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*** Important: I will not be available for 1 to 1 coaching anymore but might have a course coming soon on GamersRdy so keep an eye out for that. ***

I am a 6x Grand Champion Rocket League player with 1,000+ hours of coaching experience who has gotten as high as top 10 in 1v1, and top 100 in 2v2 and 3v3. Over 5,000 logged hours have been put into improving and learning the in’s and out’s of Rocket League. I’m most known within the Rocket League community for being the founder of the “musty flick” mechanic, and I continue to add a unique sense of creativity and innovation to my play style by trying new things every time I play. Having fun, while also improving, is the best way to get better at Rocket League and something I strongly encourage. I also create Rocket League content on my YouTube channel to entertain, inspire, and educate viewers. Feel free to use any of my educational videos as a secondary resource to improve at Rocket League.

I’ve been coaching on GamersRdy for a few months and have successfully had 9 students hit Grand Champion for the first time soon after a coaching session, and I have accumulated 70+ five star reviews.


  • Once contacted, I’ll ask you a series of questions that will help me indicate your weaknesses and what you know you need help with. I will also request a replay of one of your average games with instructions on how to do so.
  • I will thoroughly analyze every single play of the game (both on and off the ball). On each play I’ll talk about the following: What your thought process should be like, multiple ways to go about the play (explaining which is better and why), and much more based on the context of the play.
  • Next, to help you apply what we’ve gone over, we can play together in a private match or play a few online games together depending on your situation and what I think is best for you.
  • After the session, I will summarize all the major coaching points discussed in 1-3 written paragraphs and may link you videos and training packs specifically catered for what you need to improve on.

My coaching services are available to any ranked Rocket League player on any platform in any region. Specifically, higher ranked players (platinum – grand champion) will be able to apply my tips and tricks to their game in an easier fashion.

2 HOUR SESSION: Standard Session length.

3 HOUR SESSION: Standard Session + extra time to play in a high ranked lobby with real time feedback.

6 HOUR SESSION: Week Long Package – Three 2-Hour Sessions / Two 3-Hour Sessions over a one week period.

18 HOUR SESSION: Premium Monthly Package – Nine 2-Hour Sessions / Six 3-Hour Sessions with your own customized training plan over a one month period.


Here are some examples of the content I provide and a glimpse of the type of information you might expect in your personal coaching session!

Understand you may be on a waiting list due to a large influx of orders, and I will get back with you as soon as I can. Thank you!





Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, Hoops

Coach Rank

Grand Champion 1

Hours Played




Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, 6 Hours, 18 Hours


Xbox Controller

Coaching Experience

1000 – 1499 Hours

79 reviews for Musty

  1. Billy bob joe (verified owner)

    I am Gold 3 and I thought I would never leave that skill level. Musty pointed out things that I never even knew was a big deal in this strategic game. During my session with musty he spent about 1 hour and 30 minutes with me in just 1 game of rocket league. this would normally take 5 minutes for me to watch the replay. Over the course of the hour and a half he pointed out many things that will help me become a better player. NOTE: I am not playing rocket league to become a pro. Just to overcome the limits that I have in rocket league. So as for that, even if you are NOT looking to become professional Musty is still a perfect coach.

  2. Catherine Coons (verified owner)

    He was helpful and explained everything thoroughly.

  3. Itskrich (verified owner)

    Great experience. Spent so much time reviewing a game down to every turn, boost, and flip. He shed light on the easy missteps I could correct, as well as identified the areas where I could improve with mechanics/speed. Definitely recommend a session with Musty.

  4. gagefoged (verified owner)

    Musty helped me see errors I was making that I wasn’t noticing. Huge help to get me onto the path I need to be on to get the rank I want. Definitely reccomend getting a session with Musty.

  5. Disprovable (verified owner)

    Musty took the time to analyze a replay sent over in depth. He pointed out several mistakes i was consistently making and let me know how to correct them. You can tell that he definitely has a passion for Rocket League, as well as, helping others improve. Definitely would recommend.

  6. michaelcaivano1997 (verified owner)

    The coaching session was excellent. Musty went into extreme depth during the replay analysis, explaining how my decision making was positive and negative. He also described the options for what i could be doing and how i should react to my opponent’s play. I highly recommend him if you think you need some coaching. Make sure to follow his instagram if you want to see when he opens the availability because he is almost always sold out.

