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About me:
Hello, my name is Hoodyhooo! I am a 27-year-old Rocket League fanatic that has played the game since April 2016 with over 6,000 hours between Xbox & PC.

I began my journey as a Prospect in season 3 with almost no video game background and have now achieved Grand Champ seasons 9-13! My goal as a Coach is to help players achieve their goals and experience the same progress I made!

I have a degree in Education with a coaching license to boot. This has equipped me with an abundance of tools, strategies, and resources that help me as a Coach. I have 10+ years of experience in a competitive team environment with the past 3 years as a Coach.

I am currently the Rocket League Coach for AllMid and have previously coached at the bubble, collegiate, and high school levels for 3+ years. These opportunities have given me quite a bit of experience building training regimens and analyzing replays for a wide variety of players at different skill levels.

Session Expectations

Before Session

  • You will fill out a document letting me know your team’s long & short term goals as well as what you feel are your strengths & weaknesses. I will have a template/example.
  • You will share 2-3 replay files/videos with me.

During Session

  • Replay analysis. (screen share over discord)
  • Point out bad habits/poor choices and explain why/how they negatively impact your game.
  • Give advice on things like game approach/mentality/positioning/boost management/awareness/decision making/mechanics.
  • Make team-oriented playstyle/strategy suggestions.

How to maintain a lead in Rocket League


Through a coaching session, you will better understand what aspects of your game you should improve and how to go about doing that. Having someone with a different perspective reflect on your game can be enlightening and refreshing and will most certainly benefit you on your pursuit of being the best Rocket League player you can be.




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Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Dropshot, Hoops, Rumble, Snow Day

Coach Rank

Grand Champion 1

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours

Hours Played




12 reviews for Hoodyhooo

  1. RL Your Mom (verified owner)

    First off….Great Coach!!!!
    My team is relatively new to 3v3’s, and we were having issues with the basics…comms, rotation, positioning, etc…
    We were having a tough time advancing and winning close games and OT. After our coaching session, not only do we have a team winning rate of close to 85% in comp’s, but all 3 of us ranked in the new season 1-2 ranks higher than we ever had.
    We have all basically gone from silver/barely-gold to plat/bordering-diamnond now.
    He was able to show us from our replays the “why’s” and “how’s” on the little things that youtube vidz never really get into.
    Very patient, great examples, and full of resources that we didn’t even know was out there!!!! Also gave some of the best advice we’ve been given on remapping of the buttons, such as air roll, boost, etc…
    We very highly recommend booking him. We will be again.
    Last of all….GREAT COACH!!!!

  2. chrlscrmr3 (verified owner)

    Definitely a fantastic coach. He goes beyond in-game strategy and decision-making. The mentality that he brings to the table is second to none. He is overly-qualified to be a RL coach. He went the extra mile for me and it has helped our team quite a bit!

  3. william (verified owner)

    Hoody has been a tremendous help for our team. His coaching skills as well as his skills with people are next to none. Always going the extra mile to help out a team.

  4. hotzenmonster (verified owner)

    Hoody has been an invaluable resource for our team. He has a positive attitude that makes the sessions feel more like a affirmation of what we have achieved, rather than always being a knock on our weaknesses. I’ve also received individual coaching with Hoody and he really does understand how to identify weak spots in my game play and come up with practice regimens that help improve them. I can’t recommend him highly enough. I’ve done coaching with 6 other coaches and Hoody is the most available, capable and truly a pleasure to work with.

  5. bpsciuk (verified owner)

    Hoody is a very good coach. Our 2s team booked a 2-hour lesson and it was very worth it. He made sure we had all the tools and knowledge we needed to properly work on our positional and mechanical weaknesses. His background in education is very apparent during the coaching session. He is enthusiastic, organized, patient, and a joy to work with. We will definitely book more sessions in the future.

  6. Lior Cicurel (verified owner)

    Amazing coach me and my friend booked a 2hour session and not only a day after we were already 2 ranks higher then before. Highly recommended!!

  7. Felipe A Osorio (verified owner)

    We booked a team (3s) session recently and are happy to have Hoody to help us along our journey. Hoodyhooo excels in analyzing replays from a holistic perspective, regardless of individual tendencies and technique level. Not only did he offer valuable advice on mechanics and play-by-play rundowns of our mistakes, Hoody explained why it’s so important to treat the team as one unit. He also taught us key communication concepts as they relate to rotations, and the importance of planning for set plays. A coach’s ability to zoom in and out of the complex layers of the game and identify the most important elements to work on personalized for you makes Hoody an excellent teacher.

  8. Dylan Vanswijgenhoven (verified owner)

    I had a coaching session with Hoody with my team and he analysed a scrim we did.
    He’s very smart and knows what he’s doing, he noticed mistakes that we don’t notice even if you would watch the replay back yourself.
    He’s definitly worth the money.
    What helped my team the most is that he compared one of our situations with one of his personal team and how he’s trying to improve their gameplay and how it could help us.
    Very chill dude, very down to earth, can’t wait for the next session!

  9. Kyle Twomey (verified owner)

    Just had a second session with Hoody and I must say you get what your moneys worth 10 fold. His analytical ability is top notch and I’m sure happy with our session building on our first one we are able to understand and improve on even more of our errors definitely worth every cent!

  10. Chad Stickney (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing coaching session! My team and i are very grateful for the opportunity. Hoody did exactly as we expected on improving us as individual players and as a team! we recommend Hoody as a coach 10/10! Thank you so much Hoody we appreciate it!

  11. cjwtaylor (verified owner)

    Super useful 1hr coaching session with Hoody! Will certainly help our team improve and would recommend to others for sure!

  12. Kyle Twomey (verified owner)

    The team and I couldn’t be happier learning from Hoody he went really indepth and offered great material to learn from. His analysis and understand of the game are amazing. We’re looking forward to doing more session with him in the future for sure!

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