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This is my 1 to 1 coaching profile, click here to see my team coaching profile.

About me:
Hey, my name is FreaKii, or Sandro. I’m a professional Rocket League Player. I’ve been playing for various top tier Esports Organisations just like:

  • PENTA Sports
  • Renault Sports Team Vitality
  • Team Secret
  • Veloce Esports

I’ve been competing in the highest tier of Rocket League Esports tournaments like:

  • Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)
  • Rocket League Rivalry Series (RLRS)
  • DreamHack
  • Universal Open Season 2: 2v2 Finals
  • Gfinity Elite Series

My biggest Achievements are the winning of the Gfinity Elite Series Season 3 ????, qualifying for the RLCS World Championship in Season 4,5 and 8 and various Top 4 finishes at DreamHack and ELEAGUE. My team and I also went unbeaten in RLRS Season 7. During the time competing in RLCS I also accomplished a few Accolades like Saviour of the Season in Season 3 and 8, Runner-Up for Clutch Playmaker in Season 3 and 4 as well as the Runner-Up for the League Play MVP in Season 8.

Since I started playing Rocket League I’ve collected well over 8000 hours at a professional level. I would say this qualifies me to have a very good understanding of the game and meta, being able to adapt in different situations and therefore leading to the best possible outcome and ability to improve not only individually but also within a team.

What can you expect from my coaching sessions?

I’m here trying to help you reach your goals. Regardless of what aspect of your gameplay needs improvement, I will be trying my best to help you become a better player not just mechanically but also in being able to read the game and adapt to whoever you are facing. You can count on my help if you want to reach a specific rank you couldn’t get to before as well as trying to shoot for something higher like the Top 100 or even the pro scene. Being a professional Player always comes with a lot of hard work and dedication to improving, which is why I’m sure that I can give some of my experience to you and help you get where you want to be! Summarized:

  • finding errors in your gameplay and fixing them
  • improving your game sense and decision making
  • giving you the ability to adapt to different kinds of playstyles
How a coaching session would look like:
  • comparing your current skill level with what your goals are
  • watching replays together and analyzing in what situations improvement is needed
  • giving you visual explanations on how to improve and read situations better
  • using my personal experience to give you the best training sessions
My Social Media, Achievements and Ranks:

This is my 1 to 1 coaching profile, click here to see my team coaching profile.


PS Controller


English, German

Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 100, Supersonic Legend


ESL Monthly Champion, ESL Monthly Elite, Grand Champion, RLCS Contender, RLCS Elite, RLRS Challenger, RLRS Contender

Coaching Experience

1000 – 1499 Hours

Hours Played






27 reviews for FreaKii

  1. TIM SMITHIES (verified owner)

    Was incredibly friendly and accommodating, and explained things very clearly. Went into great detail about offensive and defensive rotation. Was quick to pick up flaws in my gameplay and show how they directly impacted my overall performance. Overall I would highly recommend!

  2. GreenwarriorRL (verified owner)

    Amazing player and amazing coach! I have had probably 30-40+ coaching sessions throughout my career (I am a coach myself, so I try to learn as much as I can) and I can say with confidence that FreaKii is one of the best this community has to offer. He is very efficient and thorough with his coaching and is sure to answer any questions you may have. I love his approach of laying down a “framework” for the first session, which he then uses as a reference moving forward. I’ve learned more about rotations and positioning in just 1 session than I likely would have on my own after many many months. Highly recommended!

  3. jaycee.campbell11 (verified owner)

    There are 2 types of players; Game sense and mechanical. If you a so called mechanical god, and your game sense (Positioning, rotation, and decision making) needs some work, then FreaKii is the perfect teacher who will elevate your ability to carry games. What started out as a search for a high level coach and taking a chance on this Pro level player turned out to be the greatest investment I have ever had in my life. I have played this game since it was free on PS4 (August 2015) and I have never learned more about Rocket League than the two hours I spent with him. This is beyond a good recommendation, this is the most underrated coach GamersRdy has on the website. The best part is he makes you laugh and you truly understand how Rocket League is played on the highest level.

