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About Me:
My name is Lando and I am the current coach for the Pittsburgh Knights.

I started my Rocket League journey almost 4 years ago. I have over 7500 total hours in the game, with an abundance of hours watching and researching the game outside of traditional play. I first achieved Grand Champ in Season 5 and have been improving past that point since then. I’ve been coaching players for almost two years now ranging from new players all the way up to RLCS veterans.

Although the area of improvement varies from person to person, I’m confident we can work together to find what’s holding you back. With over a year and a half of Gamersrdy experience I’ve been refining my coaching technique to what it is today.

Professional Experience:

  • Monkey Business (RLRS Season 6)
  • Stromboli (Promotional Tournament Season 6)
  • Valence (RLRS Off-Season)
  • Pittsburgh Knights (RLCS X)

What occurs during a session:

  • Before the session starts we will sit down and establish personal goals
  • During the session, my main objective will be to review your current play-style and comment where I think there could be improvement or more focus. This will be done through screen sharing so that we can both see the process take place.
  • After the replays are done I will have compiled a list of notes for key points to refer to later with an emphasis on rotations, decision making, and mechanics.

*I need sessions to be booked the day prior so I can have time to prepare.



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  • 2 Replay Files
  • Discord
  • PC access




Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 1000


Grand Champion

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43 reviews for McLando

  1. Daniel Riley (verified owner)

    I have had one coaching session with McLando so far and I have come away excited to see the improvement I can make in the weeks ahead. McLando and I went through 2 replays and he used free play to highlight the points in my game that need the most improvement. During the replay review McLando was thorough in pointing out areas for improvement, while also noting the things I was doing well. He does a great job of explaining the why’s of Rocket League in a relatable and understandable way.
    After the replay review he gave me a training prescription to use for the next several weeks to work on the parts of my game that need the most improvement. He also described how to implement this plan effectively. Towards the end of our session he encouraged questions to make sure that I was comfortable with the advice he had given me. I would highly recommend booking a coaching session with McLando! I certainly will be!

  2. TheRealSammael (verified owner)

    McLando is an extremely good coach.

    His ability to both see & play the game a high level is evident in his coaching. He was able to easily pinpoint movement & rotational mistakes, then make suggestions that were easy to implement. For mechanical improvements he pointed out areas of improvement & suggested specific training packs and how to approach them, which was invaluable when applied directly to my play.

    The biggest thing I realized when training with McLando is that my vision while in ball cam was no where near his level. Seeing things in replay review is one thing, but applying them to the game is entirely different.

    I was never Grand Champ prior to coaching with McLando. And although it took me 6 months to get it after our session, I directly attribute much of that push to his training.

  3. E (verified owner)

    I purchased two hour session with McLando. Consisted of four replay reviews. He went into freeplay after each replay just to touch on mistakes he saw. If he noticed the same mistake in the next replay he constantly reminded me of it. I wrote down some things he had mentioned while we were reviewing the replays. Towards the end of the session he went through training packs to show how they should be done. I brought up some of the notes I wrote down and he went over those points a little more just to make sure I had a good grasp on what I needed to do. Easy coach to talk through situations with. I would highly recommend McLando.

  4. Loot3rdude (verified owner)

    Great coaching, in depth play by play of what I did right and wrong and what to improve on to take my game to the next level. Personable and comfortable experience made me easily receptive to what was being taught! Would recommend coaching from McLando to anyone of any rank, will definitely be back!

  5. Bryan Dufresne (verified owner)

    Lando was great. He broke down the plays very well and explained the thought processes and considerations in a manner that really stuck with me. He gave me a personalized training plan to help with some mechanics and really helped me to think more about my positioning. Highly recommend for enhancing your play style!

  6. Chandler Pace (verified owner)

    I had a fun experience! His personality as a coach was great which also made the experience kind of pop out a bit more than some other coaching experiences I’ve had during my Rocket League career. We were able to go through all of the replays we had chosen to review, as well as go over a few things what I am currently struggling with and some ways to improve on that. Since I had scheduled the 2 hour coaching we did have a small 2 minute break at the middle of the hour since 2 hours of anything in a row is hard to sponge up all the information whether its Rocket League or School related. Overall I had a great experience coaching with him and would definitely consider to come back for more!

