How to Do the Two-Wall 90 in Fortnite

The two-wall 90 is another relatively simple 90 to complete that places fewer total building pieces than the standard 90. 

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In this piece, I’ll walk you through how to do the two-wall 90 so that you’ll be ready to use it in-game.

Why This Matters

The two-wall 90 is a great alternative to the standard 90 because it uses fewer materials. In-game, this can often be the difference between winning and losing an engagement with another player.

Step by Step

Here’s how to do a two-wall 90 step by step:

  • Start by connecting a wall to the front of your ramp just like you do with the standard 90 
  • Then connect a wall to the right side of the first wall 
  • Finally build a wall on top of that 

The first time you do this 90, you’ll place three walls and then every subsequent time after you’ll place two. The positives of this 90 is that because you’re placing one less wall than with the standard 90, you save a few mats and some people find it easier/faster to do.

However, the obvious negative with that is the fact that you’re gonna be slightly less protected than you would be with the standard 90. 

Watch the clip below a few times over before trying it out yourself to really get a feel for what is happening:

Common Mistakes

This manoeuvre is all about timing. Give it a good amount of practice and you’ll get it down quick! But focus mainly on your timing for when you jump and place your builds

I hope you found this article helpful!

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