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About me:

Hi, I’m HyperFirez. I’ve been playing Rocket League since the end of Season 3 and have around 6k hours of game time. I’ve played many tournaments since Season 4 including ESL and RLRS, and I first hit GC in Season 7 and peaked at top 100 for 3 seasons in a row. I’ve also made top 24 in Season 6 of RLRS. I started coaching on Gamersrdy in November 2018, and I’m now at over 1k hours of coaching experience. I’ve had students that have shown me almost immediate improvement. While I can’t promise that you’ll see immediate improvement; I can promise you that if you listen to what I tell you and apply it to your gameplay you WILL see improvement.

HyperFirez 1 on 1 Coaching Experiences

  • Package #1 (Custom Package) [Recommended]:
    • You provide me with a list of things you want to cover in the session OR I pick things based on what I see from your gameplay. We can also go over replays together.
  • Package #2 (Fundamentals):
    • Camera/Control settings, Car control, Kickoffs, Half-Flipping, Wave Dashing, Powerslide-Recovery, Boost Management
  • Package #3 (Ground Mechanics):
    • Ball control, Dribbling, Flicks, Bounce Dribbling, Passing, Pinching
  • Package #4 (Aerial Mechanics):
    • Air control, Aerials/Fast Aerials, Air Dribbling, Ceiling Shots, Double Touches, Flip Resets
  • Package #5 (Defense):
    • Clears, Shadow Defense, Opponent Prediction, Demos
  • Package #6 (Rotations/Mentality):
    • Awareness, Positioning, Rotations, Predictions, Faking, Boost Stealing

(Picking a package helps me know where to get started with you. I can then figure out what else you need to work on during the session.)


  • How many hours do you have?
    I have around 6k hours across multiple platforms/accounts. 1k+ hours in coaching.
  • What do I need for the session?
    You need to be able to do a voice call over Discord. If you want to do replay analysis, you need to have 1 or more replays saved (PC only). Also have an open mind and the ability to take constructive criticism.
  • Does my location matter?
    Nope, not at all! I’ve coached people from all over the world. It might be a bit of a hassle to find a time that works for both of us, but I’ve managed to work it out in the past.
  • Does my platform matter?
    In regards to a replay analysis, then yes. Otherwise, console players are able to get the same experience as a PC player in my sessions.
  • Terms/Conditions of my sessions: here

Multiple hour sessions will be done one hour at a time. This helps prevent overwhelming the student. It also provides a time gap so that by the next session there is visible progress.

Other Services:

My Replay Analysis Profile
My Team Coaching Profile

Helpful Links:

My Rocket League Stats
My Twitter

I look forward to working with you!




US-East, US-West

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot, Hoops, Rumble, Snow Day

Coach Rank

Top 100, Top 1000


Grand Champion

Hours Played



PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours


PS Controller, Xbox Controller

Coaching Experience

1000 – 1499 Hours

Area focus

Competitive, Mechanics

73 reviews for HyperFirez

  1. Srk (verified owner)

    VERYYYYYYY GOOD LOVE IT. very helpful and a nice person gave good information about what i needed to work on I DEFIANTLY RECOMMEND HYPER

  2. Mathias Katzmann (verified owner)

    Great experience. Super good information that I hadn’t thought about. He was nice and calm as well. Great price, I would recommend him.

  3. Jenifer Bond (verified owner)

    Absolutely a great experience. Almost immediately after the session I went on a huge win streak bringing me up a division. On top of that he is a very nice guy.definitely recommend him.

  4. Yannic Klotz (verified owner)

    He’s a great guy helped me alot 🙂 and Thx btw.

  5. Connor Beach (verified owner)

    I have had 2 sessions with HyperFirez out of the 6 that I have purchased, I have now also purchased 3 hours of team coaching with him. I started off as a Platinum I Division I and have managed to stretch to Platinum II Division III in the 2 sessions I have had with him so far. He has also taught me some basic things such as boost management, shadow defence, dribbling and more. I have definetly seen progression with HyperFirez teaching me, I look forward to my future sessions with him!

