The Basics of Ramp Rushing in Fortnite

Out of all the vital mechanical techniques in Fortnite, ramp rushes are definitely the easiest to learn. However, that doesn’t make them any less important.

Anytime you wanna close the distance between you and an enemy while also maintaining high ground, ramp rushes are your best bet.

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Now obviously, if you just place ramps alone, you’re going to get shot out almost instantly. So the most effective ramp rushes are the ones that are protected by multiple layers of cover.

I really only use two different ones depending on the situation, so let’s quickly break them down:

Single Ramp-Floor-Wall Ramp Rush

The single is without a doubt the most common ramp rush that I use while playing Fortnite.

It’s incredibly easy to learn. It gives your ramp two extra layers of protections with the wall and floor, and at only three materials per level, it really isn’t that bad.

Although the name basically explains how to do it for you, here’s the step by step guide:

1. Place your ramp while sprinting forwards

2. As you’re going up the ramp look slightly towards the ground and then place a floor connected to the bottom of it

3. Then look towards the middle of the ramp and place a wall connected to the front of it

Like I said, incredibly simple to execute.

You want to use this ramp rush when you’re pushing a team of 2 players. 

Here’s how it looks it practice: 

Double Ramp-Floor-Wall Ramp Rush

The double ramp-floor-wall may seem a bit intimidating on the surface but it’s literally just the single ramp-floor-wall done twice at the same time.

Here are the steps of how to do it in the quickest and most efficient way possible: 

1. Place two ramps next to each other going in a right-to-left motion

2. Then look down slightly and place two floors under the ramps but this time do so in a left-to-right motion

3. Finally, place two walls connected to the front of the two ramps in a right-to-left motion

You can also reverse the directions if you would like to but that just comes down to preference.

The double ramp-floor-wall will take a little bit of practice to get used to if you’ve never done it before, but I’ve always thought the perceived difficulty of it was very overrated.

You want to use this ramp rush when you’re pushing a team of 3+ players that could potentially shoot at you.

Here’s how it looks in practice: 

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