  7. michael.tryon3 (verified owner)

    I am already extremely happy with my results with my coaching session with Musty. He really took his time & walked me through every step & second of the game we reviewed together. Musty helped me narrow down exactly what my game play was lacking & explained what I could be doing instead. If you are looking for the coach for you look no further, Musty is the man.

  8. jackeligordon (verified owner)

    I am more than overwhelmed with the amount and quality of feedback I received from musty during my coaching session. The replay analysis was extremely in depth, detailing every move I made during the game and mentioning the pros/cons of each play made and alternatives to what I did in the game. He mentioned so many things I never even considered I might be doing wrong, and thoroughly explained how I could play differently. We then played a few online games in 2v2 and musty continued to give live feedback on how I was doing. I look forward to training with musty again in the future many many times, I could not recommend him more.

  9. ScRubbzy62 (verified owner)

    Musty really does goes in depth with the replay analysis. He pointed out what i was doing wrong and options of what I could have done better or differently. When we played a few games together he pointed out a couple more things that could use some work but I definitely felt like I was making less of the mistakes he pointed out. Overall 10/10 would get coached again.

  10. BluScr3n (verified owner)

    Musty and I spent about 3 hrs working on my 1’s game since I am currently c3 in 2’s and 3’s I felt that would be the best place to work on. He did a great job of working with a higher level player to explain my weaknesses and what I needed to work on. He gave me a couple drills to do as well that I think will help my gameplay a ton. I would highly recommend him as your coach. I know its expensive but it’s well worth it.


  11. rbynum2 (verified owner)

    I am currently a champ 2 in 3s and most of the coaching session was spent on a replay analysis of an average 3s match of mine. The replay in analysis was very in depth and helpful. I already had an inclination as to what areas I may need work in but Musty did a very good job of pointing out particular instances where I made poor rotational decisions and explained the ramifications of each decision and discussed possible alternatives. I know the rotation concept but musty has a much more in depth understanding of rotation and can easily explain the ramifications and possible chain of events that may result with each decision. Now I will no longer be mindlessly rotating in my matches but i will know better as the why I need to rotate the way I do and I will know when it is necessary to cut rotations in order to make quick plays.
    Thanks musty for taking the time to work with all of us in the community and I will certainly be hoping for the possibility of ordering another coaching session from musty in the future.

  12. MrSanfrinsisco (verified owner)

    This has probably been by far the best experience I’ve had in rocket league so far, to begin with we started with a replay analysis which was way more in depth then I was expecting. The whole replay analysis lasted about 2 hours for me although it probably depends on what session length you decide to go for. After the replay analysis was over we spent the remainder of the time playing in casual/ranked matches so he could show me all of it in action and correct any mistakes he saw in the replay analysis or that he continues to see during the game. When he wanted to show me something important that might of not been so obvious or hard to explain in game he would clip the last few seconds and after the match was over show me what I did wrong again or explain something in a little more detail. The second session I had with him was just gameplay, he really focused on what I did good at and complimented me on that and made sure to point out everything that I did wrong. Playing with those higher level players (A lot of grand champs) really really opened my eyes to what rocket league truly is. As a current plat player I thought I was doing pretty good but versing those higher level players I was opened up to a whole new level of gameplay and speed. Once opened to the world of GC was when I noticed all the mistakes I was making. When playing with other plat players everyone usually makes the same mistakes so it makes it so much harder to notice that you’re even making a lot but boy was I wrong. The amount of mistakes I made, made it obvious that I really am not that good at the game. However isn’t that why I ordered coaching? Anyways I couldn’t recommend Musty enough, towards the last 10 minutes of my last session we hopped in a private match and he showed me some drills I should practice everyday to further help my mechanics and improve my game. Since this I’ve nearly reached Diamond in 2’s for the first time and with enough practicing what he showed me I’m sure I can hit Diamond soon enough. Thank You so much Musty!