  6. Dark Cully (verified owner)

    HyperFirez is super chill and has a lot of knowledge of the game. I have less than 100 hours in the game so he was able to teach me a lot of basic fundamentals and mechanics relative to my rank. We went over replays where he addressed my positioning mistakes and angles. He also showed me some good training exercises to practice on my own. I would definitely recommend him and hope to get some more coaching in the future.

  7. Samuele Zandonella (verified owner)

    I lost a lot of confidence in the past weeks towards my own gameplay and gamestyle, which turned out on some weird behaviour inside my gameplay.

    Through @HyperFirez, I was able to understand, what’s correct to do and what not. He mainly helped me understanding rotation, positioning and situation-related decisionmaking.

    I have nothing to complain about generally, there’s only one thing; HyperFirez seemed a bit “off” as he was not at home at the time of my course, which is only temporary, of course. It’s just my personal experience. Otherwise, I’m happy with his knowledge he shared with me and how he was able to identify what I need to work on. Definetly a coach I would recommend at a reasonable price range.

  8. patricidegames (verified owner)

    I used to have a pre-determined mindset on how Rocket League should be played; what to do, when and how to do it. HyperFirez was able to easily identify patterns in my play that I needed to work on. He demonstrated my mistakes clearly and helped me understand the correct way to do things. He is extremely knowledgeable on both Rocket League mechanics and fundamentals, and paints a clear picture of improvement. I went from D3 to C3 in a relatively short amount of time, and have played much more consistently as a result of his coaching. I couldn’t be happier with his services and am looking forward to more sessions in the future.

  9. utoxin (verified owner)

    I got a lot out of my one hour session. He did a great job of breaking things down for a mid-tier player, and gave me some tips that I can use easily moving forward. Then he went the extra mile and helped teach me a new way to pull of a move I’ve been trying to learn that I think will help me a lot.

  10. thinkfivetimes (verified owner)

    Excellent coaching, detailed analysis, and intuitive tactics. 5-star coach.

  11. jamesbaranharrison (verified owner)

    Great coach, answers any questions I had, he makes a line between what’s important to know and practice in my rank and what’s not which is very helpful. All in all glad that I picked and would suggest to anyone else.

  12. Ezekial Page (verified owner)

    I purchased a 1 hour session with HyperFirez that was really informational and he gave good advice on what to work on improving. He gave useful insight for higher level gameplay and was able to point out bad rotational habits as well as give clear solutions to address them. He was also very flexible with timing and responded very quickly.

  13. Alexander Ogan (verified owner)

    I had two good sessions with HyperFirez spaced about 10 days apart, spending most of the time reviewing replays with a few additional elements sprinkled in. The experience was excellent, he’s very professional and clearly very experienced. I would recommend to anyone interested in improving their game.

  14. kb (verified owner)

    I purchased a session and after a few days we got into a call and went over my replays. He told me what I was doing wrong and what I can do to improve. That’s my second time purchasing this now and I’d say it’s totally worth it.

  15. 45dot (verified owner)

    I purchased a 1-hour session I got a bit of tips but I don’t think it was worth the money, tips were fairly good but I don’t think the session affected my gameplay or got me to improve. Wouldnt recommend unless you are a plat or lower

  16. raisin.brandon.nevarez (verified owner)

    So I purchased a 2-hour session and since I’m a gold he showed me what I was doing wrong in my replays and that taught me the basic fundamentals that I had to improve on then he taught how to improve on them through simple practice routines, if your stuck in your rank and can’t seem to figure out what you’re doing wrong or you just need some extra tips to make your gameplay better, I definitely recommend HyperFirez to you!

  17. kyle-bbal (verified owner)

    Very fun experience, I had a lot of questions about certain actions etc.. and he really did a good job in pointing everything out. Also very creative and friendly person.

  18. kb (verified owner)

    I had a few questions and he responded very fast on discord. Then I purchased and he really knows what he is doing. I learned alot today.