    Rating Experience 10/10

    Until Next time Peace

  7. icryptoniki (verified owner)

    My experience was nothing less than stellar. The professionalism and game knowledge was astounding.
    I could not have asked for a better coach/experience. Everything was clear and concise and easy to apply to my gameplay. If you are looking for a coach to improve your gameplay look no further. This man is an RLCS coach and a damn good one. Book him as soon as you can.

  8. Alexander Zimmerman (verified owner)

    It was beautiful. Pinpoint deduction on my weak points and where I need work. Worth every penny. Will be back for more after some work! Also he’s a super chill guy and easy to get along with!

  9. Daniel McGregor (verified owner)

    Lando was a great coach, understand what you think about the game, and will help you get out of bad habits. As one of the cheaper coaches on this website, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

  10. Brandon Chody (verified owner)

    Lando was absolutely professional in every sense of the word. He understands the game in ways you don’t even think about and I believe this is what makes him a great Coach. He was interactive and answered every question I had weather it was not understanding or trying to understand. I immediately saw improvement in my gameplay and I’ll be getting coaching from him again quite soon.

  11. Brad Colditz (verified owner)

    Lando did a great job at coaching me. He was very interactive, listened to what I needed help on and executed. I learned a lot about how to think within in game situations and mechanics that I most need to focus on. Definitely recommend!

  12. Daniel Gavilondo (verified owner)

    My first coach ever and helped me realize a lot of positional errors and showed me some insight into the game that I’d never thought about before. Definitely recommend

  13. Kevin McGrane (verified owner)

    As a mid 1600 GC he was great at slowing down replays and showing me instances of poor decision making and why I should do something different. Overall he was incredibly helpful with replay reviews and giving effective training packs to help improve on the issues he saw. Definitely recommend to anyone who is at a point where they aren’t sure where to focus their time and how to improve on certain parts of the game.

  14. Jacob Bageard (verified owner)

    Provided great insight to my core issues and what was holding me back, when I ordered his coaching I was champ 3 and now I am 1550 GC and have rewards! I only plan on going up from here, and it is thanks to Lando! He took what I needed help with the most, gave me notes on what to work on, and gave me training packs and a regiment of what to do daily if I want to see improvements. Gave great advice on my mechanics, and clarified things that I did not know about the game prior.

    good streamer too
    much recommend

  15. meekone (verified owner)

    Outstanding coaching and a great resource to have a RLRS coach available to a D3 player like me! Lando took the time to understand where I am at, where I wanted to go, and he focus on the things I needed to do to get there. After the first session he gave me an initial list of items to focus on, which for me included some gameplay decisions and fine tuning some mechanics that we reviewed during the coaching. After the second session we were able to build on these things and the changes are already giving me big advantages in my games. Even seemingly little things like fixing and fine tuning my fast aerials to be done properly are paying off so quickly. I can’t wait for my next coaching session! =)

  16. Brody little (verified owner)

    great coach helped me found my bad points and how to work on them had a great time learning from him much love Broku Sama

  17. Kevin Campbell (verified owner)

    I learned why I was bad, what to do when I’m bad and how to fix the badness.

  18. Joshua Stringer (verified owner)

    Very detailed and thorough analysis. Gave me some things to work on. I have since worked on those facets of my game and have ascended to ranks I never thought achievable. I will forever be indebted to McLando. He made my dreams come true.

  19. Thiago Fernandes (verified owner)

    For anyone that’s looking to improve in Rocket League, I would highly recommend doing coaching with Lando. Before the session begins, he asks what your goals are and takes those in consideration as you’re doing a replay review together. In my case, the primary focus was on mechanics, with a secondary focus on position/game sense.

    Lando was able to quickly identify areas of my gameplay that could be improved upon. He highlighted these moments in the replay, took the time to explain how performing certain other actions would have put my team and I in a better position, and then demonstrated later in freeplay further, which really helped drive the point home. After the session was over, I was sent a detailed list of what I should work on and some training packs to get me started.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Lando. He’s an incredibly smart player that knows how to explain concepts in a way that helps you learn, all while keeping it lighthearted and entertaining.

  20. travis page (verified owner)

    I’ve taken coaching before however McLando has definitely taught me the most. He pointed out flaws I would have never thought to look for in my games and gave me advice on how to improve from the smallest mistake. Plus, the guys super funny, the class was super enjoyable!

