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About me:

Hi, I’m HyperFirez. I’ve been playing Rocket League since the end of Season 3 and have around 6k hours of game time. I’ve played many tournaments since Season 4 including ESL and RLRS, and I first hit GC in Season 7 and peaked at top 100 for 3 seasons in a row. I started coaching on Gamersrdy in November 2018, and I’m now at over 1k hours of coaching experience. I’ve had students that have shown me almost immediate improvement. While I can’t promise that you’ll see immediate improvement; I can promise you that if you listen to what I tell you and apply it to your gameplay you WILL see improvement.

I only do replay analysis for PC players!

How it works

  • Select the number of replays you want to send. Long Replays have an overtime, Short Replays do not.
  • You send me replay(s) of your choice (any gamemode). The best replays are the ones that you barely won/lost.
  • I will then record a video going over the replay(s) with explanations as to what is done right and wrong.
  • After I upload the video, I can provide you with a private link so only you can view it at any time.


  • Option 1 | 1 Short Replay
  • Option 2 | 1 Long Replay
  • Option 3 | 2 Short Replays |OR| 1 Short & 1 Long
  • Option 4 | 2 Long Replays
  • Option 5 | 3 Short Replays |OR| 2 Short & 1 Long
  • Option 6 | 3 Long Replays |OR| 1 Short & 2 Long


  • How many hours do you have?
    I have around 6k hours across multiple platforms/accounts. 1k+ hours in coaching.
  • How do I access my replays?
    You will go to Documents\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame\Demos in the file explorer and find the right replay file to send me. I’ve also made a tutorial video that you can view here.
  • Does my platform matter?
    Yes. Replay Analysis is PC only.

Other Services:

My 1 on 1 Coaching Profile
My Team Coaching Profile

Helpful Links:

My Rocket League Stats
My Twitter

I look forward to working with you!




US-East, US-West

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot, Hoops, Rumble, Snow Day

Coach Rank

Top 100, Top 1000


Grand Champion

Hours Played



PC, PlayStation, Xbox


PS Controller, Xbox Controller

Coaching Experience

1000 – 1499 Hours

Area focus

Competitive, Mechanics

14 reviews for HyperFirez

  1. Nathan Colon (verified owner)

    For the past couple weeks, I been stuck in this hole. Going up and down in ranks, from c2 to c1, to c2 again and again. I was stuck tryna figure out what was I doing wrong? I love this game, and I take it very seriously and improving is one of my biggest goals. As desperate as I was, i decided to go to a professional. I sent him my replay, and he came in clutch. He really opened my eyes to the mistakes I was making and I just felt like some weight was lifted off my shoulders, and now I can finally work to improve those mistakes. Keep in mind, I been feeling less motivated to even try, but just hearing him give advice on my mistakes motivated me to get back into it, and put the time in. I highly recommend this coach if you’re serious about improving your game, and i’m looking foward to booking another session with you when I need your advice again haha :))

  2. axr123a (verified owner)

    I sent one short replay, around 4 and half minutes, and got a lot of tips from it. I am currently Champion 3, aiming for GC, and Hyper helped me visualize what I was doing wrong and gave me workshop maps/free play drills to improve. I recommend him if you want someone who will go straight to the point, he’s good at what he does.

  3. Noah Spreda (verified owner)

    I submitted one replay and received the analysis very quickly. He addressed essential suggestions for my improvement and he also answered further questions about replay. I’m very happy with his work and would recommend it. I already notice progress through his tips.

  4. Twxii (verified owner)

    The analysis was delivered pretty quickly. Having someone else watch you and tell you where you can improve is very helpful, even more so when they are very experienced. I only gave one replay but he gave a handful pointers from just the one replay of things I can work on. I am very satisfied with the result! Thanks very much!

  5. MSYW (verified owner)

    I am a Plat 1 Division 3 player, I do drop to Gold on bad days: Hyper made me realize what I need to fix in order to play better in my defensive rotation. He had great advice on half-flips, and aligning my car before I do aerial shots/fast aerials. As well as some mental mishaps. I could not see it myself. Now I know what I need to work on to reach higher divisions in Plat. I highly recommend getting your replays reviewed as it’s not easy to see our errors from our point of view. Great stuff!

  6. Daniel McIlvaney (verified owner)

    Really impressed by the quick delivery time. Hyperfirez advice was succinct and clear. I didn’t realise my kick-offs were such a weakness but Hyper pointed that out right away and explained the optimal kick-off options. He also made himself available via discord should I have any follow-up questions. Overall this is exactly what I was hoping for when I ordered my analysis – ‘Here is what you are doing wrong and he is the correct way to do it’. I’d recommend him to anybody looking for a professional and helpful replay analysis from someone who clearly understands the game at a very very high level.