  19. gamersready8 (verified owner)

    Great coach and it was a super helpful session. The replay analysis was great and I learned a lot of things I wasn’t seeing before. He also gave me some things to practice and tips for how to learn. Definitely plan to book another session in the future after I clean up my game a little.

  20. kaka_t7 (verified owner)

    really nice guy , honestly just made me realize how deeper the game is pointed out so many things i never actually thought about ^^
    i would recommend so much especially that he offers a fair price !!!

  21. Thomas Eynon (verified owner)

    Great coach who should be charging more than what he is. He clearly enjoys helping people and really knows what he’s doing. He makes the learning experience enjoyable in a game normally full of salt. Very respectful and considerate and can help players of all ages.

  22. liamlowden26 (verified owner)

    When I first saw the prices of coaching I was bit hesitant in buying it, but I decided to give it a go. I asked HyperFirez in discord about what his coaching was all about. He responded quickly and it was perfect. He explains everything really clearly and from what it looked like he is definitely a GC. I will definitely buy coaching from HyperFirez again. If you are hesitant like I was, don’t be HyperFirez is the best choice out there 🙂

  23. kadenbkelly (verified owner)

    Excellent Session! He explained well what i should improve on! Also, he explained everything very clearly! I 100% recommend him as a coach!

  24. Logan Valcarce (verified owner)

    Excellent coaching session. He was very clear and went in-depth with my replays with great precision. I highly recommend the custom package as he really tailors his advice to suit your needs. Buying his session is really the best deal on Gamersrdy. Thanks Hyper!

  25. arandomguyofftheinternet (verified owner)

    Hyperfirez really helped me think more about where I’m hitting the ball and keeping a track of my teammates. He was very helpful and he obviously knew what he was talking about. He answered all my questions and even taught me things I didn’t know would help. I was a Platinum 2 stuck in 3s (Diamond 1 in 2s) when I bought this package, then in a grinding session directly after my session, I raised both ranks to Diamond 1 in 3s and Diamond 2 in 2s within a few hours. I went 23/8 and for the first time in a while I was actually MVPing consistently. I have no doubt this is because of the coaching I received, and I would 100% recommend Hyper to anyone wanted to improve their skills. He gave me tips on my camera settings, rotations, mechanics, and explained many other things I hadn’t known prior. My only gripe is that a good portion of our time was wasted, but that was just because I didn’t have anything really in specific I wanted to work on. So, if you are going to get coaching (from anyone, really) I would recommend getting a list of what to work on.

  26. bottiglia9 (verified owner)

    Hyper is a really good coach. Pointed out the simple mistakes I did and could never identify. 5 stars

  27. Sam Slater (verified owner)

    It seems like most people seek coaching once they hit a certain skill cap like gold or platinum or champ (and beyond), but I’ve put over 500 hours into the game and never made it out of bronze, despite training packs, youtube videos, etc… for many hours. I really thought there was something wrong with me for not being able to make it out of BRONZE.
    I kept running into the same problems over and over again with my mechanics – it was so frustrating.

    Hyper is a really good coach – a teacher – because he was able to answer questions I didn’t know how to ask: for instance, I literally could not dribble despite endless youtube videos, training packs and trying some workshops. I didn’t know how to say “Ok, how do I explain what I need help with ?”
    To my surprise he told me that it seemed like my car control was on par with probably a gold player. I was … kind of surprised at this, but it wasn’t flattery because he explained why. I had been making progress in some areas after all, it seems.
    Hyper diagnosed the mistake very easily and now I’m able to actually able to BEGIN the grind of practice. Simply being more gentle with the analog stick and changing camera settings … and FINALLY I was able to get the ball on top of my car (for a few seconds), and flick in some random direction (this was just for fun I didn’t ask to learn flicks).

    This is one example of how Hyper was able to tailor his fundamental course to meet my particular difficulty. I now feel confident that I can productively practice.

    Hyper is very polite, kind, is very respectful and overall just a great guy to work with.

