Blue Phoenix

About Me:
Hey! My name is Blue Phoenix. I’m a 19 year old professional rocket league coach from southern Germany. I speak German natively and English with an American accent on a native level. I started coaching around 2 1/2 years ago and since then I’ve spent around 700+ hours analyzing gameplay and coaching various players and teams from every skill level.

I’ve coached in the South American RLCS in the form of Grand Series and Prime Series, along with coaching bubble teams and a wide variety of high-level players exceeding 2000MMR, including a few Top 100 players. I myself am a high-level Grand Champion having played for 2000+ hours, peaking at around 1850MMR.

If you book a session with me, I can’t promise you that you’re definitely going to improve, because I believe that no matter what I do, coaching is all about how well you can apply what you’ve learned. Nevertheless, I will do my very best to give you all the tools you need to improve all by yourself and I’m confident that after getting coached by me you will have everything you need to fight your way to the top. The last and most crucial thing you need to know is that coaching is a team effort. Ask as many questions as you possibly can, because the less you ask the less I can tailor the session around what you need. The more you ask, the more you’re going to learn! Good Luck 🙂

What Does A Session With Me Consist Of?:

  • Over Discord, you will provide me with 2-5 replays + we will schedule a date for the coaching together (If you’re on console I would appreciate replays on Youtube)
  • You will tell me what your short & long term goals for the game are so that I can tell you how to reach your goal most effectively
  • I will ask you a couple of questions to prepare for the session beforehand
  • We will enter a private voice chat together on Discord and I will screen share your gameplay (We will only be looking at 1 or 2 replays in our session)
  • I will illustrate important things with an on-screen pen to allow you to more easily follow along with the coaching
  • We will work together to give you as much technical information about the game as you need to more successfully master future practice and competitive sessions (I will try to make the best possible schedule for you to achieve your goals)
  • I will give you my notes on your gameplay in case you want to look at them, later on, to compare your future gameplay to your current performance
  • (- With experienced players, I will also go over pro-level replays if requested. Of course, if you think it will help you personally even if you’re not that experienced, you can always let me know and we can work something out)

Additional Information:

After a session with me, I hope to have given you the information you need to be able to find your own mistakes in your gameplay and to know how to fix those mistakes by yourself. Personally, I believe booking at least two sessions over a couple of months is far better than relying on a single, jam-packed session because you will support your progress a lot more. Of course, this depends on how much you want to improve. If you do schedule multiple sessions, the second and any following sessions will focus a lot more on how you can analyze your own gameplay better. Of course, during the sessions, we will do it together, but in the long term, I believe if you can find your own mistakes, you will be able to improve a lot more on your own. For most players the first session will be more about giving you a baseline to work with, any potential future session will go more in-depth in terms of self-analysis.



English, German



Area focus


Playlist Strengths

2v2 Doubles, 3v3 Standard

Hours Played


Coaching Experience

200 – 999 Hours


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