  13. David.Lerch21 (verified owner)

    Excellent replay analysis and input of my play style. Learned a lot about my weak areas, but was given positive reinforcement of the areas that I did properly. Played some casual matches and got to see in real time when I was overcommitting or undercommitting on different plays and what mechanics I was lacking. Shortly after I bought the training, it went out of stock so there was a fairly long wait, but it was well worth it!
    Great review and I will do it again once I have properly incorporated the info he has given me.

  14. viviencarton75 (verified owner)

    Very intensive for the brain coaching session. Musty gives all his knowledge and in a very clear way for me to understand 100% his points. What amazed me is that within an hour after the coaching session just by applying his rotations/placement advices, my game life entirely changed (though i’m C1) ! A lot of situations turned to be much easier, feeling confortable it was just INCREDIBLE ! Therefore, it was much easier for me in match to focus on my mechanics. And what to say about the summary he sent me afterwards, it was just complete synthetic. I just felt that my success really matters to him and thats what in my opinion is the greatest quality of a coach. I’ll recommand him for sure !

  15. jessejcut (verified owner)

    Overview: Highest ranked at Diamond 3 in 3’s and 2’s. I purchased a 3-Hour session. I asked a lot of questions and Musty had a lot of input so we analyzed a reply for the most part. We played like 3 games together and then received a beating on a 1V1.

    Review: Musty didn’t wast any time getting straight into the analysis providing deep insight into the mind of an experienced GC player. At one point, jumped into freeplay and provided demo on some useful mechanics. Musty’s super chill and you definitely get what you pay for!

  16. anthony.p.blaylock (verified owner)

    Musty went through my replay in detail pointing out things I did well and could have done better. He was insightful and explained his thought process on every play. I was able to play some games with him and receive live feedback. He introduced me to some drills to help me work on my weaknesses. He’s humble and a fantastic teacher.

  17. charmlessfever (verified owner)

    Musty if fantastic at finding little details in your game. He breaks down every movement that you make to really analyze what needs to change. Hes a fantastic coach and I recommend him if you are trying to get better.

  18. Durskey (verified owner)

    Musty is down to earth and so in-depth when it comes to pointing stuff out in your replay good and bad! He gave me great tips which has already improved my gameplay as a whole and getting to just play with him for an hour was amazing and gave great insight while we played too! Highly Recommend his coaching he is worth every penny! Will be using him again in the future!.

  19. underoath720 (verified owner)

    Musty spent 2 hours with me going over my replay and was nice enough to offer including some games even though it went over what I paid. I’m incredibly satisfied and happy that I chose to do this. Musty is great and I’d definitely do this again. Thanks musty!

  20. kyle.mcafee1 (verified owner)

    All around awesome super laid back and easy going. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

  21. NeptuneGod (verified owner)

    I learned a lot during my training session with Musty. I was really impressed with how in-depth his replay analysis was. He pointed out some key areas I need to improve on and I look forward to applying what I have learned to my games. I strongly recommend him as a coach!

  22. phoenix (verified owner)

    Really great coaching session. I got so much info out of it, things I never even thought about. Musty is really great at pointing out the details. Even played a 1v1 on a high ping some casual games with me, a lot of fun and productive session. Would recommend to everyone. Thanks!

  23. adammargaris (verified owner)

    Musty’s review of my replay was more in depth than any analysis I’ve previously had done. It was really great to see exactly what was going wrong in my play, and have him break down why certain things happened. He was very respectful and asked for a lot of information beforehand to streamline the session from the start. I hope to work on my gameplay and train with him again soon!

  24. jaredj229 (verified owner)

    Just finished a great session with Musty! Started out with a replay analysis in which he broke down every single play from start to finish and pointed out tons of little mistakes I was making that I never would have noticed otherwise. I came away with several concrete points to work on and he sent me a few training packs specifically targeting the mechanical skills that I most need to improve. He was super patient and always took the time to make sure I really understood exactly where I was going wrong and what I could do better before we moved on to the next thing. Will definitely be back for more coaching in the future!