  28. Jacob Henderson (verified owner)

    Really helped me grasp the mechanics and was really attentive and answered all of my questions very well! Highly recommend this guy, best coaching I’ve ever received!

  29. Beckham Rostenbach (verified owner)

    Best rocket league Coach, super friendly, kind, incredibly helpful, great prices, nice guy in general. I even told him that I am difinetely coming back because this guy is serious about the game and I would give him a 10/10 all day long! If you want a great coach with great prices, he is the way to go!

  30. kevinmking (verified owner)

    I can’t promise you the same results I got.

    I was at the cusp of hitting GC, but kept on losing whenever i would eclipse 1500 MMR. Was stuck in the mid to high 1400s for a couple months and heard about this website, so Hyper was the first coach I went with because he responded quick on discord and said he could fit me in on the weekend.

    I went with an hour session on Package #2 Funadementals. If you are C1-C3, to Low GC, I think this hour will be more valuable than 100 hours playing the game.

    I do not have great mechanics, but he was patient with finding out why i couldn’t emulate the video on fast kickoffs ( my diagonal jump would often be a forward jump ) and drilled me on that instead. I got the hold of wave dashing when i could never figure out how to use it in game and how to be consistent. He showed me a different way to half flip and i’ve been using it since.

    On the same day he coached me, I solo queued and got promoted to GC. It was only 60 MMR, but i had been stuck at C3D4 for nearly 2 months and I kept on hearing his tips go off each time I was about to make a mistake.

    If I ever want to stay in GC, I know to pick up package #6 as he felt even if i was mechanically poor and had a good mental game, that I could benefit from an extra edge in the rotation, faking, and boost stealing that he goes over.

  31. stssnwatson (verified owner)

    HyperFirez is is very thorough in his coaching. i booked a two hour session. We conducted each session about a week apart. I did package 4 for the first session and my aerial mechanics improved drastically in that week. The second session was focused on package six. Hyper explained rotations very well and in depth. If you are looking for a coach and need someone very friendly and knowledgeable, look no further. You won’t be disappointed in his coaching ability.

  32. Alexander Domert (verified owner)

    Really chill and points out really important things that you might not have thought about just by looking at your own replay. He’s very understanding and extremely knowledgable. In my opinion, he’s a fantastic coach and you should give him a chance, he will NOT let u down 🙂

  33. Ethan Knutsen (verified owner)

    Amazing coaching, helped me with every single thing I needed to know and we even queues up into matches and he did replay analysis, this is by far my best training experience ever. 100% recommend buying, it’s insane how much he helps.

  34. Kory Boykin (verified owner)

    Hyper was very nice and easy to talk with after our session we played a couple games it was hilarious! Anyway he was very observant on my mechanics and helped me figure out how to make my gameplay better overall. Was kinda nervous about this coaching thing but I will definitely be back!

  35. byronbaker2000 (verified owner)

    I had 2 hour session with him and he taught me everything I wanted to know and what to do in certain situations and really helped him my game. The best part about the sessions is that you can ask a question at any point and he even asks if you have any questions at the specific part your leading

  36. Ryan Pearlman (verified owner)

    Ordered an hour session with him and an hour after practicing what I needed to, I went on a 12 game win streak and am now I’m a much better rank. THANK YOU!! Awesome coach 10/10 recommend

  37. Jonathan Sanroman (verified owner)

    got two hours with him and got much more than i was expecting he went through everything in detail and defiantly notice the difference in my game play 10/10 would recommend

  38. Nuplar (verified owner)

    Ordered a hour session with HyperFirez and he blew my mind with the amount of knowledge he had at the game. He explained in detail what i was doing wrong and were i needed to improve. 10/10 would recommend.

  39. Alexandre De Rycke (verified owner)

    Got 2 hours coaching with HyperFirez. With the replays, he was able to see what where my weaknesses and gave me some really good packs to train that helped me getting better. Definitly recommand this coach !

