How to Use the Floor-Ramp Tunnel in Fortnite

The most basic type of tunnel by far is the ultra-simple floor-ramp tunnel. Honestly, it’s so simple that I’m not even fully convinced this truly counts as a real tunneling technique. 

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In this article, I’m going to help you master the floor-ramp tunnel so you can get the most out of it in Fortnite.

Step by Step

Building a floor-ramp tunnel in Fortnite is simple:

  • Run forwards while building a floor underneath you
  • Once you are past the halfway point of the floor, build a ramp behind your player
  • Continue to do this, going back and forth between builds as you run forwards

It’s literally as simple as looking pretty much straight down at the ground while continuing to run forward, placing a floor in front of you and then placing a ramp once you get past about the halfway point of the floor. As long as you do that correctly, you will place the ramp behind you so your backside will be totally protected by that ramp. 

This is what it looks like in practice:

How to Use a Floor-Ramp Tunnel

The main situation where you want to use this technique is when you know for a fact that the enemy you’re rotating away from is directly behind you. This is because you aren’t protected from your front or your right or left side. 

The floor-ramp tunnel should only be used very situationally, then. But since it’s so simple and only uses 20 materials (mats) per tile, it’s still definitely something you should know how to do.

Remember: Practicing mechanics in Fortnite—even if it’s something as simple as this mechanic—can help you master other mechanics and skills. 

Maybe you’ve never tried placing a ramp behind your player like this. Doing these kinds of odd little mechanics and manoeuvres will help you get a better understanding of all that’s possible in Fortnite.

Why This Matters

But why does this matter?

  • The floor-ramp tunnel is a great introduction into the idea behind tunnelling and its purpose.
  • Building a floor/ramp tunnel and learning to go back and forth between these builds helps you get the fundamental foundation for all tunnel building in Fortnite.

Common Mistakes

What are the common mistakes that crop up when people use this technique?

  • Players often want to skip these foundational moves and move on to more exciting stuff. Work on this till you’ve mastered it and can do it every single time without having to think. Try to commit the move to muscle memory.

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