  25. curry.li1026 (verified owner)

    Such a great Coaching session by Musty, spend a long time to analyze every single play in the reply, point out all the mistakes I made in whether positioning or mechanics. Having a lot of fun time to play with him in 2v2. For sure I will have this coaching session again

  26. dalf.077 (verified owner)

    Great session overall, Musty analized every aspect even the smallest one that someone would not think of when watching replays by himself, also for every situation he gave some options i could have decided for that will help me in my future games.
    Was very impressive to play with and against him at the end of the session, for sure watching back those replays will also help me catch more details on how to improve at the game.
    Awesome coach, awesome teammate and awesome opponent.
    Definitely reccomended if you’re looking for someone to coach you!

  27. znapier95 (verified owner)

    Literally the best thing you can do for your rocket league career if you’re serious about getting better. Goes SUPER in depth commentating and correcting mistakes that are currently happening, as well as throwing out and responding to hypothetical situations as well. I have a much more solid idea of the game and feel like I have less awkward “in-between” moments in my rotations. We also hopped in a private match where he really helped me to iron out some of my mechanics as well as absolutely destroying me in 1v1s. Really cool guy all around and knows how to explain things in an easy to understand way. All in all, I left feeling more comfortable in my rotations/gamesense, more confident in my mechanics, AND know where I am supposed to be spending my time to improve. Thanks Musty!

  28. ujose969 (verified owner)

    An amazing coaching session.He goes really in depth with the replays. He points out a lot of mistakes and sometimes it can be ones you don’t notice you made. He gives you advice on what to do . Musty is a great coach and he knows what he’s talking about and what he’s doing. Time well spent and had fun getting beat by him in a 1v1. For sure would recommend him. I will definitely be buying from him again.

  29. Nuukku (verified owner)

    Fantastic coaching session with this dude. He nitpicked a lot of my hesitation and oddball rotational mistakes that I didn’t even realize was making life harder for team mates and I. Highly recommend spending a session with him for any playlist. We analyzed a 3v3 game of mine and then hopped in to some 2s. Time well spent for sure.

  30. (verified owner)

    I highly recommend using Musty as a coach, from our session he clearly knows exactly what you need to work on to improve. id definitely order another session in the future.

  31. azaino25 (verified owner)

    Amazing coaching session! Musty is patient and shows that he really wants you to get better. He was able to point out things that I would have never even realized. He went extremely in depth on my replay and would pause the video very often to show me all of the choices I had in a certain situation. He then would breakdown which was the best and compare it to what I did. This was very helpful and shows just how much he knows about game sense/ positioning. We then played some games together and he was able to correct me on my mistakes live in game which helped to really show these bad habits so I can stop them. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is trying to get better at Rocket League and climb the ranks. Will definitely be training again with him in the future. Thank you Musty!

  32. kelly.kevin.901 (verified owner)

    Definitely worth every cent, went over my replay and honestly I was blown away by the amount of mistakes I was actually doing, I really cant wait to put everything ive learned into my gameplay, thanks again!!

  33. ballardd003 (verified owner)

    My session with Musty was everything I could’ve asked for. He was thorough and clear with his explanations, and can help you envision multiple scenarios and different ways to handle them. During the review of my replay he was giving me options I’d never even considered and helped me fix some crucial flaws with my rotation. Will definitely be back for a part 2 in the near future. We played a few ranked games, then some casual and ended with a 1v1 in which he smashed me. Overall great experience and absolutely worth it.

  34. mikemoffitguitar (verified owner)

    Very insightful coaching session. Musty did a great job of isolating a few crucial things I need to improve in my gameplay. Really happy with the session!

  35. clow539 (verified owner)

    The coaching session was great. First Musty played my replay and took his time to analyze every single play in the match. Needless to say, the level of detail was amazing and I could finally start seeing every little thing that helped in getting myself scored on that were buried deep down in bad habits. A very enlightening experience that I would recommend to anyone fighting up the ranks!

  36. brown_taylor (verified owner)

    Musty took his time analyzing each play from the replay I sent him. This was very helpful and I found this very helpful. It got me thinking and it opened my mind to what I should be working on if I want to improve. The session was not rushed and he was friendly. The games after also helped because he reinforces the tips he gave in the replay analysis. I highly recomd this to someone who is really looking to elevate their game to the next level. It gives you a nice kick in the butt to work on things you might be avoiding ????.

  37. Sebastian (verified owner)

    It helped me out a lot and now I feel clear on what to work on!

