How to Become a More Aggressive Fortnite Player

The art of becoming an aggressive Fortnite player is incredibly valuable when you consider its usefulness in real-game scenarios. An adequate ability to force and win fights will surely help you get out of a bind the next time you’re low on mats or need better heals.

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Sometimes, the difference between qualifying for the next round of a tournament comes down to that one w-key game that you scuffed. Our goal in this tutorial is to equip you with the needed resources to never find yourself in this situation ever again.

With that said, let’s go over the top tips to become a w-keying legend:

Tag Your Opponent from Range

The first opportunity you will have to gain an advantage in any fight is by gaining a health advantage before close quarters combat. Acute awareness of your surroundings will allow you to scout out your opponent before he does you.

A good beam with a rifle can set your opponent back for all of his shield and force him to base up—even if it is an inopportune area.

Not only will you have the HP advantage—you’re also getting the high ground 9 times out of 10. If your opponent is in a box healing, take this opportunity to secure the elevation and work top-down.

Use Your Builds!

The most invaluable lesson I learned from pro Fortnite players is that you use all available resources to take care of the fight in front of you with little exception.

What’s the good in conserving materials if you’re sent back to the lobby before using all of them? My point exactly.

Even if you end up eliminated, if you used all your materials, heals, and utility—you left it all on the battlefield. Make sure to commit your full resources to the w-key if that’s the playstyle you’re leaning into.

Don’t Hold Out Your Pickaxe Excessively

It’s quite tempting to bring out your pickaxe when barreling through opponent builds. After all, how else are you going to get to your opponent?

A word of caution and a word of advice. Firstly, I caution everyone who excessively uses their pickaxe when pushing opponent builds as this is their best chance to eliminate you. If you aren’t holding angles properly—you will be at the brunt end of a big shotgun shot.

Now a word of advice. Just use a spam weapon (Assault Rifle, Sub Machine Gun, even Tactical Shotgun) to shoot through builds so you are never edited on while unarmed. Use your weapon to break builds especially when throwing caution to the wind regarding angles held.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you subscribe to a more aggressive playstyle. These tendencies are commonly exhibited by the best of the best and you should be aiming to emulate those who are better than you.

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