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About me:

Hi there, my name is DelayKnee or Delay for short. I am 27 years old and have had a passion for Rocket League since 2018. Since then, I have absorbed as much knowledge as possible by grinding ranked and analyzing endless hours of high-level players. This knowledge I have then applied to my YouTube channel by making helpful videos from a unique perspective.

I hit Grand Champ in Season 13 with less than 1000 hours (without insane mechanical ability) so I’d love to help you achieve a similar result with the playstyle I’ve adopted.

My coaching experience has allowed me to have my students rank up from low Platinum to Champion in just a short period of time. Each student has their own strengths and weaknesses and my aim is to be able to help you identify those and understand how you can improve on them. I’ve also had hundreds of people tell me how much my videos have helped them achieve their desired rank so teaching is something I love to do naturally and help people improve.


Before the session

  • We will exchange messages via Discord to have a brief conversation regarding your goals, weaknesses, strengths and what you’re looking to get out of the session
  • You will send 1-3 replays that showcase your typical gameplay (not a highlight reel)

During the session

  • Replay analysis (via Discord screen share)
  • Go in-depth into the bad habits and decision making that could be keeping you “stuck” in your current rank and teach you how to adjust and fix them
  • Advice on mechanical faults, possession play, boost management, rotations, positioning and training modalities
  • Cater a training program that will suit you best for improving and reaching your ranked goals
  • I am happy to stay in communication through Discord DMs if you have any additional questions or concerns after the session as well

It’s easy to analyze yourself and only see what you’d like to see! But after a coaching session, you will have learned about your downfalls from an objective source. I will give you plenty of things to work on until our next session if you choose to return.
You will be more confident in your abilities and will be able to take full use of a playstyle that don’t require crazy mechanics. My goal is to help you become the best Rocket League player you can be in the fastest time window possible. I look forward to working with you!



RL Tracker







Playlist Strengths

1v1 Duel, 2v2 Doubles


PS Controller

Coach Rank

Grand Champion 1

Coaching Experience

25 – 49 Hours

Hours Played




6 reviews for DelayKnee

  1. Adam Kalu (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed having DelayKnee coach me. He’s straightforward in his analysis and it becomes easy for yourself to review replays analytically afterwards. He makes it clear and easy to understand mistakes made, but also points out plenty of the good things you did in game. Following his advice, I definitely noticed a change in my playstyle and improvement. I see myself signing up for more coaching in the future.

  2. Conor Gross (verified owner)

    Great RL mind to have look over replays. Delayknee has a more applicable approach to the game than the typical “play fast” meta. I noticed improvements in my decision making and playstyle (and rank) immediately after the coaching session. One of the top RL minds out there, highly recommend.

  3. Scott Sperling (verified owner)

    Great analysis, very observant and helpful. Followed up with detailed notes on what to work on and training packs to use.

  4. James McBrayer (verified owner)

    The amount of detail he sees in every play is amazing. It is those very details that make all the difference when trying to rank up. His depth of knowledge is vast whether your needs are basic or complex in nature. I would recommend him to any skill level and will be buying again. I’ve already seen real improvement in both my mechanical and mental game as a result of his coaching and training recommendations.

  5. Thomas Goodwin (verified owner)

    His coaching helped me a ton. Showed exactly what mistakes I was making and how to fix them all and after training on those problems for a while I ranked up pretty quickly thanks to this dude

  6. ernesto lauzardo (verified owner)

    GOAT coach, helped me understand what I was doing wrong and how to fix it, even helped me apply it right after.

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