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About me:
My name is Ranny, a top 100 1v1 player every season since Season 3. I’m one of the few people in the world who sincerely enjoy 1v1s. I find them challenging, exciting, and addicting.

I’ve been playing since the release of rocket league. Currently, over 9000+ hours clocked into the game. In my off time, I work on my youtube channel, which includes a handful of tutorials, such as How to shadow, Improving shooting, and a 45/90 degree flick tutorial. I plan on adding many more as time goes on.

An example of my coaching experience:

Other than the online coaching sessions I have already done, one particular example of a success story was with my dad. He started playing and really enjoying it. I’d go over to his house and coach him – starting in bronze, he made it all the way to platinum in all game modes which was a great start. This brings me to the most important thing I’d like to note: The majority of improving is done on your own. It requires persistence and is greatly assisted by having a passion for the game. I’ll teach you as much as possible, but remember, without enjoying the game and dedication, you will not make it very far.

My main goals include:

  • Making you better at 1v1s
  • Setting you down a path to start enjoying 1v1s

I know for a fact that I can help people with my favourite game mode.

What does the session consist of?  

  • A 1v1 to gauge your mechanics.
  • 2 replays to be analyzed.
  • I’ll make you a training pack, or share with you which one of the ones I use would benefit you most.
  • We will discuss what we enjoy about the game

Here is an example of the sort of topic we can cover in your coaching session with me:



RL stats



Coach Rank

Top 100, Grand Champion 1

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel

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US-East, US-West

Time Zone

US Central

Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours

22 reviews for King Ranny

  1. garmster (verified owner)

    Rannys coaching helped me immensely in not just 1s but all modes. He’s very in depth and and does a great job in explaining scenarios and breaking down training and what to do. Great dude and a great investment!

  2. Derek West (verified owner)

    Ranny is a great coach. This was the second time I’ve trained with him (first time being over a year ago) and his coaching has come a very long way. He does a great job of breaking down the basics and conceptualizing 1s strategy. Hes made a big change in the way that I see the game. I’ll definitely be coming back for Ranny expertise and advice. Also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, very genuine person.

  3. jarrodkwade (verified owner)

    First off, make sure you have some paper and something to write with to take notes. I hadn’t really played for almost six months until maybe a week ago and had regressed both mechanically and in game sense and had fallen all the way to plat 2 in 1s after one point losing 14 games in a row (and then winning a couple back so I guess I fell all the way to plat 1 if I’m being 100% honest).

    He helped point out some bad habits I’ve developed and now I know not to do those stupid things. He’s got a 3 point system he’ll give you to help you prepare for basically any situation in a 1s match.

    Even in the 1s match against him (super fun, btw) he was able to correct stuff I was doing on the fly, which was really impressive.

    It’s going to take some work on my part to implement his system and the mechanical things he suggested, but it’s nice to have a plan, and that’s the most valuable part.

  4. danimal197 (verified owner)

    Prior to the session I was plat 1 in 1v1, and I forced myself to grind 1v1 to improve, but didn’t really enjoy it because it felt like I was just trying to out ballchase my opponent. Every mistake hurt so bad.

    After my session with Ranny, I won 10 1v1s in a row. Without doing any extra practice or anything. The strategy insights he provided were that useful and easy to implement. I “outplay” opponents in games all the time now, and not mechanically, but just by knowing what is going on in a 1v1 a little better. He gave me some great training to work on my mechanics also, and actually took the time to walk through how to do the training packs instead of just copy pasting a set of codes based on what I was lacking.

    The other thing I’d like to highlight is how well his coaching session is structured. The time flew by but was packed with content, without feeling at all like a 1 size fits all approach.

    Another great thing is how good he is at recognizing not only your weaknesses, but congratulating you for your strengths as well. I’m looking forward to my next session.

  5. drkickflip13 (verified owner)

    This session was exactly what I was hoping for. The structure was well thought out and effective, and Ranny is great at identifying bad habits then replacing them with good habits.

    I saw an immediate improvement just by changing a few patterns in my gameplay, and will continue to reap the benefits of this session as I continue practicing the drills and implementing the new strategies.

