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This is my team coaching profile, click here to see my 1 to 1 coaching profile.

About me:
Hey, my name is FreaKii, or Sandro. I’m a professional Rocket League Player. I’ve been playing for various top tier Esports Organisations just like:

  • PENTA Sports
  • Renault Sports Team Vitality
  • Team Secret
  • Veloce Esports

I’ve been competing in the highest tier of Rocket League Esports tournaments like:

  • Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)
  • Rocket League Rivalry Series (RLRS)
  • DreamHack
  • Universal Open Season 2: 2v2 Finals
  • Gfinity Elite Series

My biggest Achievements are the winning of the Gfinity Elite Series Season 3 ????, qualifying for the RLCS World Championship in Season 4,5 and 8 and various Top 4 finishes at DreamHack and ELEAGUE. My team and I also went unbeaten in RLRS Season 7. During the time competing in RLCS I also accomplished a few Accolades like Saviour of the Season in Season 3 and 8, Runner-Up for Clutch Playmaker in Season 3 and 4 as well as the Runner-Up for the League Play MVP in Season 8.

Since I started playing Rocket League I’ve collected well over 7000 hours at a professional level. I would say this qualifies me to have a very good understanding of the game and meta, being able to adapt in different situations and therefore leading to the best possible outcome and ability to improve not only individually but also within a team.

What can you expect from my team coaching sessions?

I’m here trying to help your team reach your goals. Regardless of what aspect of your team gameplay needs improvement, I will be trying my best to help you become a better player not just mechanically but also in being able to read the game and adapt to whoever you are facing. You can count on my help if your team wants to reach a specific rank you couldn’t get to before as well as trying to shoot for something higher like the Top 100 or even the pro scene. Being a professional Player always comes with a lot of hard work and dedication to improving, which is why I’m sure that I can give some of my experience to you and help you get where you want to be! Summarized:

  • finding errors in your team gameplay and fixing them
  • improving your game sense and decision making
  • giving you the ability to adapt to different kinds of playstyles
How a team coaching session would look like:
  • comparing your team’s current skill level with what your goals are
  • watching replays together and analyzing in what situations improvement is needed
  • giving your team visual explanations on how to improve and read situations better
  • using my personal experience to give your team the best training sessions
My Social Media, Achievements and Ranks:

This is my team coaching profile, click here to see my 1 to 1 coaching profile.


PS Controller


English, German

Playlist Strengths

3v3 Standard

Coach Rank

Top 100, Supersonic Legend


ESL Monthly Champion, ESL Monthly Elite, Grand Champion, RLCS Contender, RLCS Elite, RLRS Challenger, RLRS Contender

Coaching Experience

1000 – 1499 Hours

Hours Played






3 reviews for FreaKii

  1. BRANDON BOLTON (verified owner)

    FreaKii was amazing to work with. I am an org owner with a high tier Rocket League team so we needed someone who has played at the highest level to coach and FreaKii did just that. His ability to break down the plays and deliver information in a way that makes sense truly shows he has a DEEP understanding of the game. I recommend the 2 hour session first as there is a lot to go over if its your first time with an RLCS Pro. He even sent us session notes afterwards! Truly a professional play AND coach! booking again right now!

  2. dshmags (verified owner)

    If you don’t read the rest of this review, read this: Whatever you want to accomplish in RL, Sandro will give you the conceptual and mechanical toolkit to get there.

    Okay, now for the review.

    Before getting coaching with Sandro, we thought we were a fairly competent Diamond 2 team that was slowly grinding our way to Champ with a few tournament wins under our belt.

    After getting coaching with Sandro, we quickly realized that was not the case at all.

    Sandro gave us a foundational overview of offensive and defensive rotation we had no idea we needed and then pointed out errors in our play we didn’t even know we were making. Most importantly, he gave us the knowledge to fix and evolve our play, and he did it all while being personable, funny, and encouraging.

    We now have a clear path to improvement and can recognize in real time when we’re making errors and when we’re playing correctly. And it’s all thanks to a few hours with Rocket League wunderkind FreaKii. We’ll definitely be booking another session.

    And he also made a few silly drawings that made us all laugh.

  3. agonypy (verified owner)

    FreaKii started the session by giving us a masterclass in 3v3 team rotation, both offense and defence. Then he proceeded to analyze the replays, and damn i was shocked by how many mistakes we were making even though we all put 2k+ hours in this game.

    He’s an amazing couch, very patient, analyzes every move you make and gives examples on how you can improve in every scenario.

    I can’t recommend him enough, we went from low C3 to GC in 2 hours right after the session ended, only losing 1 game!

    He provided kick-off strategies, training packs, workshop maps and even a summary of the entire session.

    We’re definitely going to book him again in the future.

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