wanting to get past.

    5/5 experience will be back (:

  30. Maros Grajcar (verified owner)

    I took this coaching to get more insight on mechanics that I am currently working on and Sabi was really helpful with demonstration and also pointing out mistakes and on what to focus to learn it the good way.

    The session was amazing and got much more that I expected to get. We also review a replay and Sabi took it to deep level with explaining in game physics and did great job to on decision making and why certain play is much better over another.

    At the end you end up playing smarter and better and Sabi will also give you suited training on what you should focus next if you are a bit lost due to all kinds of different mechanics and how to train it.

    I really recommend to try coaching session with Sabi cause you won’t regret it. He knows what he is talking about and you can also stear the session the way you want and not to have it focused only on one thing or as a ‘predefined package’.

  31. Steffen Gust (verified owner)

    Sabi does a really good job going throught everything in his replay reviews 10/10.

  32. Shane Dykstra (verified owner)

    Sabi is a wonderful coach. Nice and respectful, and is able to break down each play by play and tell you what you did whether wrong or right, or how to improve next time. Very strategic mind set with his teaching techniques and opened my eyes quite a bit to what I must improve on. 10/10 will hire again.

  33. carloslawrence58 (verified owner)

    Sabi is a top notch coach with a ton of practical experience he brings in to every session. He will make sure you get something out of your session and goes above and beyond that to teach in a way that will help you learn to teach yourself. This is the coach to go to if you’re looking for long term improvement in your game

  34. Michael Ronzetti (verified owner)

    Awesome coach, went overtime and enjoys what he does. Bunch of action items for next lesson.

  35. Brice Berberich (verified owner)

    Was a very good teacher/coach helped me a lot. We was very easy to speak to and communicated things very well. He even went over the time by 15 minutes to help answer last minute questions.

  36. rinconesjake97 (verified owner)

    This man could teach gravity to a rock.

  37. John Ryan (verified owner)

    Amazing coach. Had a session with him a couple months ago and he went into an incredible amount of depth on proper positioning and decision making. He didn’t berate mechanical mistakes, but he did provide resources for how to improve those mechanics. On top of his wealth of knowledge is a very easy to get along with personality and a very practiced coaching style. Through implementing his suggestions into my playstyle I managed to climb from diamond to champ this season.

  38. Jaystronaut (verified owner)

    Awesome coach, He is very methodical in his coaching approach and explaind things very intelligently. He began breaking down gameplay within the first few seconds of replay. I am going to be working on the things he pointed out to me for a few months and after I will definitely be back for another session. Thanks Sabi, you da man!

  39. Ivan Kulis (verified owner)

    Worth the money because the session is helpfull and he corrects your mistakes. It is fun to play with him.

  40. benjamin larsen (verified owner)

    He was awesome, took details to another level, and over all he is just perfect.

  41. javier zavala (verified owner)

    Honestly if I could rate the session i had with Sabi more than 5 stars I would. no cap. In the hour and a half session that we had, I was shown different perspectives on frequent in-game situations. I also really appreciate the attention to detail he has when helping you review replays, this guy actually cares about your questions and genuinely wants to see you improve. Much love for this guy, I will definitely be coming back to him for another session(s). 10/5 stars hands down.

  42. Fernanda Burle (verified owner)

    Adding to my previous review, Sabi remained helping me even after the session, just to touch on some points we forgot to talk about. 6/5 stars

  43. Fernanda Burle (verified owner)

    This was my first coaching session ever, and Sabi left me a very good impression on him and coaching overall. he was extremly helpful not only during the coaching, but before and after it. I even recomended him to a friend. He gave me some drills to practice, and suggested some videos to watch. Very very good coach

  44. Ben Rudzinski (verified owner)

    First Rocket League coaching session – provided a lot of insight on how to fix a lot of small issues which can contribute to a better game. Looking forward to trying them out!
    I feel like Sabi really helps enforce awareness and smart playstyle.

