The Best Mentality for Retakes in Fortnite

High ground retakes are one of the most iconic mechanical techniques in Fortnite. When you’re on low ground and you want to get to high ground occupied by an enemy, your only option is to do some form of retake.

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If you’ve ever watched an insane mechanical player like Faze Sway, the retakes that he’s able to consistently do will make the average player’s head spin. But the truth is, a lot of high ground retakes you’ll see people do are more about style and flashiness than effectiveness.

Even though super-advanced retakes can sometimes be a bit more effective than the most simple ones, it definitely isn’t worth all the extra time and effort to learn them. As long as you’re able to master two or three different retakes, you’ll be able to regain high ground in almost any situation. 

On top of this, these basic and intermediate retakes can act as a foundation for your own creativity as you work to learn more mechanics and potentially learn those high-level retakes in the future. 

The focus of this piece is not flashiness, though. I’m more interested in teaching you the important moves that will help you improve and win more games.

Why This Matters:

  • If you can’t perform basic retakes in Fortnite, you’ll always be stuck underneath players who got the edge on you in a build battle. Being able to perform high ground retakes will keep you in the game as you battle vs high-level players in Fortnite.

Common Mistakes:

  • Players often want to skip these foundational moves and go right to the flashy retakes performed by players like Sway and others. This is not only useless–as most of those retakes are not necessary–but it’s also virtually impossible to jump to the complicated moves without learning these foundational retakes.

I hope you found this article helpful!

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