  40. Derek Lima (verified owner)

    Purchased a coaching session with HyperFirez and it was very much worth it. He picked out something as simple as my ballcam use, and it’s already made a drastic difference. I didn’t even know that problem existed in my game play, but he sniffed it out quickly and now I am playing significantly better. Thanks, Hyper, I may purchase again as it was that helpful.

  41. Isaiah Noble (verified owner)

    Ran 2 matches he replayed them and showed me some awesome tips on things I didn’t even know about would recommend he is a coach 11/10 stars

  42. Yan Cyr-Haschigk (verified owner)

    Great coach! Willing to hear about you and seems to enjoy what he’s doing. Can’t wait for the next session! Thanks HyperFirez!

  43. Steven Covington (verified owner)

    HyperFirez is a very good player, he is also I great coach. I am C2 aiming for C3, he pointed out some mistakes I was making which I didn’t notice before. Worth it definitely worth it!!

  44. Reckless Novaa (verified owner)

    Had a awesome session!! He was excellent at pointing out all the things that I could work on during matches. I also learned a couple key fundamentals that I never knew of until today. I would highly recommend HyperFirez to anyone that’s in need of a coach!

  45. David Veffer (verified owner)

    Understands positioning at a very high level. Actually understands everything in the game at a high level. Gave me some very good tips. Highly recommend!

  46. Tristan Sheffer (verified owner)

    Really great guy. Helped me out a lot in our sessions. Very open to any questions you ask and is quiet good at explaining and giving you examples. He also is very intelligent when in comes to analyzing your gameplay. Every wrong move i made was caught and explained in detail on how to improve on positioning and rotating. As well as how you’d take your shot to the next level and position it over the defender. You have a problem with mechanics? This guy has your back. covered a lot of mechanics to help push me to the next level. Definitely would recommend him as your coach. For not only being a coach but a mentor to help you achieve your goal. I will be back in the future for sure.

  47. Justin Froude (verified owner)

    Nice guy and really seems to know his stuff. Gave me useful advice to help me work on some of the things l am doing wrong or have developed bad habits for!
    If you are looking for some practical advice to help you improve l would highly recommend HyperFirez.
    I will be using his services again in the future.

  48. Joshua Silverman (verified owner)

    Great coach would recommend to anyone at any rank looking to improve. Was very patient with my schedule and started our session early when I asked. He knows what he’s talking about and can help you improve.

  49. Patrick Morter (verified owner)

    This little dude is the shit! Hes helped me so so much just in two short hours. I have <200hrs into the game, and would recommend anyone get some coaching in with him if youre serious about getting better. Thanks again for everything @HyperFirez! You rule!

  50. dominj08 (verified owner)

    Very cool guy. I’m a Champ 3 trying to get that GC. He walked me through rotations and some decision making that I could do better. He also helped me with my flicks and just gave great advice on my playstyle and how I should be playing. Definitely knows what he’s talking about as he’s a high ranked GC. I will absolutely be getting another session once I get GC.

  51. bunnyyy0803 (verified owner)

    gold before sessions, almost diamond after. This is a great coach. Teaches me a lot in terms of both concept and mechanics. 11/10

  52. MattMcD374 (verified owner)

    Hyper is a great coach, really helped me out with ariels and kick offs. Will hire him as a coach again.

  53. isakueller (verified owner)

    Great eye for seeing flaws in efficiency and mechanics. Helped a lot in my rotations and aerial efficiency.

  54. E (verified owner)

    One of the best coaches for mechanics. I improved drastically after my sessions with HyperFirez.

  55. EternalJinx (verified owner)

    We went over Package #5. He brought up a map overlay and explained things in detail. He explained multiple scenarios and explained how to handle them. We also discussed a few mechanics and he helped me better understand them. All in all it was a great session. Would recommend to other players.

  56. krk2p1201 (verified owner)

    Very helpful he explained what I was doing wrong and gave me ways to fix my issues.

  57. ajsgunzzz (verified owner)

    Haven’t done on of these coaching things before so I came in to this not having any knowledge of how it would really go. Right off the start was super friendly and got to teaching me mechanics while still having some fun in it and not being just boring. Going to use his tips for a little bit and once it gets me a little bit higher going to send a replay analysis just for even more help. Would recommend and was awesome!

