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About PAIN:
Yo! My name is PAINXTHRILLER, or PAIN for short. With a few hundred hours on Xbox before moving to PC, I started my Rocket League career around season 2. After, around 1,500 hours on PC, I’ve been able to consistently reach Grand Champion, since season 6! I currently have 4,000 hours played on PC and have still been able to improve with each session while holding my own ground against current pros within the industry. If you’re serious about raising your skill cap and want to enjoy the process, I’m the perfect coach for you!

—1 HOUR BOOKINGS WILL LAST 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES— 1hr 30 min hours per session. 

What you can expect within these sessions and with my coaching:

  • As a preliminary, I will ask what you about your main goal, so I can work on structuring an individualized program
  • Starting out, we’ll review two replays, identify areas that need improvement, and I will lay out strategies that can assist in the process
  • At the end of the session, any questions that remain will be answered and I’ll prepare a summarization of the session
  • We’ll cover basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques while, through my unique style of coaching, improving your critical thinking process during games and increase your Rocket League IQ!

Message me on Discord if you have ANY QUESTIONS! PAIN#9228

My Stats.

2008 peak MMR

Made top 64 in RLCSX Qualifiers
I look forward to working with you!

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard


Grand Champion

Hours Played



PC, PlayStation, Xbox


English, Spanish

42 reviews for PainxThriller

  1. Nicolas Portillo (verified owner)

    Really helpful, broke down my mistakes and did it in a friendly way and pointed out my mistakes and reaffirmed what I was doing correctly. Overall I would book him again.

  2. Marcus DiPasquale (verified owner)

    Super helpful broke down how to properly do a lot of things better. I plan on getting more sessions with him to follow up

  3. Blake Sutton (verified owner)

    Pain was very thorough when going over replays and pointing different things I could’ve done in certain situations. In just a couple of sessions I started making better decisions in situations that were previously awkward for me. He always made sure I understood what to look for in things like when to challenge and positioning.

  4. Lucas Salazar (verified owner)

    This guys is super helpful. He broke down a lot of issues i was having in regards to rotations and possession of the ball. He is very patient and explains thing very thoroughly. I will definitely be purchasing another session in the future!

  5. Vicki Whyte (verified owner)

    Would recommend, taught me what i need to know about positioning and rotating, i played a bit after the session and could instantly see the improvement

  6. nuke161 (verified owner)

    awesome, third time ordering now i think:D

  7. zyxy lol (verified owner)

    very good tought me how to win 50s and would recommend lol

  8. Maddon Lynch (verified owner)

    He pointed out mistakes he played with me very expierenced player i would recommend him and i will be sure to order again great experience

  9. Maddon Lynch (verified owner)

    Hes a really good coach and he points out mistakes and teaches me and how to get better. I really recommend him.

  10. Carlos Ortiz (verified owner)

    Awesome coach! Will buy again 🙂

  11. Matthis Audit (verified owner)

    Pain is a really good coach who can really help point out the mistakes that you would never notice by yourself. After my session I already feel more confident in my abilities and with the practice drills he gave me im sure to improve even further! Amazing quality for price! – Kazoozi

  12. nuke161 (verified owner)

    awesome coach

  13. Brock Radeke (verified owner)

    He was a very great coach. He pointed out things that I have never thought of. He also gave a general overview of what you need to work on and gave some training advice. Would highly recommend.

  14. Trenton Hagar (verified owner)

    Pain gave fresh and valuable insight into what I was missing in my gameplay. He was super flexible with scheduling, and was more than willing to follow up and help me with questions after the session was over.

  15. Dylan Bradley (verified owner)

    great coaching, went over everything in detail and gave ways to practice where my game is week. highly recommended

  16. William Broome (verified owner)

    Excellent coaching! Criticism was always positive, informative, and gave a clear next step to improve. I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from the style and content of this coaching.

  17. Chris Habib (verified owner)

    Great coaching, helped with a lot of small things I was doing wrong. Also showed me best way to practice them.

  18. Stephen Lewis (verified owner)

    Very thorough coaching. Really enjoyed it. Easy to communicate with and very helpful with my rank.

  19. Stephen Lewis (verified owner)

    Very theory coaching. really enjoyed it. easy to communicate with and very helpful with my rank.

  20. Coleton Burgess (verified owner)

    Very informative lesson with great critiques of my play. Going through the replays helped a lot to understand fundamental changes I could be making to my play to lead to more success down the line in a game. The coaching was structured well and I took away a lot from it. I would recommend Pain to anyone looking to improve.

  21. Alyssa Hill (verified owner)

    Great coach, no complaints! Really chill guy and I got a lot for my money. Highly recommend 🙂

  22. ljmcrae78 (verified owner)

    Got a lot for my money and was not overwhelmed. Great job on his part!

  23. Trevin Steele (verified owner)

    Pain did a really great job going in to the basics of what i was doing wrong and telling me how and what i can do to get better than my friend who constantly thinks hes better than me. Pain also did a really great job in explaining the mechanics of an air dribble, and how to catch the ball. Great replay analysis and coaching.

  24. Creston Frizzell (verified owner)

    Pain did a great job explaining the little things that needed to be corrected to help me take the next steps in my game. He reviewed my games first and explained what I could have done differently to be a better teammate and to control the ball. Then we watched one of his replays and him playing a game to show me the different decisions he made compared to mine. I am low GC and he was a great help. Will definitely be coming back for another session when I need it.

