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About me:

Hello there, my name is Firewall154, and i’m a Brazillian legend that you may or may not have heard about from the old JohnnyBoi_i’s 1v1 show matches. I’ve been playing this game since 2015, amassing about 4k hours ingame to this day. I was able to consistently get top 50~  in solo duels in the past, for five seasons in a row, and i’m also a 2k mmr player.

I have also coached many people in the past, ranging from bronze all the to grand champion players, and they have all acquired valuable info out of my analysis that has changed the way they think and act, during a match, completely.

Important info:
●  I coach ALL regions and ALL platforms, we just have to figure out what time and way works best for us;

What does the session consist of?

  1. We will firstly begin by discussing what we will be focusing on, this is when you will be able to ask me as many questions as you desire regarding our session;
  2. We will play 1-2 private 1v1 matches together so i can get a feel of your skill level, and give you some brief tips in the meantime;
  3. We will analyze some of your replays together, and i will show you what the weak/strong points of your playstyle, and teach you what you could be doing differently in each situation;
  4. At last, I will be sending you some videos and training packs, which are specifically chosen for your situation, so you can continue training until you reach your goals, or we get another session together.

Note: Have some replays ready to save time, one where you play well, and one where you play badly. If you’re on console, just upload it on YouTube and we will sort it out from there.

Additional information.

In the end, it is up to the student to decide what to do in the hour, whether it be learning and mastering mechanics, refining your game sense, rotations, etc; My main focus will be to discover the student’s goals and help you achieve those objectives by pointing out the things you are doing wrong, and how to fix them accordingly.

My strengths are 1v1s and 2v2s, however, I can still do 3v3s or Team coaching, although it is not my strongest gamemode, I am still a 2000 mmr solo player in 3s, and i have also gone pro and played multiple tourneys inumerous times in the past, so i also strongly advise you to get my coaching if you want to get better in 3v3s.

’’How could this possibly help me?’’

People always ask me, “how can you stay so calm while playing this game?!?!?” or even like “how do you never panic under stressful situations, like when you’re losing and is always able to figure out the best way to try to comeback???”.

I’ve been a 1v1 main since the beginning of my Rocket League Career, and that has changed the way i see and play this game completely in every single gamemode, and that ladies and gentleman, is what makes me confident do believe that I will be able to help you become a more intelligent and focused player, and help you figure out what is stagnating your evolution to the top.

Here are some links to get to know me better:





My Ranks (Tracker)


South America


English, Portuguese



Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours

Coach Rank

Top 100

Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Hoops


ESL Monthly Champion, ESL Monthly Elite, Grand Champion, RLCS Elite

Hours Played


Session Duration

1 Hour, 2 Hours

21 reviews for Firewall154

  1. Robin Chapple (verified owner)

    Had my first ever coaching session with Firewall, and he’s such a great coach, and an all around nice guy! Definitely recommend 😀

  2. Nicholas Hutchison (verified owner)

    Firewall is awesome! He was very fun and down to earth when it came to making sure I was able to do the things he was coaching me to do! He also gave me a TON of resources to use like specific videos, training packs, and general advice from watching my replays that I’ll be able to use for a long time while I rank up. No exaggeration, I was Silver 2 in 1s and not even a week after, I’m already Gold 2! I know it doesn’t sound impressive, but he gave me a few things to fine tune and that’s all it took to rank up a whole rank set! I’m really excited to see where I can go after fully using all the resources he gave me! Overall, definitely recommend! I’ll probably be using him again for a fine-tuning once I rank up some more!

  3. Victoria Cyzewski (verified owner)

    Firewall is the man.
    Firewall154 keeps his sessions upbeat and fun, and shows you how to improve quickly. Honestly some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing this game was while getting patiently obliterated by this dude in a 1v1 LOL. I really can’t overstate how smart, practical, and helpful the feedback was. Scheduling was easy too.
    Overall Firewall offers above and beyond coaching!

  4. Alejandro Valdenegro (verified owner)

    really great coach, gave me insight on my mistakes and how to correct them, since then I have only got better at the game, will definitely have another session in the future

  5. Kolbe Smith (verified owner)

    Firewall helped me instantly with what i needed to improve when it came to my game. He knew right away what i needed to work on and it showed instant results in ranked too! most definitley gonna keep booking him until i reach gc, amazing coach!

  6. rugbykillen202 (verified owner)

    He was a outstanding coach and helped me Learning about my flaws and gave perfect solutions to fix them. Overall a Amazing coach and if i were to need help from anyone again I would go to him.

  7. cristhianbonilha (verified owner)

    Champ 2 here, and I can attest that Firewall is a great coach. We watched some of my replays together, and then he pointed out three main mistakes that I was making quite often. We also played a couple of casual matches together, and he helped me fix some of these mistakes.
    I recommend, and I intend to take more classes with him.

