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Hi! I’m Psycho.

I’m a competitive Rocket League player from the UK, currently managing the community organisation “alltheRAGE”. I’m no stranger to teaching the in’s and out’s of play, after coaching, connecting with and watching players grow over the past few years.

Here’s a little bit about me.

  • Peaked at 2100 MMR in 2s and 2250 MMR in 3s.
  • Consistently Top 100 in 3s.
  • $15,000 2019 GifYourGame “Goal of the Year” winner.
  • Managing “alltheRAGE”, nearing 8,500 subscribers.
  • Supersonic Legend, (top rank from Season 3 through to the present in all competitive playlists).

For a comprehensive list of my tournament results, visit my Liquipedia page:

For a list of my Rocket League season ranks, visit my Rocket League tracker page:

But this isn’t about me, it’s about what I can push you to achieving.

Here’s what I can offer to you, on top of the sessions you’re looking for.

  • In-depth streamed replay analysis
  • Video tutorials
  • Experience of play at my level- setting aside time to play with you in ranked

So. How are the sessions structured?

It’s important to recognise the sessions are about you, not what I want to be teaching- and so it’s worth having an idea about what you want to get from me.

Prior to the session, I aim to compare your point-of-view replay footage with possible sources of error to help identify good/bad habits- to be discussed during the session. I’ll take time to speak with you about what you believe are strengths and weaknesses in your play. From there, I’ll help elevate your game skills with thorough coverage of your most pressing mistakes, paired with their solutions.

Here’s where the practical coaching really begins. 

If you’re interested in learning high-level mechanics, I’m happy to overview techniques you can apply to your game. I’ll be taking replays and analysing them with you, asking what you should’ve done or have done well in situations. Rocket League is all about playing to the situation. Whether the pointers be about positioning/rotational play/boost control/mentality, decision making or mechanics, my aim is to point out what you can’t.

If that’s not enough for you, I’m happy to take on board any customer ideas, whether it’s 1-to-1 in private matches, casual or ranked play- or nothing I’ve mentioned here.

If there’s one thing you need to know about me before you book; it’s that I’m approachable. The more input I can have from you- the further I can push you to succeed. So, if you’re interested in what I have to offer, hit the checkout! I’ll see you on the field.


PS Controller





Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 100, Grand Champion 1


Grand Champion

Hours Played



PC, PlayStation

Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours

29 reviews for Psycho

  1. Sean Ferreras (verified owner)

    Psycho was a great guy and amazing coach! He has such a fun and lively energy and one of the nicest guys I’ve met.

    I learnt so much from him in such a short amount of time! He helped me notice flaws in my gameplay I’ve never noticed before by going through a few of my replays. I’ve gained a better understanding on my positioning and times where I should be challenging. Was extremely flexible when setting up a time to play and even went over the time he said he would. With psycho it was really apparent that he was focused on your self development and how he really cared about your improvement. Overall it was a really great experience and I’m really grateful, was worth every cent!(Would definitely do it again)

  2. buckvfx (verified owner)

    thank you for the coaching session yesterday, you helped me see a lot of things i never would have thought of myself and you broke down the games really well explaining the situations and possibilities, and the games after felt really good actually despite you guys being in higher ranks. i took the things you taught me into the games we played and started thinking a lot more and its the most fun i have had on rl in years lol

  3. iorilor92 (verified owner)

    3 years ago I had a lesson from Psycho and he helped me so much that I decided to book another lesson with him. 3 years after the first lesson I still think his teaching abilities and his kindness are way beyond anything you would expect. The only thing he cares about is you getting the most you can get out of your lesson and that’s just wonderful. I would recommend every Rocket League player to consider getting a lesson from him. Thanks, again.

  4. Mark Graham (verified owner)

    Excellent coach, really thorough and it was obvious that he put time in prior to the session to provide really useful good quality information. Was always happy to answer any questions I had and would recommend to anyone. Thanks Psycho!

  5. Chandler McBride (verified owner)

    Great Coach, took his time, really cared about making sure I understood the advice he was giving. 10/10 would recommend to anybody looking for any sort of improvement, especially at all ranks.

  6. pagoalie33 (verified owner)

    He pointed out every little mistake I made with no hesitation . He’s got a great sense of humor to go with it and will do anything to help. He is in no hurry and will listen to everything you have to say and has answers to pretty much every question. Great Coach

  7. pagoalie33 (verified owner)

    He pointed out every little mistake I made with no hesitation . He’s go ta great humor to go with it and will do anything to help best coach I could’ve asked for. He is in no hurry and will listen to everything you have to say and has answers to pretty much every question. Great Coach

  8. nicklas hansen (verified owner)

    Even though i am C3/GC he had so many mistakes to point out in my gameplay.
    Best coach i ever had, he did not rush anything i payed for an hour but got way more out of it.

  9. Olivier Kamphuis (verified owner)

    Straight up excellent coach. Pointed out my errors in a friendly manner and clearly explains what I could have done differently. Already feel a lot more confident in my play after our session. Highly recommend getting Psycho as a coach if you’re looking to improve.