  25. Hunter Gray (verified owner)

    Pain was a great coach and really did his best to make sure I understood everything we went over. After my coaching session with him I shot up to C3 and even hit GC for a short amount of time when I was pretty consistently a C2 player. It was crazy to see my game sense improve after just one session. I will most definitely be purchasing another.

  26. dub_star (verified owner)

    Had an outstanding 1st session with Pain. He did an outstanding job on my replay analysis and highlighting the areas mostly needing improvement. The presentation was easy to follow and I actually enjoyed it. He even took the time to play a few 1 vs 1 games with me which helped me clearly see where I need to be to get to the next level. I highly recommend this young man. Looking forward to the next session!

  27. Alex Scharding-Wilcox (verified owner)

    Pain did a great job breaking down the basics before watching replays so that when we did watch replays it was easier for me to see where I was making mistakes myself.After this we went into the replays and pointed out some of the mistakes I was making and what I could do to fix them. Then, we watched one of his replays (this was very helpful because you can see how higher level play works). Finally, Pain gave me some advice on what I should train and how I should go about doing it showing me the methods I should use. He is a very talented guy and I would absolutely reccommend him.

  28. baescore (verified owner)

    Pain has serious talent when it comes to replay analysis and finding mistakes. He goes through one by one and explains in great detail how to go about making decisions. Very easy to talk with and is just awesome! Easily recommend him to anyone willing to listen and learn from a true RL player!

  29. Robert Ciulla (verified owner)

    Pain broke down my replays in detail and explained why something went wrong or why potentially could have happened by playing the ball differently. Show me new strategies and a new POV to look from when you have possession of the ball to build something better off it. I was satisfied with my session.

  30. Joseph Illig (verified owner)

    Amazing! if you need to learn strategics then this is your man! he broke down my replays on how i could’ve cha;;enged or did things a lot better; on top of that he went into his own replays and broke down everything that he did and his mindset while doing the plays he did. Great guy and an even better coach!

  31. jlnbln (verified owner)

    Pain did a great job explaining all the fundamentals. It was a very fun coaching lesson. We had some trouble scheduling american and german time zones, so we started 30 minutes late, but Pain went overboard and did a 2 hour lessons instead of 90 minutes with me, which was greatly appreciated. He gave me some incentive on how to train more effectively and which areas of the game I should focus on. Would recommend him!

  32. Lewis_j_barton1988 (verified owner)

    another coaching session complete with pain who is a great coach. goes in depth and breaks down your step by step gameplay. helped me improve my game play loads. thanks again

  33. joshuafarr273 (verified owner)

    No cap, one of the realest fellas out there and, he taught me a whole lot of stuff I didn’t even know about, as well as helped me improve on my gamesense, positioning and skill. He’s a fellow anime watching man and a cool dood in general: 5/5 stars!

  34. Trippy_Tello (verified owner)

    Was a good experience. Pain took my weak points. Set them out and explained what I could do better. He takes his time to explain to make sure you understand. Would recommend for anyone that’s trying to push to the next rank. Will hit up in the future for any other problems I have.

  35. garrett.mctear (verified owner)

    Pain is an awesome coach! I didn’t know what to expect going into Rocket League lessons, but I was blown away with how informative it was. Great experience! 10/10 Highly recommend!

  36. jc_8795 (verified owner)

    This definitely was an experience that changed my game for sure! Pain had great game sense and knowledge. We played a private match where Pain let me show him where I was at as far as my skills. He gave me great pointers on how to correct what I was doing wrong as well as provided me with drills and videos on how to really improve my game. He even showed me some of his videos to be thorough with his explanations. I really enjoyed learning as much as I did plus it has really made a difference since I jumped from a Plat 1 to a Diamond 2. Even after he had already done a great job he made sure that I had gotten everything he taught and he even asked if there was anything he could’ve done better or differently. To me that just shows how committed he was to ensuring his student had a great time while learning as much as I could in a session. I would definitely recommend this coach to anybody looking for coaching. He’s a great coach and he’s flexible and affordable. Even for someone on the fence about trying out a coach. He would explain everything you need to know in the time allowed. I will definitely be training with him again in the future it’s really worth it and an awesome experience!

  37. Durskey (verified owner)

    Pain was Great! Very Knowledgeable in the game and wad very helpful in showing me the things I did wrong and what i could improve on to step up my game! Highly recommend him as a coach

  38. nfaris209 (verified owner)

    Honestly I had two sessions with this guy. Awesome coach. Willing to listen to what you have to say and gives great advice. He points out your weaknesses and what he sees can take you to the next level. I literally saw improvement after my coaching session. Looking forward to more to keep improving. BOOK HIM NOW! WONT REGRET IT!

  39. Dooober (verified owner)

    Helped me understand what I was doing wrong in a slump. He helped me to see what my weaknesses were and fixed my rotations. I went from c1 to c3 using the tips that he gave me. Would recommend for someone who does not know what they are doing wrong, and wants to get better.

  40. mikej.lyons (verified owner)

    Excellent coaching from Pain! He showed me what I was doing wrong and how I can improve. I thought I knew how to “rotate” in 3’s but when he showed me what I was doing, I realized I didn’t know how to rotate at all!!! XD. Thanks bro! I already jumped a few divisions since the call! I will hit you up when I hit another road block!

  41. michaelskyrm77 (verified owner)

    Very knowledgeable and cool to talk to, was really flexible and in general was a great experience

  42. mike.draper92 (verified owner)

    He is knowledable and does a good job of breaking things down to simple terms. Helped with drills, and showed different ways to analyze and think about what youre doing and how effects play. Would recommend to anyone trying to bridge the gap of the rank you’re currently in.

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