  21. sleegi (verified owner)

    Incredible useful coaching session. McLando was able to identify key areas that I needed to work on, show me how I should be doing them, and then gave me the resources and outline for how to improve them. Already a week later, and I’m seeing immediate improvement in my gameplay. Would highly recommend this to anyone who doesn’t know what they need to learn next, and would like a helping hand to assist in pushing them to the next level!

  22. stevenaxelsen (verified owner)

    was very useful, told me thing lots of things that i hah a hard time noticing on my own, and while i cant say it worked, i do thing over time his tips will prove to be useful.

  23. Ben Van Roosbroeck (verified owner)

    McLando helped me out tremendously over the two hour coaching session we had.

    He was quickly able to pinpoint a couple of key weaknesses that I need to work on, and gave very specific explanations. He even went so far as to use visual aids to make certain concepts easier to grasp.

    To top it off, the man has a sense of humor and it was a fun time.

  24. bacchus181 (verified owner)

    i was feeling down about myself because i was sitting at c2 dv 4 and i just kept deranking and getting frustrated that nothing was going right. I can 100% confirm that lando is indeed one of the best coaches out there and is worth buying a coaching session. he was able to go through my decision making process, rotations and a bit of mechanics when it was needed. I feel stoked now with the new set of information i was giving and plan to make my self overall better. McLando has a great personality and his sessions again are 100% worth it! i highly recommend it you will not be dissapointed :3

  25. Ian Daugherty (verified owner)

    If you’re worrying about who to buy a coaching session from, don’t hesitate to pick this man. He’s a really great guy with a lot of game sense, and he knows what he’s talking about. He goes very in depth with replays and makes it as lighthearted and as simple as possible. He relates the game to other things to help it be more understandable, and he connects your mistakes to things he’s done wrong in the past, so it’s a 100% guarantee it works. Really good experience talking with McLando, would 10/10 recommend him for anyone looking to have a great coaching session.

  26. Jason Oats (verified owner)

    I was always wary of purchasing a lesson, and whether or not the value would be there. Recently began pushing hard to go from C3 to GC and decided to take a chance and get some personalized instruction. Having watched many different Rocket League streams, I was familiar with McLando and decided to go for it.

    From the outset, McLando wanted to make sure I understood exactly the points he was trying to make, patiently reiterating things in a different way when I asked for more explanation.

    He took the time to go through my replays and gave me notes and some training packs to focus on specific parts of my game that I could improve the most.

    I could not be happier with my session, and I would encourage anyone who might be on the fence to go ahead and give McLando a shot. Well worth the money, and will definitely keep McLando in mind if I decide to purchase another lesson!

  27. Brooke Collins (verified owner)

    Currently sitting at Diamond 3 in 2v2s and decided to book a session for the push to Champ by the end of the season.
    I know the things I am doing wrong, but was unsure how to fix them. After the replay analysis and going over different scenarios on how a play could have been improved, I am really excited to start the grind again and put the tips and tricks to work.
    McLando does a great job of explaining the how and why of each play, whether it was already a good play or how it could have been better.
    Once the analysis of each replay was done, he provided a cheat sheet to refer back to if I feel stuck or go back to my old habits.
    He also provided a few training packs that will help solidify the mechanics I want to improve on.

    If you’re struggling with positioning, rotations, and challenges, Lando is definitely the guy to work with!

  28. tempusopus (verified owner)

    After I finally made it to Champ 1 this year, the dread of losing my rank washed over me. Sometimes, it felt like my games were stuck in MMR Hell — I knew I needed to improve, but I didn’t have time to drill 1000s of hours like other players can.

    I’ve watched McLando’s Twitch stream for the past year. I wasn’t sure if coaching was the right move, but seeing his strategic gameplay made me finally pull the trigger and buy the session.

    MAN, was I impressed with the results!

    He went over 3 of my replays, and in the two hours, he pointed out:
    – 2 mechanical skills that were losing me games over and over again (1 of which MOST players suffer)
    – 2 simple-to-understand strategies that made it (a) easier to know what to do in-game and (b) easier for me to make great plays and climb.

    I left the call with a training regimen to follow and a clear picture of what I need to do to improve.

    If you spend hours on this game, and don’t feel like your training is going anywhere, it’s worth it to invest in Lando’s coaching. I’ll be working with him again soon!