  10. Charlie-Tom Steinbach (verified owner)

    Booking this session really helped me. I changed my whole competitive mindset and can already see a difference ingame. He went through my replays and explained me very detailed what I did wrong in certain situations and told me what I should’ve done instead. Overall a really nice guy and a great coach. Totally worth it the money. Thank you so much!
    Highly recommended would order again 9/10.

  11. Muatasem Rahuma (verified owner)

    Really good coach. He will help you out with any struggle you might have in the game in. He helped me point out every mistake or miss play I didn’t even notice and will provide a excellent solution for it. All around a fantastic coach to get. Highly Highly Recommend. him

  12. jup (verified owner)

    I will keep my review short and sweet, this guy rocks. He helped me improve in a little over a month to reach grand champ. He gave me the tools and support I needed. Thanks again for a great coaching session

  13. Banjee (verified owner)

    The best thing about Psycho is that he isn’t just in it for the money, he seriously actually wants you to improve and will help any way he can. He looked over my replays in detail a full day before the session and wrote down everything he noticed in a word document so that he can efficiently get all the points across when the session started. He then conducted drills and showed me a few useful mechanics to deal with situations in my replays. We then went straight into ranked and went well over the time limit. He’s approachable, experienced, and always looking to help. 10/10 probably the best coach on the whole site!

  14. Ashley Brierly (verified owner)

    Can verify the reviews here are pretty much spot on. Great guy and a top, top coach. Highly recommended.

  15. vyncentdragonsbane (verified owner)

    I just finished up with my session with psycho, We went well over the time limit. We started by breaking down replays I sent. The way he analyzes and gets you involved in the process in such a way that it almost feels like a natural learning experience. I started to catch and recognize my own mistakes as he was catching them. We then went into ranked and let me tell you the experience was eye opening, With just his analysis and after a few games I started to not only compete with 1700’s+ I started to contribute to the wins. I was able to improve in game while playing just using the steps and theory we covered. Psycho is a Brilliant coach worth more than the advertised price. To take a 1273 champ into his rank and see the results firsthand is amazing. His help made it so i didn’t have to be carried (after the adjustment period ofc xD). and he isn’t afraid to praise or point out anything and not only me himself as well using that as a teaching and learning tool. He validated my skill while making sure I understood a proper mindset approach to correcting my mistakes. If you want a coach who will take you to the next level psycho is your man.

  16. Luke Burrell (verified owner)

    I was Diamond 2 in 2v2’s. After a 2 hour session with Psycho, and about 2 weeks, my rank is now Champ 1. Highly recommend anyone to hire this coach!

  17. a.sodermark (verified owner)

    I’m a C2 player and took a 2h coaching session with Psycho. He reviewed a few of my replays and did an in-depth analysis of one of them at the start of the session.

    He presented a clear POV on every situation which helped me solidify some of my own conclusions as well as offer some new perspectives.

    At the end of the sessions we played ranked 3v3 games at his 1600+ level. Following up the analysis with actual game play at such a high level was invaluable to me. Not only did I get to experience that level of play, but he also live commented what his thought process was throughout the games.

    The session as a whole helped me clarify my own gameplay and identify mistakes as I make them, so I can start making better choices as I progress.

    Highly recommended coach.

  18. claus (verified owner)

    I’ve just finished my sessions with Psycho and it’s been an excellent experience! He made in-depth analysis of my replays, showed me how to improve mechanics and taught me general stuff about positioning, rotations and challenging.

    Psycho’s knowledge and passion about Rocket shines through from start to finish. You know that he really likes to coach and want you to become better.

    Oh, and I played 2v2’s with him in GC which were such a great experience. I’m plat 3 and we won half of the games which says more about him than me 😉

    I will definitely recommend Psycho to any other RL player who wants to improve. And I look forward to get more sessions with him in the future.

  19. patricksteinhauer (verified owner)

    It’s been two weeks ago since I had my session with psycho. Right now I can say, that my mechanical skills and decision making has been increased that much! The session itself was very very nice.

    He analyzed some of my replays and pointed out in very detail which mistakes I’ve made and also the good decisions. After that he teached me some mechanics I was struggling with.

    His explanations are very helpful and his character makes the session so nice, so that you have much fun while learning exactly the things you need to improve!

    After the session we played ranked matches together and that was so fucking nice and funny that we lost in time, but this games were not like coaching anymore just fun and helpful in the higher ranked MMR.

    Thank you very much Psycho!

  20. aleksander.kjorum (verified owner)

    Amazing coach! Could not have asked for anything else! Super nice and he is a really good teacher as well! 100% would order again. Thanks Psycho!