  7. stevenwyatt02 (verified owner)

    HyperFirez is extremely committed to the replay analysis. He was struggling to complete my analysis as his area was hit by a hurricane; however he still completed the analysis and got it to me within the 5-8 day time frame. He outlined what I did incorrectly and what I should’ve done for a better result out of the situation. He watched the entire game through and then gave me a summary of what I needed to improve on/ exercises I could do to practice those aspects. I would recommend him to anyone else trying to improve.

  8. BRADLEY CROSS (verified owner)

    HyperFirez just analyzed my games and when ordering I hoped for a few tips on how to get better but he honestly went above and beyond and opened my eyes on so much I need to work on as well as my partner. We’ve both reviewed his analysis and couldn’t be happier with everything he went over and showed us and now we’re going to work on doing everything he told (and showed) us and I know we’ll win a lot more of our games. Thanks for all the help Hyper!!!

  9. Cooper Royds (verified owner)

    Very good trainer, and has made me realise that some of the things i am doing is very little but plays a huge part in defence and offence thanks heaps

  10. calebjmackie (verified owner)

    I had a session with hyper today and I was surprised how well he could explain how to do serrant things to me to be honest i was a little bit skeptical to how he would go about it because I am a high player and understand almost everything but even with me knowing how to do mostly everything he explained I still fell like I came away from the experience with more knowledge then before. If you’re lower rank I highly recommend even at my rank champ 3 I would recommend him to people because he explained things on a level that you don’t get just talking to people he shows you what he means. All I can say about the experience was that I learned some new things and ready to get back up into gc.

  11. SirWolf (verified owner)

    As a usually Plat 1 player I’ve been so insecure about my 2v2 gameplay, so I decided to ask for professional help. His explanations were clearly understandable to me, considering I’m not a native speaker of English. He could give me tips that are easy to follow, he raised my awareness even for the small but equally important things I did wrong, and he didn’t try to overload me with too much information, as I was kinda worried about all my mistakes to be pointed out considering my far-from-GC skill level.

    Although one game doesn’t make statistics, lately I’ve been lucky enough to just barely reach Plat 2, and today I played my next game with the mindset of trying to make use of the most of the advices I got, and to my biggest surprise, me and my random teammate ended up teamplaying so well, we won with a score of 4:0! I felt more confident than usually. I think that’s likely a clear sign of money well spent.

  12. Sparrow (verified owner)

    I sent two replays in which I felt out of place to get some better insight into my gameplay. He responded swiftly and updated me on the process, and in the end I got a link to a private YouTube-video earlier than the promised timeframe, which was great of course!

    What I got was a constructive and informative analysis of my play. The comments were very concrete and on point, and he noted multiple problems and situations where I should’ve acted differently. Even if many problems were things I realised myself, on numerous occasions his suggestions deviated from my mindset and showed me a much better solution. He effortlessly combined concrete mechanical points with broader concepts within the game and explained everything calmly and clearly.

    Overall I was very happy with the whole process and content and would definitely recommend HyperFirez to any player!

  13. cziething1990 (verified owner)

    Had ordered 2 replay analysis’, and got a quick repsonse via discord. He was patient with me over the holiday season of which I was too busy to get replays immediately. Once we got it all taken care of, the video analysis was as I expected. I wanted someone at the top level to spot flaws in my gameplay and that is what I got. I’ve gone ahead and purchased a 1 on 1 session for later this week.
    In conclusion for the replay analysis, my expectations were met and was indeed helpful for me.

  14. Aargonian (verified owner)

    Well, like anyone else who is seriously considering coaching/analysis, I have a lot to work on, but I had no clue of where to begin. I sent HyperFirez my replays and he responded very quickly with a very thorough analysis of the games I had sent him.

    Given only 10 minutes of my gameplay (I only sent two replays, as I had trouble getting some close matches and the two I had I thought should be enough), he was able to point out a /lot/ for me to work on. He was very accurate at guessing what I had intended to do or wanted to do, and either pointing out why that didn’t/wouldn’t work, or where my execution of the idea needed work.

    I’ve immediately put the advice that I got to work, and although I know it won’t be an overnight process (and neither should you expect it to be), and can say I’ve already begun seeing results from attempting to alter my gameplay as suggested. Even continuing to make the mistakes I do, the few times I remember to apply the advice, it really has helped and I’ve already increased my rank back up, and don’t seem to be slowing down yet as I work on my skills.

    Overall, the results are highly satisfying, and I can’t wait to see where I go as I continue to review the analysis video he sent me and try to beat the concepts into my head. I’ve already ordered a live coaching session, as I believe only more good can come of that.

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