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About me
My name is Kairos and I’m a professional Rocket League coach. I’ve been coaching for the past 4 years featuring teams like Nefarious, Lowkey Esports, The Clappers, and FC Barcelona. Overwhelming passion and motivation urged me to analyze every league play match from Season 3 to Season 9, 7 times over. This was necessary to equip myself with the proper analytical skills and the highest level of understanding that top teams possess. The most sparkling moment in my career was definitely coaching Lowkey Esports in RLCS Season 8 at the World Championships in Madrid.

Since November 2015 I have 7,000+ hours logged in Rocket League (4,000 dedicated to playing, 3,000 to replay analysis/coaching). I used to be top 100 in 1v1s, have been GC since season 3, and am currently SSL in 3s.

What does a session consist of?

  • We will briefly discuss what your short-term and long-term goals are.
  • Analyzing replays via discord screen-share with insights to every mistake.
  • At the end of the session we will create a long-term improvement plan based on your most frequent mistakes. Our goal is to build healthy habits for training.
  • Upon request I will make custom training packs for students to train their mechanics.

Disclaimers and additional notes

  • Motivated players with strong work ethic’s will find the most improvement the fastest.
  • If you’re a console player, please record the game(s) you want me to analyze and upload it to YouTube ahead of our session.

My social media, career profile, and ranks

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Hours Played


Coaching Experience

1500+ Hours




Europe, US-East, US-West


Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Coach Rank

Top 100, Supersonic Legend

6 reviews for Kairos

  1. John McCambridge (verified owner)

    Very good experience. The way he analyzes replays and lists out the key things to work on made the time very valuable. Pointed out a lot of things I wasn’t able to see on my own.

  2. Drew Cislo (verified owner)

    Very good session. Spent most of the time analyzing replays much more in depth than previous sessions with other coaches. What I liked most was that he not only identified errors/weakpoints but also ways to correct it as opposed to just leaving things like “here was wrong next slide”. Also showed me some good training packs and went into a ones match for me to watch so I could see some tips to use there when not playing 3’s.

  3. Rufus Caudwell (verified owner)

    Kairos is a great coach. He explains things concisely and in ways that are easy to understand – Especially the strategic elements of RL which have almost been difficult to grasp for me. He even went out of his way – past the time boundary of the session – To show me the training packs he recommended and exactly how I should be approaching them.
    Excellent coach

  4. Connor Adams (verified owner)

    Kairos is a very thoughtful and smart coach – I’m GC3 and he still found many important concepts/issues in my rotation and thought process that I was missing, and then helped me apply them to other situations in my games until I could make proper decisions using the new concepts in real time. Would recommend for anyone trying to be a smarter player.

  5. Nathan Turner (verified owner)

    Brilliant Coach, explains everything very well. Asks you why you think a play was wrong and provides a good explanation on why you are or aren’t right. Very professional, provided helpful tips for me to improve on.

  6. Austin Brown (verified owner)

    He was very professional and gave me very good feedback and helpful tips to help me improve my gameplay.

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