  4. Mike Stolting (verified owner)

    Only had one session, but I learned more things that are relevant to my growth than the 40+ hours of YouTube tutorials I’ve watched. even if you only book 1 session, you will see an improvement. I cannot recommend Freakii enough.

  5. Hue Hue (verified owner)

    Kann ich nur empfehlen. Ich hatte 2 Sessions mit Freakii und er konnte mir viele Fehler in der Rotation und Positionierung zeigen. Dadurch fallen mir viele Fehler im laufenden Spiel auf und kann darauf achten, das ich die nicht mehr mache.

  6. Eric Shively (verified owner)

    a very solid coach if you’re looking to understand rotations and never hesitate to ask about mechanics either he will be sure to help in anyway he can

  7. Roy van Leeuwen (verified owner)

    Had 3 great sessions with Freakkii during which he pointed out various mistakes in my rotation and positioning which I hadn’t been aware of, especially on defense and as third man.

    Besides that he encouraged me to improve my mechanics using various training packs and workshop maps. He also pointed out some small improvements which made me gameplay more consistent.

    Extra bonus is that if he notices something done well he will point that out as well.

    Would defintely recommend.

  8. Robin Frey (verified owner)

    Freakii is an insane Coach.I reached just went up from Champ 1 to Grandchamp 1 in only 2 Months! He always got individual training packs for everyone and takes his time to watch your replays! If someone want to take a coaching session, then go to him.

  9. Bryan Villegas (verified owner)

    Freakii is such a great guy and an even better coach. He was very flexible with my schedule and managed to squeeze me into his busy schedule. His coaching helped me improve my game sense (which earned me a few nice compliments in ranked) and provided great training packs. At the end of the session he provided a detailed summary of the coaching session. I would highly recommend his services.

  10. Hayden Brown (verified owner)

    freaki provided me such a better knowledge of the game. he started off by explaining what it is i should expect from him, in total i booked 2 sessions with him i thought this would be better so we could see the improvement. before the i had his guidence i was bouncing between c3 and gc.after my first session i worked on the training packs and i peaked at 1650 this season, i would 100% reccemond freaki to anyone of any skill level i will be booking more sessions with him

  11. kautchuk (verified owner)

    Absolut lohnenswert 5 sterne sehr guter trainingsaufbau freundlich und absolut hilfsbereit wenn man nicht nur rocket league mitspielen will sondern rocket league richtig spielen will ist er der coach dafür er hatt mir nicht nur geholfen meinen rank zu festigen sondern ihn sogar noch zu steigern vielen dank für alles cu on the field

  12. Fluffalz (verified owner)

    Great Pro Level insight! Definitely worth it! FreaKii gives you great insight into your gameplay and picks up on a lot of mistakes. He also gives you training packs and maps to work on. He also gave me a whole summary of the session so I can see any time what he told me! Awesome guy to talk to and very friendly and fun session! 10/10 would FreaKii again 😛

  13. drkickflip13 (verified owner)

    I definitely recommend FreaKii! I was bouncing between C2 and C3 for the past two seasons in 2v2. I watch my own replays from time to time, but couldn’t pick up on some bad habits. FreaKii identified them right away, and explained better ways to handle those situations.
    He was also super friendly, as well as helpful, and genuinely seemed to want to help his students improve.
    FreaKii provided a summary of the session, which I’ve been reading before I start playing comp. A week later, I cracked into GC for the first time in 2v2!

  14. Fabian Wenner (verified owner)

    FreaKii is a brilliant coach. He analyzes the gameplays very detailed but in a simple way. He gives you a summary at the end of the session where he briefly describes everything he went into in the analysis. His knowledge will benefit anyone who is looking for an excellent Rocket League coach. I can only recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting better at Rocket League.