  58. ajsgunzzz (verified owner)

    Amazing Coach helped with mechanics and many things. Taught better rotations what not to do and what to do. Good overall!!

  59. usaf.strawberry (verified owner)

    What more can I say besides what everyone else has said. He was readily available he talked with me ahead of time and let me know exactly what to expect, and he did just that. He was very patient even though I maybe kept interrupting him with questions. He cover alot of stuff about rotation and positioning to a way that I was able to see where I was going wrong. I thought I knew what I was supposed to be doing, but turns out there is always something more that you/I can improve on. He worked with me with with the resources I had and let me take the lead when need be. Great coach for any skill level..just remember you have to want to learn it/more.

    Thanks alot for all the tips you gave me on mechanics controller set up and camera settings…I hope to improve soon.

  60. brandonpilon27 (verified owner)

    Very informative, in an hours time he basically covered everything that I asked of him. Friendly, easy to work with.

  61. treetrunktrevorkline (verified owner)

    Had my lesson awhile ago. The Positioning tips as well as the skill training he had me do were fantastic. I hired a coach to help me improve my skills enough to get out of Diamond 3. Ya boi is now Champion 2!
    Thanks for all of the help and guidance. I might buy another training session to help me get to Grand Champion.

  62. ljlwayne (verified owner)

    Great session although I’m a newer played with the run habits already set in he didnt give up on teaching me and he showed me where my focus should be and he set me up with good training drills

  63. havacamaro (verified owner)

    Cool Kid, Super talented, had great ways to explain things that even a seasoned play er could understand. Will play a couple weeks with his tips then submit a replay for analysis to see where I still need improvement. Highly recommended.

  64. kelly.kevin.901 (verified owner)

    Great coach, went through a lot of tips to help me get through some bad habits, we played two casual games and he immediately picked up on a pretty big flaw in my gameplay, definitely recommend and can not wait to implement the help I received!

  65. alex.l.walker63 (verified owner)

    Despite being the most awkward and weird customer to have ever been on gamersrdyhe was able to work with me and find even the smallest things wrong with my play and give me packs to train with in order to fix those mistakes. Very professional and easy to work with. If you don’t choose HyperFirezas your coach then you are making the wrong decision.

  66. skaterboy200586 (verified owner)

    Had a great session. Learned a lot I am a mid level player and he gave me tips and new tricks to improve my game along with better understanding of the game. Excellent coach.

  67. Michael.a77 (verified owner)

    Awesome coach. Fun and helpful session. Taught a lot and was very good at pointing out my gameplay errors. Went above and beyond expectations. Addition of the training packs was great.

  68. Beastben202 (verified owner)

    Really friendly and helpful coach. Gave really helpful feedback for all of my questions. Highly Recommended

  69. Donborgasm (verified owner)

    Great session, went over a lot of the what you should work on and developing a strong foundation over flashy. Gave first hand experience on how to do what I was asking about. Also gave a target set of training packs and mentality to have while doing them to progress my game play. Would recommend and even go back to at higher levels as new struggles arise.

  70. Tennebrae (verified owner)

    Quite helpful. Confirmed many of the ideas I had about my play, and pointed out a few things I hadn’t noticed. Discussed core game concepts and ways to improve on them, as well as going over some training packs and how to form good play habits using them. Definitely found value in the session, and would recommend giving it a try if you are looking for avenues to improve.

  71. thierryvveen (verified owner)

    Very learnfull lesson, told me exactly what i should be training. Working on the trainingspacks now, and will do more lessons.

  72. ookimacha1 (verified owner)

    Very professional. Answered all questions that were presented. Let me know what to focus on improving and gave me training packs for the areas of improvement. Highly recommended.

  73. wagner.steven.j (verified owner)

    Great lesson. Let me know exactly what I should be working on at my level, showed me how to do it correctly, and gave me training packs so I can work on them.
    Highly recomend this great coach.

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