    Overall, I feel much more in control. Would definitely recommend Ranny!

  6. bpsciuk (verified owner)

    I purchased a lesson for my 12-year-old son. Ranny introduced concepts that we had not thought of previously. His instruction was very patient and considerate. We enjoyed the lesson so much and would recommend Ranny for instruction at any level, especially for the upper ranks.

  7. EggMaster (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the training so much and I feel that I gained so much too! I have a new mindset to the game and now I feel like a big brain! I can’t stress how much I recommend Ranny! This gets the approval of the ehgg ????

  8. 17mccauleym (verified owner)

    Great guy, very smart and very very good at explaining what to do and why you should do “X” His systems of caching is super good as well!

  9. jaredwinn89 (verified owner)

    just wanted to take a min and say thank you for the session the other day ive already climbed from plat2 div 1 back to C1-C2 its hard adjusting to the mindset of always thinking what i should do next but i like it and actually enjoy 1s. And just for a laugh ive literally been melting my brain with that training pack hahahaha, looking forward to next time bud thank you again!

  10. Mitchell Sanregret (verified owner)

    Our session consisted off playing a 1v1 against each other and walking through replays and training packs. In the end, I was left with dozens of notes on situations to work on, training packs to practice, and a basic flowchart for attacking/defending in 1v1s. As a bonus, Ranny gave me more than the time I requested and is was very open and excited to discuss Rocket League gameplay for any of the areas I wanted to explore. I would definitely recommend Ranny to anyone looking to improve their game in 1v1s!

  11. Mike Rehrer (verified owner)

    Ranny not only does his best to make you a better player, he is always striving to become a better coach for players as well. While you go through the session, it truly feels like he wants you to be better than what you are. His sessions are very interactive, so you wont just be sitting looking at replays (though this is also included and very valuable.) During our session we played a 1v1 game, and he wont just poo on you because he can. He’ll punish you for strategical and positional mistakes, but mechanical mistakes he lets slide and will continue play. After this the you’ll both do some replay analysis and start some training packs. You’ll see the shots, and maybe think it’s just some easy drill but trust me it’s important. The focus of them is to improve tiny little movements which can be the difference between you getting a point, or your opponent. He’s done extensive research into the little things that make a huge difference. His dedication to his craft is admirable at worst, and commendable at best. If you’re looking to be a flashy, glory goal seeking ball chaser then he may not be what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to be a winner, with a sound strategy who can consistently score absolute boomers, then I highly HIGHLY recommend. Even just having little conversations in down times is worth his hour long session alone. Good luck to everyone, and thank you King Ranny!

  12. smatty (verified owner)

    I had a fantastic experience working with Ranny. First, I had to cancel the original lesson slot on very short notice and Ranny was very understanding and allowed me to reschedule. During the session, we went over scenarios and strategies from my replays. We looked at mistakes I made and how they led to the opponent scoring, and then Ranny went through and showed what the thought process should have been, and which options I had available. He analyzed my gameplay and gave me the best tips to improve based on my specific gameplay. He also went through a training pack with me over discord screen share and coached me live, which was a very new experience but was maybe the most helpful experience i’ve had in several sessions i’ve had with different coaches. Ranny’s coaching made me improve immediately, as I hopped into ranked afterwards and didn’t lose a game. Ranny also went over our scheduled time to take more time to explain certain points and did not charge me extra. Overall, it was obvious that Ranny has a love for the game, and that he really loves helping others improve. For someone who plays at such an insanely high level, it’s crazy how well he can break down what he’s teaching into a form that anyone at any level can understand. My time with Ranny was worth every minute, and I’ll definitely be booking more sessions in the future. I can’t recommend him enough!!

  13. David Bryant (verified owner)

    I wish I could give more than 5 stars here, Ranny is awesome!

    First of all, it takes a special kind of person to be able to call you out on your worst habits and mistakes in such a way as to make you excited to correct them. KingRanny has this skill down pat. His feedback was delivered in a straightforward and constructive manner that made it easy to see exactly what he was talking about. At the same time, he was easy going and the session felt conversational throughout. Not only would I ABSOLUTELY recommend KingRanny’s coaching to anyone looking to improve themselves in RL, I’m sure that I’ll be booking another session in the future once I feel I’ve mastered the skills and techniques we identified in this session.