  8. Edward Drew (verified owner)

    This was my first time getting a coach and I needed to improve my 1v1 skills so who better than a top 100 player. I decided to pick firewall as I had seen him on show matches on youtube. Firewall is an excellent coach. Within minutes of playing he figured out what I needed to improve on as well as ways about doing that. He pointed out mistakes that I wouldn’t have figured out myself, which made me a much better player. He’s a really chill and great guy and I HIGHLY recommend him as a coach.

  9. Endlease (verified owner)

    Firewall is an outstanding coach. He responded immediately and he managed to arrange a time that will be great for both of us. The coaching itself was really fascinating. He pointed out every mistake I did and made sure that I understood what I did wrong. He is very friendly and kind, knows how to teach well, while having a laugh with the student every now and then. It was a great experience and I already feel better. Very recommended.

  10. Jared Greenwood (verified owner)

    Awesome coach, made me look at things from a different angle and helped me understand the little things I was doing wrong. helped me improve within hours. Great guy and was super positive, probably will buy another session at some point. Thanks for being a great coach sir.

  11. Ay Ricky (verified owner)

    Really good coach, he was able to recognize errors in my game that I would have never thought of. I’ve gotten coaching a few times before, but my session with Firewall was probably the one in which I learned the most. Highly recommend

  12. Peyton Rice (verified owner)

    He is a great coach and you can get much better in the span of about 40 minutes. I 1v1ed him before my training and he scored about 17 times and after we 1v1ed i got multiple shots on goal and he scored 13

  13. Adam Maybury (verified owner)

    Really good guy, likes to have a laugh with you. Gave me good replay analysis and taught me 7 mechanics that I was struggling with! reccomend this guy so much! took me from gold one to plat 2 with only two hours of training.

  14. shiyuri (verified owner)

    First time using this site. Had a very nice coaching session with Firewall154. Very engaged and straight forward coach. He tells you what you do wrong, but also what you do right. Honestly more then worth.

  15. Zorny (verified owner)

    This was my first time using a coaching service for RL, and I am glad to have picked Firewall. He gave me some great tips and pointed out some important aspects of my game to work on to get started with. He also took the time to write down all the aspects and suggestions that he mentioned during the session, which was absolutely helpful. Other than that, he was extremely friendly and willing to joke around a bit to lighten the mood, which was much appreciated for someone who has never been coached before. I would definitely recommend anyone to take lessons from Firewall, as he made it very enjoyable as well as taking the time to be thorough.

  16. ESM (verified owner)

    Silver 1 here. Just had my first lesson, and it was pretty much perfect. Firewall showed me a ton of mechanics I needed to learn, answered all my questions, and helped fill in any gaps in understanding I had. Amazing lesson, and a really nice guy too. Highly recommended!

  17. worlds best backwards driver (verified owner)

    I am around champ 1 and he really analyzed how I can capitalize on my opponents mistakes. very chill and helpful overall.

  18. guijorge9 (verified owner)

    Melhor coaching que já vi, muito especifico e paciente, bastante bom o ambiente nas sessões e aprendi muito
    Valeu 😀
    Best coaching i’ve ever seen, very especific and patient, the ambient on the sessions its very good and i learned a lot
    Thanks 😀

  19. ESM (verified owner)

    Silver 1 here. Just had my first lesson, and it was pretty much perfect. Firewall showed me a ton of mechanics I needed to learn, answered all my questions, and helped fill in any gaps in understanding I had. Amazing lesson, and a really nice guy too. Highly recommended!

  20. harel elul (verified owner)

    It was nice to do the session point out my mistakes and teach me some new stuff. it was enjoyable and nice learning experience.

  21. Sp4rkHD (verified owner)

    Review (Portuguese and English)

    É a minha primeira experiência no Gamersready e decidi confiar no Firewall, e posso falar que ele é um coach incrível. Me ajudou bastante, tive a chance de jogar x1 contra ele para ele entender como eu jogo, analisou minhas replays, tendo em atenção cada detalhe delas e corrigindo os meus erros. Eu perguntei se podia jogar x2 com ele mesmo o treino sendo focado em x1 e ele deixou, mostrando que também dá alguma liberdade e que se importa com o aluno (e fiquei muito feliz). É um coach que merece muito mais e merece todo o valor possível. Faz de tudo para você aprender e melhorar e ele se foca totalmente no treino. Coach incrível e uma experiência muito boa.
    It was my first experience from gamersready and i decided to trust Firewall, and i can tell you that he is an incredible coach. He helped me a lot, i had the chance to play 1v1 against him so he could understand better how i played, analised my replays, having attention to each detail and correcting my mistakes and bad habits. I asked him if i could play 2’s with him even though it was a session focused on 1s and he accepted, showing that he gives some freedom and he cares about his student (and i was really happy). He is a coach that deserves a lot more and deserves all the possible value. He does everything for you to learn and get better and he focuses totally on the training session. Incredible coach and a very good experience.

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