  38. hebbe-lille85 (verified owner)

    A very very patience coach with an expertice and skill-level most of us can only dream of achieving. I chose a replay that I knew I did a lot of bad mistakes. Even so, he pointed out stuff that I had no idea I did wrong, or atleast could try and do a little better. I didn’t even notice that my kickoffs were that bad before having my session with Musty, and also Rotation and speed could do with some work, but now I see that so clearly myself that I need to work on that. The replay analysis lasted for atleast half an hour. Went so much in-depth, almost from second to second. I learned so much from that. Then we did 3 matches of 3v3 unranked. He was so good at pointing out stuff even while playing. Finally we did the 1v1. We all know how that went xD 1-12 in his favour, surprise, surprise.
    I really enjoyed our session Musty! Will order a second session in the near future. Thank you again for your time. It was awesome!

  39. cayce_popovic (verified owner)

    Fantastic Coatch, being a platinum player there were so many little tweaks I’d never even thought of until he went over my replay with me. And being a little nervous playing with a grand champion he is very patient and makes you feel right at home. Will definitely order again, thanks musty!

  40. Christiangrollmann (verified owner)

    Musty is a beast! He always knew what I was thinking in replay. He told me what was good about my thoughts and how I could react better in the future. I really learned something, also for my team! 2 highend 3v3 games and a 1v1 have rounded off the experience.

  41. Calvarr (verified owner)

    Just finished a training session with Musty! I have to say it’s well worth it for anyone looking to improve their skills in any way. Musty was super helpful and picks out all the good and the bad plays you make it’s nice being able to see mistakes you woouldn’t normally pick up on. I’ll definitely be back for more. PS I totally let him win our 1v1 *cough*

  42. putna.paulius (verified owner)

    I’ve had really good time during the training session and could exchange ideas clearly and discuss them, even for low rank player (I’m in mid gold) he helped me with things that make sense to me and gradual steps I could take to improve. I will learn and implement the changes he suggested and get another session for sure!

    P.S. Be patient when booking a training session, might take a bit to arrange due to amount of people requesting, but it’s totally worth it!

  43. webdev.jameslemire (verified owner)

    You definitely get your money’s worth training with Musty. Even if it’s for getting into Grand Champ. He provided priceless tips that you can practice on your own immediately after your training session.

    He’s a good dude, fun to talk with, I enjoyed all our games and just hanging out with him.

    “Fuck.. I’m too far back.” <3

  44. bbbrisbois (verified owner)

    Great session. Musty literally will stop and analyze every single second of the game basically and help you visualize not only what you did right and wrong but also gives you other scenarios to think about instead. I mostly listened the whole time and payed attention to his feedback taking notes even at some points. If you’re serious about getting better he’ll give you all the tools and advice you need to improve, this coming from a c2. I was on Xbox so we didn’t play online but our 4-5 private matches were equally if not more helpful. This dude knows what he’s talking about and worth the session. Lastly from a students perspective if you have a session with Musty I’d send in a game you know you did bad on or struggled in a ranked game because I sent him one of my worst games in ranked and he had much more to teach me. 5/5

  45. alexis.mangual123 (verified owner)

    Good coaching session for sure. I went into it hoping he would point out everything I do right and wrong positioning wise and he did just that. I think I can finally push grand plat after this session.

  46. Nick-Dings (verified owner)

    Hands down the most efficient 2 hours i’ve ever spent in RL, during the analysis Musty breaks down literally every play, telling you what you did wrong and what you did right. Also he breaks down hypothetical situations and clarifies what you should do in those situations. After the analysis we played some games where he actively tells you where to rotate to and where to position yourself etc.
    Going into this session i hoped he would be able to point out my mistakes in rotating/positioning which i didn’t notice myself, and this is exactly what he did.

  47. E (verified owner)

    This was a very good training session. We most of the time analyzing one of my 1s replay and Musty gave me tips on what I could have done better at certain times but at the same time he told me what I did well during the replay. When Musty found something that I did poorly as far as setting up shots he went into replay and showed how I could have done a situation better. Definitely feel like I walked away with a bigger offensive arsenal to help in 1s as well as what I could do better on defense. After the replay analysis, we went into three 1v1 private matches. First match was watching Musty set up bounce dribbles as well as power shots. After watching Musty, he wanted me to set it up myself to see how well I could do. Second match was me on offense and Musty only playing on his side of the field. Third match was a regular 1v1 where he blew me out of the water. Definitely happy with Musty as my coach and looking forward to another session when I need one.