  45. Stanislav Synko (verified owner)

    Just finished first time coaching session and so feel pumped! Sabi discovered so many insights to decisionmaking and mechanics in my playstyle. Positive, fun and highly professional attitude was carried through the 90 min coaching session. He also fixed not-so-obvious settings issues and recommended mod improvements to my training routine that I feel like I needed to get me to the next level. Highly recommend!

  46. MSYW (verified owner)

    Went back for another session, this time on mechanics and to reinforce mental aspects of playing the game. Like going through bad/good rotations in a replay. I really enjoyed the session learning about aerials, half-flips, and etc., I highly recommend Sabi. Coming back for more in the near future!

  47. Trenton Hanks (verified owner)

    If John L. Hinds met Pep Guardiola. Felt like I was in a football club again getting a super in depth analysis of film. What I did wrong, asking me why I chose that, and rationalizing with me why that would be a good or bad idea. Tells you the positives and negatives of your gameplay to reinforce good habits and help disable bad ones. Sabi is a great guy and genuinely wants to see his “Students” improve. I fucking love this guy.

  48. Daniel Gallagher (verified owner)

    A very positive guy who helped me with increasing my confidence and decision making. He made everything clear and didn’t miss the small things out.

    ps thanks for not grilling me on the mechanical errors.

  49. MSYW (verified owner)

    Incredible! It felt like a varsity basketball coach breaking down a Rocket League replay video! He was detailed and really elaborated on the fundamentals of the game. The Phil Jackson of Rocket League! Great learning experience from a professional. As someone who played basketball in high school, his knowledge and coaching really showed me how Rocket League is as much a mental game as the Triangle Offense in basketball. This is what makes RL a great game, you can transfer first-person shooter skills onto other fps games however RL sits alone when it comes to game mechanics and player rotation. I highly recommend him for a coach he has a great coaching personality! 10/10!!!

  50. Kirkland Doucette (verified owner)

    Amazing break down of things i should focus on. helped me understand a bunch of the game mechanics and pointed me in the direction I should go to improve drastically

  51. horolocomplication (verified owner)

    Excellent coach, highly recommended! Gave a lot of insightful info on my gameplay that I never would have thought of!

  52. Ali Fadlallah (verified owner)

    Great guy and great coach. I really enjoyed my session with Sabi. He made good use of the time we had and gave me some really good advice. It’s clear that he is very passionate about the game and this reflects in his coaching. I look forward to scheduling more sessions in the future.

  53. gareth jones (verified owner)

    Amazing coach, the way he explains what to improve on and what doesnt need to be really worked on is amazing and with his job of helping people push into higher ranks is overall outstanding really really good coach to get advice from.

  54. tdutkovic (verified owner)

    Amazing coach, great personality and tips and you can see that he loves doing what he does, along with being an amazing player to back all of it up. Will definitely sign up for more.

  55. djstau (verified owner)

    Amazing coach, and just an overall joy to spend your time with. I can’t even count how many times Sabi went above and beyond to explain something or give relevant examples. Regardless of rank, they do a great job at not just introducing the tools you need to get better at your current rank, but they also teach the tools to always be improving at any rocket league (or quite honestly any game/activity) level.

  56. Dusan Stojanovic (verified owner)

    Such a great coach, helps you understand game and your progress mentally, and teach you how to learn to improve yourself, by yourself. I couldnt ask for better coaching. Cant wait for nex session.

  57. William Percell (verified owner)

    Super great coach, went into so much detail about my gameplay and helped me realize the many small mistakes I was making!

  58. Jai Sloper (verified owner)

    5 out of 5 best coach ever I will most definitely purchase again. He helped me fix my half flip and really helped me with my game mentality and mechanics

  59. (verified owner)

    Amazing coach, would absolutely recommend 😀

  60. Linus Frost (verified owner)

    He is great as a coach. He helped me find the best out of myself so I could play much better. I really recommend booking him!

  61. nuke161 (verified owner)

    awesome coach, 5 out of 5 stars.

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