  29. Baseballfan280 (verified owner)

    Mc_Lando was a fantastic coach. Lando went in looking for things that YOU are looking to improve on and then points those things out through the replay reviews. He then proceeds to show you practices on how to improve your skills in that area, along with other things he notices. I have worked with Lando before with my team and he has done a fantastic job with helping us with positioning and rotation along with basic things that we should/shouldn’t be doing to improve the all-around flow. I will get Lando back again in the future and it was wonderful working with him. I would recommend him to anybody even barely thinking about getting coaching, Lando is your guy!

  30. Dylan Sams (verified owner)

    McLando really helped me out with rotation techniques, boost management, and showed situations where minor misplays resulted in conceding goals. He gets his point across in a way that isn’t disrespectful and takes his time to make sure you understand before moving on.

  31. Todd Williams (verified owner)

    Really focused on finer details, keep the flow of his words slow enough to where thy didn’t get misheard or mumbled, gave great showing of what he meant behind tips with free-play. All together a great learning experience.

  32. patpierce9375 (verified owner)

    Much like Austen Martin, I was skeptical about coaches. Learning things I was completely unaware I was doing, along with a regimen to improve on the things I needed to work on. Instruction on mechanics, insights on playstyle and rotation techniques… 10/10, definitely recommended. Especially this man right here.

  33. Austen Martin (verified owner)

    I was very skeptical about coaching prior to the session, and now I know for a fact this was the correct decision to go with coaching– and especially mc_lando as a coach. Absolutely zero regrets and I learned things I was completely blind to.

  34. Nathan Sheldon (verified owner)

    Knew immediately what I should work on and gave me great information on what I should do to improve those things.

  35. jbrow0122 (verified owner)

    Great coaching tips, great attitude, great teaching style. I definitely learned a lot during this coaching session, especially around new ways to view play development. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get better at RL.

  36. isaac weber (verified owner)

    This man is super chill, and he makes his points very clear and easily understandable. before the coaching session, i tried to review my replays by myself, but didnt get nearly as much from them as i wanted to. after the session he picked apart my gameplay and brought to my attention things that i would have never seen from watching them through on my own. overall 10/10 (would recommend)

  37. christopherklinge (verified owner)

    Lando was very encouraging, and easy to work with. i personally tried to review the clips i sent to him before he did to see what i was going to be getting for quality in the training session, and i didnt find anything major that i thought i was doing. lando was able to break down each play and what i could be doing to improve every step of the way, showing me error is didnt even know i was making, with strong highlights on how i can improve. if i could give more than 5 stars i would, and i will definitely be coming back in the future when i meet my next major obstacle in the future. if your on the edge of whether or not you want to give this a try i say DO, just book a 1 hour session to start and see what he can offer, i promise you will be please.

  38. cgibs95 (verified owner)

    Lando was quick to spot areas I could improve in and was able to explain not just what to do but the mindset behind what to do in various situations which will help me think more logically during my gameplay.

  39. racefanmike1990 (verified owner)

    One of the easiest people to talk to. Very knowledgeable and willing to go over anything you have questions on. Helped me with fast aerials and positioning. Gave me a training pack to practice. He will dissect your replays and point out things you would have never thought of. Im 100% pleased with what i payed for and you will be as well. Highly recommend McLando as your next coach.

  40. brett_wudrich (verified owner)

    very informational, slows down the plays so that u can notice what actually should happen in said play. very respectful guy would 100% recommend if ur looking for a coaching session to book lando 110% worth wat u pay for.

  41. mr.awgarcia (verified owner)

    McLando may very well be the most honest, informative and engaging coach I have had yet! During our 1-hour session, we were able to view several replays, analyzing in high detail important aspects of my mechanics and gameplay that could be worked on or corrected, and finding solutions that are the most appropriate. Would recommend 100%, excellent value for such a high quality coach and personality. (My Current Rank: C2)

  42. jkdshane09 (verified owner)

    Lando really opened my eyes on key things i need to look for and work on i can say i immediately started seeing improvement on my skills!

  43. hendrenbrian1 (verified owner)

    Even as a try-hard C2, I learned so many things during the replay analysis that I would of otherwise never noticed in my playstyle and tendencies. I did the replay analysis with my friends in 3’s after a couple dumb losses in ranked 3’s. We went on a 90min win streak, and most of the games weren’t sweaty after we made our changes. MLando is a dope coach and I highly recommend. His stream is great too. Current C3’s/low GC’s I’m coming for you >:D -DankVaypes

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