  15. DespairCobra (verified owner)

    A top tier coach I recommend him if you want to improve rotations and everything else.

  16. max.montpetit (verified owner)

    Freakii is an Elite Rocket League Coach! He analyses every play in a simple way that a baby could understand. He’s a very chill dude with a good passion for coaching. He’s always free for questions about anything related to rocket league or the Esports scene.

    I highly recommend Freakii as your coach. He will make you see the game differently! I will definitely come back for more coaching sessions!

  17. mau5trapper1989 (verified owner)

    Looking on GamersRdy for the perfect coach? Stop here. Freakii will exceed your expectations, breaking down your mechanical problems, and your positional issues. He also summarizes everything at the end very nicely. Also a super chill dude who will answer any and all questions you have about the game and the Esport. I will come back.

  18. Preston Ferrante (verified owner)

    Freakii is an amazing coach that really gets into detail during a session. I can already tell that I am going to improve a lot from everything that he has given me. He is very thorough, and really found out what I can improve on in my game. Overall, he is a great guy and is very nice! Would recommend!

  19. samuel brown (verified owner)

    FreaKii is an excellent coach! I’m amazed how much we were able to cover in the session. We went over a few replays and he broke down the gameplay telling me what I was doing well and what I needed to improve. He also provided a handy summary of the things we covered in the session as well as recommending training packs and workshop maps that I could work on to improve my mechanics. I have already started to implement some of the tips during my games and seen them pay off!

    On top of that FreaKii is a really friendly guy and has a great way of explaining concepts. I can definitely recommend him!

  20. Ben Wierzbicki (verified owner)

    At first I thought coaching wouldn’t help me that much, but honestly thanks to FreaKii’s thorough analysis of what I was doing wrong and right, regarding things like mistakes I was making in rotations, what I should improve regarding my game sense, helping me to improve important mechanics like the half flip ,etc. I was finally able to reach my ultimate goal that I have had for a few years to hit GC. First experience with coaching and definitely worth your time and money. Eventually in the future when I decide to do another coaching session I will definitely go back to FreaKii.

  21. Thomas Eisenhower (verified owner)

    Freakii is a great coach and will help you have a better understanding of the game. He helped me recognize my rotational mistakes, and other areas in which I was struggling. Definitely recommend!

  22. Vollux (verified owner)

    Honestly at first I was very unsure if paying for a coach would actually help me but I can say without a doubt in my mind that the information we went over is simply priceless. Freakii really makes his coaching not only informative but also very fun. I had a great time and learned lot’s of things. Sure you can get coaching on Youtube but having someone as talented as Freakii personally go over your play makes it super clear what you need to do to get to that next level!

  23. (verified owner)

    Very good coaching :p Very nice guy with a lot of experience 🙂
    Just take this coach and you are getting a lot for your money

  24. Kuno Hildebrandt (verified owner)

    Best Coaching we ever had as a team!
    easy explanations and tips for our improvement with a lot of fun in it!
    He analyze every mistake in our rotation and decisionmaking and showed us how we can do it better on a very professionel way!

    Worth all the money!

  25. Elko (verified owner)

    Great replay review with a very throughout and detailed explanations. He recommends training packs and workshop maps to improve and answers all the questions you might have. He also stuck around for way longer than I paid for in order to help me which I really appreciate. Definitely recommend!

  26. ayeitskoro (verified owner)

    Really thorough with analyzing he explained rotation/mistakes and how to correct it understandable he’s DEFINITELY WORTH IT! 🙂 (when I have money I’m going to get his sessions again)

  27. Hannah Suarez (verified owner)

    Super thorough with analyses and takes the time to review everything before the session begins so that everything can be broken down effectively during the session. He explains rotation and decision making problems in a way that’s understandable to pretty much anyone while also correcting those mistakes in a thoughtful way (since I’m a softie haha). His coaching is definitely worth it!!

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