  48. lzodalgaming (verified owner)

    Musty was very helpful and in-depth with his explaining and all round very helpfully. I feel like a very more consistent player after his coaching

  49. Bentleybarnes (verified owner)

    I recommend this coach to anyone who would like to improve at the game. Play by play analysis of your replay, a few games and a 1v1 followed by a text review of what you need to improve on to continue ranking up. Will likely get a follow up session.

  50. skinner443 (verified owner)

    Musty was amazing. He pointed out all sorts of things, some mistakes I knew about but importantly things I didn’t realise were mistakes and just general things I really need to work on to improve. He really took a lot of time with me to go over a replay and analyse every aspect of the game, what i could do better and what I was doing well. We then played some games together where he put everything he had gone over into action as well as taking me through some drills to improve mechanics that would improve my game. I would totally recommend Musty, you will not be dissapointed with him!

  51. mcleiritz (verified owner)

    Don’t be discouraged, this is by far one of the best coaches you will ever have. In-depth, easy to understand, and very detailed. The only issue I have is the price, and while I understand that raising prices when the demand is high makes sense, I can’t help but feel this is a very steep price. Don’t get me wrong, fantastic coach. Just expensive.

  52. ccolonna98 (verified owner)

    10/10 would get clapped in 1v1 again. Really was a great session, the replay analysis helped me see so much that I sometimes didn’t even realize was going on. Extremely detailed coaching, what a god.

  53. wargenesis0114 (verified owner)

    Musty is a great coach! He definitely pointed out where my flaws were and helped me work through them while we were playing. Just pointing out the small details really made a great impression to help me improve my game. We also played some games and he was able to point things out real time with me, I just need to get some of them drilled into my own head a bit further to advance! Would highly recommend Musty as your coach, he really knows his stuff!

  54. Komodoo (verified owner)

    Just finished my coaching session with Musty and it was a tremendous learning experience. Musty began by doing an in-depth analysis on one of my ranked replays. He gave me feedback on what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong based on every decision I made in-game. Afterwards we played some ranked 3’s and went 2-1 (loss purely on me) and I was able to witness a pretty nutter butter goal scored by Must himself. Overall it was a great learning experience and I appreciate the time and effort Musty put in for the session.
    Thank you again, Musty.

  55. noam (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. Musty was polite, professional, and really broke down everything I was doing right and wrong during the replay analysis. Immmediatly pointed out some big issues which is huge for me, just to have those in my head and try to avoid those errors. I then played a few matches with him, which besides for being super fun, also gave the oppurtinity to point out some more good and bad plays in a real time dynamic setting. Overall a super helpful session, If you are looking to take your Rocket League game to the next level, Musty is your man!

  56. xcam1995 (verified owner)

    The training session was awesome. Musty clearly explained each of my mistakes and walked me through the thought process that a pro player should have in-game. His analysis included both the good and the bad aspects of my game. He tells you in real time what you’re doing wrong in the casual matches. I even got a chance to test myself against him in a 1v1. I recommend this training for anyone!

  57. neeko (verified owner)

    Had my session with Musty last night, was pretty good. A very in-depth replay analysis, followed by some ranked games where he would guide me a bit. I liked that he pointed out the good and the bad, to not just focus on what’s wrong, but also what you’re doing right! Would easily recommend.

  58. Tommysvenson (verified owner)

    Musty’s replay analysis really opened my eye to mistakes i never realized I was doing, he went in depth play by play showing how certain mistakes indirectly result in conceding a goal. the casual game play was great because he tells you what to do in that moment if necessary, and of course 1v1 was fun even though i got destroyed, it makes you realize how high level players function. I would highly recommend musty for a coaching session for anyone who wants to improve

  59. barkechr (verified owner)

    I’m extremely impressed by the amount of knowledge Musty has, as well as his ability to teach it to me. He went extremely in depth in our replay review, and our 2s games were also extremely informative, as well just plain enjoyable. I really couldn’t have asked for much more from a coach. I’ll be ordering another session in the near future without a doubt.

