The Best Drop Spots in Fortnite Season 8

With the release of Season 8, the arena point reset, and with tournaments coming up, it’s important that you know where you’re going to land. Even if you’re not into the competitive side of the game, having a good drop spot is key to getting that Victory Royale.

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Usually, a good landing spot has forms of mobility, good loot, and a lot of materials. All the drop spots shown in this guide have all three of those things.

They’re also unnamed locations. When you land at named locations, you run the risk of dying early due to the number of people who drop there. However, the landing spots in this guide will usually be uncontested, allowing you to take all the drop has to offer for yourself.

In this guide, I’m going to be showing you the best drop spots in Chapter 2: Season 8.

Drop #1

This first drop spot is to the north of Retail Row and to the west of Dirty Docks.


I recommend landing at the top of the tower-like structure as you will have a good angle to shoot anyone else who lands at this spot.

After you eliminate anyone who is there, start looting! There are a ton of chests, and there’s also an IO chest. This will drop a weapon of blue rarity or above. Here’s what it looks like:

If you still have time to loot before the storm closes, you can head south to the fishing pond. Make sure to try and fish while you’re over here.

There are also chests and floor loot within this area. However, don’t spend all your time looting; be sure to farm materials too! There are a ton of trees and rocks for wood and brick, and you can farm the IO base or the bridge to the west for metal. 

Sometimes, you’ll have to travel into the eye of the storm (aka the zone) if the storm circle isn’t over you. If this is the case, there are many forms of mobility to get there. You can use either the slipstream or the IO cars.

There’s also a “natural” launchpad there, which can’t be broken. One other thing to note is that there is a reboot van here, in case you’re playing a team game mode and one of your teammates is eliminated.

Drop #2

This next drop can be found to the southwest of Misty Meadows. In addition to the trees, rocks, floor loot, and chest spawns here, there’s also an IO chest.

After you’re done looting, drive the IO car north to the gas station. There’s more loot, slurp barrels and an abundance of metal. You can also farm the IO base for metal.

Finally, you’ll find a reboot van a little to the west in case you need to reboot someone. 

Drop #3

The third drop I’m going to cover is on the bottom-right of the map, near Catty Corner and Camp Cod.

There are two parts to this drop: The IO base and the blue cube. In the IO base, there’s a ton of floor loot, some chests, and an IO chest.

For mobility, there’s a natural launchpad and an IO car. I recommend you take the IO car because after you finish looting this part, you should head down to the blue cube. 

By touching the cube, you will get full shield, so make sure to save any shield you get from looting the IO base. You can also farm brick and wood here.

After looting there, head north to the bridge so you can farm metal. On this bridge, there’s also a reboot van! Finally, either take the car or use the slipstream near Misty to head to zone!

Drop #4

The fourth drop spot is located directly south of Holly Hedges.

This is another IO base, meaning you can farm the walls for metal. There’s an IO chest and there’s an IO car. Also, you can find two slurp barrels located inside. 

After looting the building, take the IO car and head southwest to the area with houses near the beach, named Rainbow Rentals. Make sure to farm brick and wood along the way!

When you arrive at Rainbow Rentals, make sure to fish and loot the houses. After you’re finished, drive to zone with your IO car!

Drop #5

The last landing spot I’m going to cover is to the west of Weeping Woods.

Unlike all of the other drop spots, this one doesn’t have an IO base. However, it’s equally as good!

First, land at the spire area and loot the chests that spawn up there. Don’t hit the spire beam though. Instead, go down and loot the huts and floor loot around the spire area. 

After that, head northwest, and you’ll find a lone shipping container. It doesn’t look like much at first glance, but this is actually the heart of this drop spot.

Break into the side of the container and head down the stairs. Here, you’ll find floor loot, chests, and ammo boxes! There are also three slurp barrels for shield!

When you’ve finished looting here, head northwest again. You’ll find an area with mushrooms on the ground, and together with the shield you gained from earlier, you should have max shield! There’s also a giant tomato and Durr Burger. These give a ton of metal, so make sure to farm those!

Finally, head over to the slipstream for an easy rotation into zone. There’s also a reboot van to the west if needed.


I recommend trying all of these drop spots at least once and seeing which one works for you.

When you find the one that works best, practice dropping there multiple times in order to familiarize yourself with it and to learn how to loot it effectively. Once you master your drop spot, it will set you up with everything you need to win the game!

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