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About me:
Hey, I’m Guhberry! You might know me from YouTube or Twitch but, probably weren’t aware I’ve been a part time Rocket League Coach for going on 3 years now. One of the things I can proudly say that I’m most passionate about is helping people Reach their goals with coaching in Rocket League. I’ve coached players from silver all the way to Top 100 & Semi pro/Bubble players. I also coach all platforms and all Regions. I’ve spent thousands of hours competing in the Top 100 Leaderboard, Tournaments, Scrims, and also coaching teams.  I’ve been Grand-champ & SSL (When it was added) every season since Season 2 and Top 100 to end the season For 10+ Seasons. I’ve also been on teams with players like Forky, Napp, Prem & many others.  I’ve also received a ton of insight to the game while I was competing from pro players and pro coaches early on in 2015 and in the following years after. It’s helped me beyond belief on really honing in on identifying players weaknesses and improving their game.

What your session will look like:

  • We will talk in discord DMs about scheduling and that’s how you’ll provide the replays.
  • You providing 2-3 Replays for Analysis & Review (If you’re on console do not worry about it)
  • Join a voice call with me through discord & I’ll screen share and use an On-Screen pen to show you my thought process visually on things.
  • Getting an understanding of where you’re at in skill level.
  • I will be dissecting your game down to the core and talk about your weaknesses and strengths from analysis.
  • Getting an understanding of what you’re wanting to improve on personally and what I think you can also work on.
  • After the Replays, We will talk and establish Short & Long term goals for you so that you have something to work towards outside of our session or sessions.
  • Also I’ll be giving you the steps & schedule you can use in improving your game as fast as possible whether that be in-game or in training.
  • At the end of our session I will be also giving you my notes I wrote down during the session and a complete breakdown.

I personally Recommend getting more than 1 session so that I will not have to cram everything into 30m/1hr but, will strive to get you to that next level no matter what the cost. 




Coach Rank

Top 100, Supersonic Legend

Hours Played


Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours





Area focus

Competitive, Mechanics

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

7 reviews for Guhberry

  1. minecraftchapter1 (verified owner)

    Amazing coach. Super thurough advice with a great personalized training schedule. Straight to the point, i believe he first paused my replay only 4 seconds in with the first mistake to point out. 10/10 would reccomend

  2. john boettjer (verified owner)

    extremely knowledgable about every aspect of the game. in just 1 hour Guhberry was able to open my eyes to a lot of the bad habbits i was making without knowing. incredibly helpful and he was able to answer literally every question i had. the training schedule he devised for me is already paying off and with just a few minor tweaks in my game play i already see a night and day difference.

  3. Rob Schaap (verified owner)

    had a 1 hour session with Guh where we went over some replays in detail. excelenct coaching session where Guh made me aware of different mistakes I was making. coaching sessions like this will 100% improve your game. He even gave me a training scedule and notes on what we talked about. 11/10

  4. Ryan Kaye (verified owner)

    Helped me understand my small mistakes that are holding me back from being GC-SSL great guy who seems to have an answer to every question and also gives very clear explanations as to what himself/ other top 100/ SSL players would do in your position that you didn’t even realise was holding you back. If you’re reading this just purchase a coaching session off him ????

  5. Brock Hamm (verified owner)

    Really helped me see my mistakes and correct them after an hour with him I feel a lot more confident playing and have the knowledge and tools to practice and get better 10/10 would definitely use him again.

  6. Alec Wenzel (verified owner)

    I had a 1 hour coaching session with Guh today, and he helped me see so many things I had been doing wrong. This was not the first coaching session I have done with Guh and every single one that I have done have been extremely helpful. I started at the beginning of last year in Diamond 1, and through various coaching sessions over the last year with him, I have been able to grind up to GC1. Without his tips and advice on everything in Rocket League, I have no idea where I would be at this point. I highly recommend getting a coaching session with him as soon as you can if you want to rank up!

  7. DPuck (verified owner)

    I just had a 2 hour session with Guhberry and it was immediately apparent that he has a vast depth of knowledge when it comes to rocket league. We went over proper rotations, kickoffs and just about everything you could imagine. He gave me training packs to grind and season goals to shoot for so I could climb out of GC and into SSL. Super cool dude and really fun to talk to I could not recommend him more.

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