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About me:

Hello! My name is Evil and I am an American coach and manager in the Rocket League scene. I have been playing Rocket League since July of 2015 and have been Supersonic Legend since the new Season 1 . Competitively, I have experience in tournaments such as ESL, RLRS, and other Psyonix sponsored events. Outside of competing, I managed The Zookeepers (Bambii, Porklet, Tool) in RLRS Season 8 as well as RLRS Season 9 under RBG Esports working with them along their journey in professional Rocket League.

My Coaching:

I have been coaching for about 2 years with players from Bronze up to Top 100 Players working closely with them during lessons as well as after in order to help them reach THEIR goals. Some students have shown immediate positive changes in their gameplay whether through confidence, gameplay, or their rank while others have had a more gradual rate of improvement. Everyone learns differently and improves at different rates so I strive to work around those differences to bring you the knowledge and improvement that you want to see.

The lesson will always be tailored towards accomplishing YOUR goals. When looking over a replay, I will be pointing out different scenarios throughout the session that will tie together into an overarching idea that is present in your play. By identifying these patterns, I will bring you the information you need to improve your weaknesses and allow you to reach your goals. With that being said, everyone’s goals are unique which is why I have a variety of different coaching packages available for people interested in learning mechanics instead. (See lesson options below)

What a 1 on 1 Session Looks Like:

  • Pre-Lesson:
    1. We will connect over Discord DM’s about your package and scheduling within 48 hours of the order being placed.
    2. If you have selected a replay analysis session, you will send me a replay of your desired mode. A recent (1-4 days old), close loss from your preferred game mode is required.
  • During the Lesson:
    1. We will join a Discord call and start the session with a casual 1v1. We will discuss your Rocket League history as well as your personal goals so that I may help you reach them!
    2. Based on the package that you have selected, we will either look over a replay or enter a private match to teach you the mechanics inside the purchased package.
    3. For replay analysis, I will be screen sharing while utilizing an on-screen drawing tool to convey ideas and help you visualize the patterns identified and how to improve on them.
    4. We may wrap up the session by playing an online casual game together and I will also leave you with a training routine to practice in order to improve on the topics we discussed.
  • Post-Lesson:
    1. I will summarize the overarching ideas we discussed for you to reference as you continue to practice new skills or ideas learned.
    2. I will send you any other tools (video or training pack) that will aid you in practicing to accomplish the goals you brought to me.
    3. You may contact me after the lesson with any questions or concerns that you have as well as stay in contact with me throughout your journey!

Lesson Options:

  • Package #1 – Replay Analysis (Recommended for all ranks):
    • We will go over 2 replays that you have sent me where I will point out patterns in your play related to your goals. From there, I will give you a practice routine to improve and work towards improving on the discussed concepts.
    • Note: This package is only available to players who can download and send a replay file. Console players must have a PC player that can play with them to acquire a replay.
  • Package #2 – Fundamental Mechanics (Best for newer players):
    • Camera settings, keybinds(keyboard players only), half-flipping, boost management, power sliding, wave dashing
  • Package #3 – Ground Control/Mechanics (Best for Bronze – Diamond players):
    • Car control on the ground, dribbling, flicking, catching, hook shots
  • Package #4 – Aerial Control/Mechanics (Best for Diamond – Champion players):
    • Car control in the air, single jump aerials, double jump/fast aerials, air rolling
  • Personalized Package – The Combination of Multiple Packages (Note: Each package takes approximately 1 hour to teach & cannot be compressed into 30 minutes)
    • If ordering more than 1 hour, you may select this to combine multiple packages


  • Please take a look at my Coaching Terms & Conditions
  • Access to Discord and the ability to be in a call with a microphone
  • 2 replays (If selecting package #1) | These must come from ranked, scrimmages, or tournaments and meet all requirements mentioned of Discord when scheduling
  • Console players should contact me with questions regarding replay analysis if any
  • An open mind for constructive criticism to get the most out of the lesson

Additional Information:

  • 17 Years Old (High School Senior)
  • 1950+ Super Sonic Legend Player
  • Over 5,000 Hours
  • 500+ Hours of Coaching Experience
  • Keyboard & Mouse Player
  • Eastern Time Zone

My Team Coaching Service

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I Want to Help You Reach YOUR Goals!

Thank you for considering me as your coach! Please don’t hesitate to contact me over Discord with any questions that you may have!


Keyboard & Mouse



Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard, Hoops

Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours

Coach Rank

Top 1000, Supersonic Legend



Hours Played



PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Area focus

Competitive, Mechanics

19 reviews for Evil

  1. Ryan Bronkema (verified owner)

    We purchased a coaching session for my 11 year old son who is shy and wasn’t sure about coaching. It was the best posssible decision we could have made. Evil was patient, used age-appropriate examples, and gave my son practical things to work on. My wife and I were so impressed and my son felt like he improved. I can’t stress enough what a great job that Evil did. We’re so thankful for the well-thought out coaching but especially the kindness and mentorship he gave to someone younger than him. Thanks again! I’m sure we’ll be scheduling again soon and you should too.