    Super fun, super helpful, super awesome. 5+ stars!

  14. Brad Colditz (verified owner)

    TRANSFORMATIONAL! Top tier quality coaching session! If you’re trying to get better in ones, Ranny knows exactly what you need to work on and will emphasize your mistakes in a very positive and educational manner.

    He will be well worth the money. He even went over by 45 minutes with me to really make sure I was getting it all down. Loved every minute of it.

  15. frank (verified owner)

    I started drilling 1s to improve my mechanics and raise my rank in 3s. I’m Champ 2 in 3s, but was Plat 1 in 1s before hiring Ranny. GOD, did 1s tilt me… I felt like I wasn’t learning from my own training.

    After playing a 1s match with Ranny (which was VERY close *ahem*), he identified 2 tactics and 1 strategy I should use and practice to improve my 1s experience.

    He reviewed a replay and prescribed a simple practice regimen that improved my ground control DRASTICALLY.

    Since his coaching 2 weeks ago, I’ve raised up 2 ranks in 1s and feel more confident & less hesitant in 3s as a result. Whether you’re a 1s main or looking to use 1s to rank up your skills, I’d strongly recommend hiring Ranny to help you.

  16. William Howard (verified owner)

    Sorry, forgot to do this earlier. Anyway, as anyone who has seen his streamscould guess, he’s an absoulte top-teir coach.

    He broke down my gameplay and highlighted my weaknesses. I ranked up soon after purchasing his coaching, after a long period of not ranking up. He went an entire hour over time without asking for extra payment.

  17. Michael Hall (verified owner)

    My session with Ranny went absolutely the best that it possibly could! Ranny was very friendly/calm, and we were able to laugh at some of the funnier things that happened in the replay that he reviewed. As well, his knowledge of the game is vast, and he was able to tell me a good amount of small things that I could add in to my gameplay that would help me improve. He was able to point out player tendencies that I hadn’t been able to see in 2 years of playing this game! Ranny also walked me through his training packs very patiently towards the end of our session, as I tried to learn a new way to shoot the ball. Through the last week of working on his training packs, I’ve noticed improvements in how I shoot the ball, and I’ve also noticed how effective adding in some of the strategies that he mentioned. I’m excited to see where this improvement can take me in this next season! Overall, I’d recommend Ranny to anyone who wants to get better at 1s, and also highly recommend that people who are considering buying coaching from him do so as well as check out his stream 🙂

  18. luke.allen99 (verified owner)

    Very friendly and a great coach. Would recommend to anyone who is seriously trying to get better.

  19. Peregrine581 (verified owner)

    What a GREAT session! He knew how to pinpoint my weaknesses and gave me SEVERAL ways to improve them, all while keeping it light and fun! I have never really been a fan of 1v1 since it was really the ONLY playlist that ever significantly tilted me on more than one occasion. My skills have already improved tenfold after only 1 hour (following my 2 hour session) of just grinding out what Ranny pointed out as my mechanical “shortcomings.” Can’t wait to see how much more I improve after a week!

  20. gobluemason (verified owner)

    KingRanny’s lesson was great! He started with a private 1v1 where he gave great tips and comments. He then did a replay review of the match we just played to offer additional insight. Next he broke down a replay from one of my own matches. Based on all that he recommended particular training to work on. The best part is he demonstrated via screen sharing what exactly I needed to do, then had me screen share to make sure I was doing it right. Fantastic lesson, super friendly guy.

  21. frank lepine (verified owner)

    Ranny was very friendly and approachable for the coaching, he was able to give very precise advice for my 1v1 game and what mechanics to work on. He worked around my schedule and has continued supporting my progress even after the session. If rocket league 1v1 coaching is what you need then i highly recommend Ranny.

  22. tfrase08 (verified owner)

    King Ranny went very in-depth with both of the recordings of mine. He shared packs that have helped with with my powerslides and my shooting accuracy which I had asked for specifically. With some simple tips I’ve already seen an improvement in the consistency of my gameplay. Strongly recommend!

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