  21. dominykeith (verified owner)

    I would like to preface this review with the fact Psycho was not the first coach I have called upon. The difference in class here was immense. Psycho is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING coach. He broke down everything and made sure i had absolute understanding of my mistakes in my play while also praising and encouraging tendencies that are good in game. This man gives you way more than your moneys worth. He is not done with you until he is absolutely sure you cant get anything else from him. (queue billy mays) BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. Psycho is such a down to earth guy. He was super approachable during the entire time of the session. To give you one last idea of why you should trust psycho for any coaching needs you have. My tag Is SMUG.EXE and i have not been very smug lately to be honest. THis man made me confident in my own ability again while simultaneously elevating me to a level of play i did not even know i was capable of. In my eyes there are no other coaches. Just Psycho. There is no question as to if you should Choose him as your coach. What are you waiting for?

  22. itz-owen (verified owner)

    Absolutely AMAZING coach, honestly, I without a doubt know Psycho is the best coach on gamersrdy. He puts in so much effort and actually wants you to get better, he doesn’t do this to just get paid. He puts in so much work I would say he is worth $100 an hour! He is hands down an absolutely amazing coach. He ran through multiple replays with me and showed me exactly what I do wrong, asked me about my train of thought when making a bad decision, and how to correct it. He had amazing input on position and how 3’s should be played at a higher level. He played some ranked games with me at high GC to show me what it’s like playing at a high level, as we were playing he would commentate over his decisions and why he did them (VERY informative), whenever we conceded a goal he would explain why it happened and who was at fault and what could’ve been done better. After our session using the things he taught me all of my games went silky smooth now that I was actually positioning correctly. I went from low champ 2 to champ 3 in a single day after using his advice. He is an absolutely amazing coach and I will for sure use him again when I hit another stunt in progress. If you’re doubting using his service, DONT. I promise you he will make you a better Rocket League player. Thank you Psycho. <3

  23. (verified owner)

    So it was my first time to get coached and i was a little bit nervous but when i talked to psycho he was very kind and his coaching is very good he helped me a lot 😛 So if you need a coach take psyco ;P

  24. iorilor92 (verified owner)

    The most important things I have to write first in this review is why I chose to get a lesson from Psycho and what happened after the lesson. I decided to take a lesson because I was stuck in plat 3 for over a year. I really wanted to get to diamond because I felt I deserved it but, no matter how much I trained, I couldn’t rank up. After having a 2 hours lessons with Psycho I got diamond in less than 10 games. His ability to understand your weak points by analyzing your replays and focus the lesson right on those points allows you to improve dramatically your games. He takes a lot of time to play ranked games with you, showing you not only your good and bad plays but also explaining most of his decisions. I learned more things in one lesson with him than i learned in the last months of solo training. And last but not least, he is a wonderful player. He always keep you in the perfect mood for learning, not poking you for every single mistake but instead focusing on those that are recurring in your gamestyle. The lesson actually lasted even longer than it should, he doesn’t quit the lesson when the time ends but rather when he thinks you learned right. I would recommend a lesson with him to anyone, thank you so much Psycho!

  25. KoKo (verified owner)

    Insanely amazing coach right here guys! Explaines everyone of your mistakes and what you do well in detail. Also a very humorous coach and fun guy to play with. I can only recommend him and will definitely buy again.

  26. TeoTheParty (verified owner)

    Very helpful coaching session, i literally started in a way and finished as a completely different player, that blowed my mind how good this guy is at coaching! He is also really funny, and make you really comfortable, definitely i will buy another session in a couple of months, way to good!
    Simply the best! Thank you!

  27. nielsvh357 (verified owner)

    You can’t ask for a better coach. He pointed out stuff i dint even know i was doing wrong. He goes a bove and beyond. Don’t minding going over time and letting you play with him in ranked against higher players. He goed in depth on the things you ask him too. I would ask him again.

  28. Andy (verified owner)

    What an excellent coach! I sent him 2 replays for him to analyse and provide feedback. He compliments on the good plays you make and helps you understand what you could have done differently. Very detailed and helps you understand the affects your plays can make. The sessions were fun and not boring! He gave me the chance to play against GCs which allowed me to understand the pace which is required if you want to improve. He then saves the replays against the high ranked players and analyzes them and send you feedback on how you played. He then took me into private match and we went over mechanics. Overall, 10/10 session. I will definitely buy again. I highly recommend Psycho to be your coach if you want somebody who has time for their clients and is always open to suggestions.

  29. christytubbs (verified owner)

    Very Awesome Coach! He Helped Me With Skills I Never Knew I Could Master (And Even Some I Didn’t Know) While Still Keeping The Coaching Fun, And Entertaining.
    Also He Doesn’t Stop RIGHT At The Time You Need To Stop. He’s very Flexible With His Time And Knows How To Fit Your Coaching Session In With His Others. I Got The Chance To Play Against People The Rank So High And Good. I Would Of Never Thought I Would Play Against Them.
    C2, C3, And Even GC! If You Want A Fun (And Funny) Coach. You Should Get Psycho! And To Top It Off He
    Is So Good In Mechanical Ability That It Seems Like He’s Not Human – Wait… are you an alien?

    Overall… 11/10 Would Buy Again,
    Five Stars!

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