  60. joey_kool5 (verified owner)

    Im a new player so lot to work on but musty pin point my biggest mistake and told me how to improve and explain why that was a mistake. I had a thousand question and he could answer them all very cool guy. I would recommend him to all my friends 100%

  61. rsayers (verified owner)

    I had a session with Musty to work on my 1v1 game. We started by going over some replays where he pointed out both things I did right and wrong, and what would have been better alternatives. It was very in depth with almost every shot, 50/50 and positioning mistake covered. We then hopped into some causal games to go over some mechanics and positioning drills. Afterwords I was given detailed notes, videos, and training packs to study. Even as a gold player, I was able to grasp everything, and he was able to work within my mechanical ability. Will be hitting him up again in the future for sure.

  62. sebastian.hannes (verified owner)

    Musty is a great coach and also a very nice guy. He took a lot of time to analyze my replay and give me live coaching in unranked matches. If youre thinking about getting a coaching session with him just do it, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth and more.

  63. tyconcass (verified owner)

    Honestly was way better than I thought it was going to be. I went into this training thinking my best attribute was rotations but boy was i wrong. my rotations were decent but i didnt realize how many times i actually cut rotations unknowingly. Musty pointed out every single time i cut and also taught me how/when i should be 50/50 rather than shooting etc. Helped me tremendously was a d3 played some ranked matches with him and actually preformed very well against c3s we lost 1/4 the first game was a loss after that we ran though each team and i wasnt bottom scoreboard any of the games. I would highly recommend musty to anyone of any rank he will point out things you dont think about and help you immensely. 10/10 training ill get another session after some time thanks again musty <3

  64. grakka (verified owner)

    Great training session and tailored to what I needed to get out of it.

    Breakdown was very thorough and super helpful and pointed out some major things that I can work on.

  65. solofroglet (verified owner)

    Musty’s coaching was great! We went over a replay that I chose and he was super thorough in analyzing each decision I made during the game. To illustrate some of his points he would jump into free play and set up scenarios to describe what he was explaining. Unfortunately I had to leave before we could play some unranked 2 v 2s but the replay analysis was very helpful by itself.
    I’ll definitely book another session in the future once I train and apply what I learned!

  66. Sealclap (verified owner)

    I’m consistently a gold player. The problem is I’ve been there for months. I decided to get some coaching from Musty to see what I was doing well and what I wasn’t doing well. The replay we went over was recent, and I had reviewed it just yesterday. Still, there were things I was doing poorly that I didn’t even recognize until he pointed them out. Musty was very straight-forward with the replay analysis without even the slightest hint of condescension. He gave great advice on how to fix my two biggest weakness (over-committing and power shots) as well as showed me how to work on one in free play. After coaching me on that drill, we played a 1v1 to finish off the session. (Spoiler alert: he destroyed me). The coaching on positioning and power shots did result in me actually scoring a single goal, though. I will definitely be seeing Musty again, and maybe by then I’ll be able to use his coaching to score two goals against him.

  67. Buttons (verified owner)

    I’m in the plat ranks and have been for a while. Mustys coaching was such a huge eye opener for me and I cant wait to practice everything we went over. He is very patient and goes over everything in depth. I will definitely be ordering another once I advance to my next rank. Thanks again Musty!!!

  68. Release Sin (verified owner)

    Really great advice showed me as a champ player I still have a lot to work on mechanics wise to get were I want to be as a player. Eventually being able to hit grand champ I really appreciate how much effort he put into the coaching and didn’t sugar coated so I know exactly what I need to do now thanks brotha. You are amazing keep being great!!

  69. stephenhardwick86 (verified owner)

    I had a great training session with Musty. We went over one of my replays in detail and he pointed out where I could improve my play. There were so many aspects of my play that I had never even considered before that Musty pointed out to me that I hope will really help me to make fast improvements. Musty clearly has a great knowledge of rocket league and has studied the game a lot, which makes him a really great coach. After going over the replay we played a couple of games of unranked 2v2 online and it was really interesting to play with and against high ranked players and see the kind of playstyle I should be aiming for. Musty was friendly and professional throughout and I really enjoyed the session as well as learning a lot. I would highly recommend a coaching session with Musty to anyone who is interested in improving their game!