  2. jjones14 (verified owner)

    Evil really took his time helping me get the fundamentals of Dribbling down and provided training packs and a plan to improve my gameplay. He was in touch, on time, and very professional in regards to the lesson itself. I’ll be coming to him for help with my aerials next!

  3. julesarocha (verified owner)

    Excellent coach. His feedback is extremely insightful. He pointed out things I never would have seen on my own. I’ve had a few coaches here, but this guy… He is top notch!

  4. brandoncleary19 (verified owner)

    Highly recommended coach. He has a great understanding of the game and will know exactly where you are going wrong so you can improve your rank. I got gc in two days after our session together.

  5. Mia Lewis (verified owner)

    Really good coach, gave excellent feedback on replays and made everything very understandable and explained in-depth. Gave multiple training packs and always responds to questions ASAP even after the session is over.

  6. Viglio (verified owner)

    Evil is a really good coach and a better person. Evil really went above and beyond by telling me exactly what I need to do to improve and how to do it <3

  7. Rayan Sadaghiani (verified owner)

    Really cool guy, he knows what he talks about, and really good and seeing flaws in gameplay, and help you incooperate new skill sets in the game, and a really enjoyable session aswell. I will get another session when i have achieved the improvement areas we discussed.

  8. Sam Somerville (verified owner)

    Great guy to work with. Super intelligent training, and all around good guy. He made the experience a lot of fun and has a great sense of humor. I can’t recommend him enough!

  9. thebrillliantgamer (verified owner)

    Evil is an amazing coach who takes his time to make sure you understand the concepts he is talking about, as well as being very relatable and genuine in his coaching. I’ve ordered from Gamersrdy a few times now and my experience with Evil is at the top of the list! I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve at their game!

  10. Adam Brookman (verified owner)

    Fantastic Coaching! Lots of good information, I am already improving! Very professional and friendly. He gave me a summary of everything we talked about as well as a good training program to follow in the future. I would recommend Evil to anyone.

  11. Brody Bell (verified owner)

    Evil was a fantastic coach! He took his time to make sure I understood every aspect of our session and he was extremely patient when I struggled. He also left me with my own ways to train and progress on my own post session. I would recommend him to anyone!

  12. jon edwards (verified owner)

    absalutly amazing evil is such an amazing coach and a genuinly nice guy to talk to in general verry funny his tips are amazing would 10/10 reccomend if your trying to get better at the game for the cheapest price he is amzing best experiance

  13. Steven Leon (verified owner)

    Evil is an amazing coach and a really nice person. He was very patient with me and explained everything I had questions for. I was a hardstuck c2/c3 player and now I am a confident GC player. I think 20$ for a 1 hour session is underpriced for what he gives you. Thanks Evil.

  14. Steve Sanders (verified owner)

    Evil is a great coach
    He is not to serious for players like me but is a really good coach at the same time. I loved working with him and would always do it again.

  15. Raymond Williams (verified owner)

    Evil is an amazing coach and showed me things in my gameplay I myself was not aware of.
    I still use his teachings to this day and see improvement even now. I was stuck and unsure of
    what to do at 1700 hours, platueing at mid diamond when I reached out for his coaching. He’s good
    with giving you tips and speaks clearly. I look forward to working with him again when I’m stuck at
    gc and show him how far I’ve come.

  16. Alex Burnham (verified owner)

    Honestly, this was the most fun I have ever had learning about the game. Evil is an amazing coach and he not only makes the session very easy to follow, he is hilarious and makes sure you know your stuff by the end of it. I started out Plat 2, and now am Diamond 2 in every game mode almost Diamond 3 in 2s (with only about 120 hours in game time) this is the most enjoyable experience I have ever had and will most definitely be working with him again in the near future.

  17. Ali Fadlallah (verified owner)

    Evil is one of the best coaches I’ve had for Rocket League…by far! He’s incredibly passionate about the game and it clearly shows in his sessions. He truly wants you to succeed and get better, is never one to watch the clock or make you feel rushed, and he takes the time to explain the rationale behind every piece of advice he gives. He also knows how to keep the session fun and engaging. Working with Evil was an excellent and highly recommended experience – I’m extremely impressed at his coaching (and Rocket League!) abilities at such a young age!

  18. Ethan Vig (verified owner)

    Awesome Coach to learn from very in depth even with just a hour session recommend him fully!

  19. Corentin Zimmowitch (verified owner)

    Fantastic coach and great experience! Evil tailored our lesson to my skill level and what I wanted to learn while being very patient, enthusiastic, and quick to respond. I learned a lot of new information as well as how to practice it effectively on my own after our lesson, leaving me very satisfied with my 1 hour session. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for help reaching the next level in their gameplay!

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