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About me:
Hi my name is Mognus and I am a professional Rocket League player. I started playing Rocket League when the game came out in 2015 and have been a professional since the very beginning of 2017.

My most notable achievements:

  • RLCS Season 4 LAN Finals: 2nd Place
  • RLCS Season 5 LAN Finals: 3rd Place
  • Universal Open Season 1: 2v2 Finals 2nd Place
  • Universal Open Season 2: 2v2 Finals 3rd Place

I have a lot of competitive experience behind me. That combined with the 5500+ hours I have in the game, has developed me a very good understanding of the game. The game used to be all about mechanics and speed, but what i’ve learned is that nowadays smart and efficient plays can get you far. The game is always shifting and you need to be able to adapt regardless of the situation. I started working at the beginning of this year with different SSL level players, who were to easily grasp my ideas. They were able to take their game to the next level and that is what i’m here to teach you.

What can you expect:

I will help you reach your goals within the game. Regardless of the game mode or the rank, I will help you become the best version of yourself as a player. My goal is to help you improve your awareness and decision-making to the point where you start to read situations on your own. It’s not always smooth sailing so expect to make mistakes. The important thing is that you will learn from them and that will only make you a stronger player.

What the coaching session would look like:

  • Getting to know your goals and what you want to achieve
  • Comparing your current skill level to the goals you’re going for
  • Watching replays through your POV to figure out any bad habits or tendencies
  • Pointing out what you could do differently in each situation
  • Pointing out what mechanics you can use for your advantage
  • A summary at the end of the session of what to focus on to help you improve your game

Links to my social media profiles:


PS Controller





Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 100, Supersonic Legend

Hours Played




6 reviews for Mognus

  1. Dragen (verified owner)

    I’d been hardstuck in GC1 for over a year before the coaching session, usually in the lower half. He found the weaknesses in my gameplay, and four days later I solo-queued into GC2 for the first time! Well worth it.

  2. SaltyRivers (verified owner)

    Mognus is an amazing coach! I was not expecting to rank up cuz, tbh, I actually don’t give a shit about rank, just being a good teammate is fine for me (have better rotations, read the plays, having fun without stressing out my own team, just the opponents hehe, etc…).
    He quickly understood my goals and accurately gave me tips, instructions, recommended maps, what to do on free-play, and whatnot… Everything leaning towards my goals and how to achieve them. I definitely recommend getting, at least, 3 sessions with him, so you can do your homework and he’ll analyze your improvement.
    I will get more sessions with him in the future to getter an even better overview of my progress, for sure!

  3. Arman Grigorian (verified owner)

    Awesome coach and helped me improve quickly! I’m C2 in 2’s and I got there with zero mechanics with my duo friend and I wanted to feel like I could be helpful in games as well but I wasn’t sure how to improve or what to do to get better. When we went over my replays, he pointed out what I was doing wrong and what I did that was good. After our coaching session, I was able to focus on a couple things we talked about to work on and practice them in free play. I also got steam workshop maps working in epic games so I got a few things that I needed to work on and practiced that for about a day. Then once I felt ready, I wanted to play 1’s to try out what I have learned and later on I could apply it to my 2’s games. I ended up climbing from plat to diamond in my 1’s games and I didn’t feel like I was stuck in my rank anymore because I knew what I had to work on. I lack experience since I’m really new to rocket league, I started grinding it the start of this year, and I wasn’t sure what I should be practicing to get better at the game. After the coaching session, I know what I should be working on now and I feel like I know how to handle certain situations better. I highly recommend Mognus for coaching! Thanks again for the help!

  4. Joseph Garcia (verified owner)

    great coaching would recommend!

  5. samueladenham (verified owner)

    Best coaching! 10/10 I will buy again. He explains things perfectly pointing out the mistakes and the things you do correctly. After 1 session I went from C2-GC1 in 2s and 3s. Also he’s funny af… I recommend 3 sessions for continued improvement! DO IT!

  6. Gerhard Bilek (verified owner)

    Great coaching!!! thanks again for the great tips and the friendly explanations. I was able to apply the new knowledge immediately in the game.

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