  70. jannepn (verified owner)

    I’ve played this game for over 3 years now and this was my first coaching session. Musty analyzed two of my games and he really put a lot of effort in the analyzing. He pointed out things play by play, pros and cons. He gave advice how to get rid off bad habits, how to get better at certain things and also gave me a code to a custom training pack to improve. His analyzing is very detailed and pointed out things that I’ve never even thought about. Truly a professional player and a coach. I would recommend Musty to everyone who is seriously looking for improvement. You really can’t go wrong with him. If I want coaching sometime in the future, that sure will be Musty who I choose to help me.

  71. jsmith282 (verified owner)

    An amazing training session! I am currently a Champ 2/Champ 3 player, and Musty took the time to go in depth and review my play style. He showed me things I need to work on mechanically, and things I need to work on for position. We then got to play 2s together which was a blast! And to top it all off we played on match together in a 1v1. Incredible coach, highly recommended!

  72. thomas.keidel (verified owner)

    I’m basically a beginner at the game (Gold level) and he was still able to work with me to develop mechanics and training ideas to get me to the next level. He is very generous with his time and ideas, so I would recommend his coaching to any level player, though obviously you will get more out of it if you have already put a lot into the game. I’m a casual player and am not looking to spend a ton of time on the game, but I enjoyed chatting with him about rocket league and I learned a bunch of things I hadn’t seen before in youtube vids. His match analysis is VERY detailed, and you will get a ton of help from that alone.

  73. ioxon (verified owner)

    What a great coach! I went into this coaching thing for the first time and was nervous because of how highly I respect this guy. The way he approached the eval of my replays, his patience, and how he pointed out both the good plays and the bad plays really helped calm my nerves. I will definitely be buying more coaching time with Musty. Shoot just playing unranked games with and against guys in the grand champ level was VERY enlightening and beneficial for further self eval in and of itself but it ended up being the icing on the cake for me. Keep up the great work, Musty! I hope to get another session with you soon.

  74. sjanlewicz (verified owner)

    We went through 2 replays with each other. Musty is very patient and rather in depth. Talked to me verbally through each one, answered my questions and also wrote out a summary of what was talked about. A lot of his videos are very useful so I definitely recommend going to those as well. He mostly focuses on Positioning and game sense/decision making mistakes. I didnt have too much of those but he was still able to help me with being able to get faster, and help break bad habits. He’s a very positive dude and he was really what I needed in order to get off of the plateau I hit a while ago. 10/10 I like him 😀

  75. jhabib20 (verified owner)

    Awesome coach. Really helped me figure out what I was doing wrong – and was honest about it. He went above and beyond to make sure I had got the most out of our training session, and was willing to work with me to figure out the best plan for me to learn. I couldn’t recommend Musty enough. Thank you!

  76. wbercot (verified owner)

    I went into this with an open mind. I’ve never had any coaching and it was a very fun and unique experience. Musty really dives deep into all aspects of your gameplay. His analyzation is superb. Playing games with and against him was cool and helpful due to the in-game coaching. Musty is a great dude and you can definitely get a sense of his passion for the game during the coaching session. I 100% recommend this to players of all skill level and look forward to doing this again. <3

  77. meekone (verified owner)

    Thanks for taking the time to analyze my game with your great coaching and tips. The analysis was so much more than I expected and super helpful. Plus, the training 1v1’s after the review were great too. Definitely would recommend your coaching to anyone looking to improve their game =).

  78. n.crenshaw (verified owner)

    Great thorough break down of the replay, literally gave the most optimal tips for every position, easily the best coaching i’ve had so far. We played a couple ranked games after to continue and even then he would be able to easily point out a couple flaws in my positioning/decision making. Definitely will recommend. 10/10 – IGN 😛

  79. millertattoo617 (verified owner)

    Such a great training session for me. Musty took his time to analyze one of my games in depth. He pointed out alot of the minute details of my game play both good and bad. It was great playing some casual matches with him and was wonderful getting my axles broken in a 1v1 vs him ! wicked helpful and laid back .. i will being training with him again for sure !

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