How to Improve your Aim in Fortnite Season 6

Aim is one of the most important mechanics if you plan on becoming a top Fortnite competitor. You can build, build, and build all you want but it’s all pointless if you can’t finish the job with a clean shotgun shot and SMG follow-up.

We’ll go through optimal strategies to improve your aim and the various training courses you can iterate through to strengthen this part of your game.

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With that said, let’s hop into the guide…

Aim Training

When it comes to aim training, you’re going to have two main forms of improvement. Those are in-game aim trainers and separate clients.

If you have the resources, individual clients such as Kovaak’s or Aim Labs provide contained and simulated environments that tailor to most triple A FPS titles.

At costs ranging between $10-20, the level of customization between different tracking systems will be a sure-fire way to improve your aim in both Fortnite and other shooters.

For those looking for a Fortnite-specific solution at no cost, consider an in-game solution in the form of a custom creative map.

Skaavok’s Aim Training by Don Wozi

Map creators have gone to great lengths to simulate the separate paid clients in the Fortnite creative environment. Consider taking up Skaavok’s Aim Training simulation by the coveted Don Wozi.

Map Code: 8022-6842-4965

Skaavok’s world hosts a myriad of different simulations through a server hub. Simulations range from smooth tracking, ascended tracking, flick tracking, and multiple weapon-specific types.

Best of all, controller and mobile players can use this solution. The aforementioned clients are exclusive to keyboard and mouse on PC.

In-Game Practice

At the end of the day, the best practice you will get will be through in-game simulations. Whether you’re playing in scrims, arena, or just skill-based core game modes, any practice on the field will be more valuable than a controlled environment.

Next time you hop in a match, set a goal to focus on your aim in specific. Don’t let the other aspects of the game such as building cloud your mind too much. Go through the following iterations during every shot:

  1. Position yourself for a strong shot
  2. Take your time—don’t try to flick
  3. Drag onto your opponent in a slow and smooth manner
  4. Aim for the chest or neck area

After your shot, you can go back to building and other aspects of the game. Just don’t let anything distract you for that half second that necessitates your full attention

Looking for a more personalized aim tutorial? We’d be happy to link you up with a professional GamersRdy coach who will help you instantly improve your Fortnite aim!


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