How to Use the Diagonal Tunnel in Fortnite

This is probably the tunneling method that I use most frequently in Fortnite. It’s simple to learn but quite effective!

It starts the same way as the standard tunnel but it also has some differences in the placement that make it better in my opinion.

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Step by Step

Here’s how you should go about building the Diagonal Tunnel:

  • First, place a floor at your feet and then one on top of you
  • Then place a wall in front of you 
  • Finally, place another wall to either your left or right side. 
  • Make sure you alternate the direction of the side wall placement each time you build in a new tile

In terms of rhythm, the placement would go something like this:

1.  floor – floor – wall in front – wall to the left

Then you’d sprint to the open right side and go:

2. floor – floor – wall in front – wall to the right.

Here’s how it looks in practice:

This probably takes a bit more practice than the Diagonal Tunnel, but once you get it down, it’s a lot smoother and easier to execute at high speeds.

This is because you can turbo build the two walls since you’re placing them right next to each other. It’s not like the Standard Tunnel where you need to place them individually since they’re on opposite sides. 

The other positive aspect of this method is that, due to the diagonal building, you’re constantly protecting yourself from different angles which makes it really hard for an enemy to line up a shot on you no matter what angle they’re at.

Why It Matters

Here’s why the Diagonal Tunnel is useful to have in your armoury:

  • The Diagonal Tunnel is a bit complicated at first, but once you get it, it is smoother than many other tunnelling techniques and it protects you from almost any angle

Common Mistakes

There are some mistakes that you can experience when trying to master this tunnel:

  • It’s somewhat difficult to get the rhythm down at first. Don’t feel bad if you’re messing it up, just rewatch the example video above and keep working at it!

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