Improve Your Fortnite IQ With These Season 5 Tips

Let’s be honest, Fortnite pros aren’t generally known for having a high IQ. But contrary to popular opinion, the best Fortnite players employ high levels of intelligence in every Fortnite match.

From micro box-fights to macro game rotations, every decision that occurs has a snowballing impact. Understanding what you choose entails will let you make a more informed decision before you get tangled in an inescapable situation.

With that said, let’s go over some of the top tips to improve your Fortnite IQ in 2021:

Rotate Early and Often

The first and most obvious pitfall that newer or even modestly experienced players fall into is rotations. Rotating is a fine art where if you move too early or late, you’re vulnerable to lobby spray.

The rule of thumb is that you should work on your rotations as early as safely possible so that you’re never forced into a pinned position with the zone creeping up from behind.

Take a look at this zone position from the Chapter 1 map:

Say you find yourself in an edge zone position with a long trek to zone. In this case, you need to prioritize an early rotate more than someone who is already in the next zone.

After the early and mid game, endgame rotations become more complicated. Rotating with the herd becomes more important than timing. Deflecting lobby spray is more important when the player density is high (many players in a small zone).

Offense is the Best Defense (Sometimes)

Have you ever experienced a stubborn w-keyer? Someone that wants to force an engagement with no – no matter how optimal their position is? If so, consider a more aggressive counter.

When someone is w-keying your box, there’s one thing they have to do to get in. And that is…

…Pickaxing your wall. They have to temporarily remove their own protection to get into your grill. Instead of letting them in and then having a true 50/50 to deal with, why not bring the fight to them?

Getting aggressive when another aggressive player is vulnerable allows you to take the inevitable fight on your own terms. Your odds of coming out the other side alive improves with this mindset. If you want more help with box fighting check out my article on the subject!

Don’t Overthink Endgames

As you look to level up your professional Fortnite bid, you’ll inevitably play in customs, arena, or competitive events. And everyone knows that Fortnite’s competitive game is divided into two parts: 20 minutes of build-up (early + mid-game) and 5 minutes of insanity (endgame).

Players overthink and stress these end game scenarios due to the 20 minutes of build up leading to that capitulating point. But you can really deduct three main thoughts in your mind at all times to guarantee a shot at every end game:

Protect Yourself
Becoming a fluid tunneler to the point where it’s second nature is the name of the game. Triangle, bizzle, and default tunnels used in material optimizing situations should help you achieve this goal.

Target the lower hierarchy
Understand that players are ranked based on their positioning with respect to the zone. If you’re on the low ground on edge zone, you’re as good as fresh meat to the entire lobby. If you’re in a prime position, target said fresh meat and rack up those eliminations.

Be mindful of taking high ground
Always have a tick in the back in your head telling you when it’s a good time to go for height. Pro matches end a majority of the time with the high ground player winning for a reason. Wait for a vulnerability in the existing height and seize the opportunity.

So there you have it – some of our best tips to assist your Fortnite journey in 2021. If you’d like to receive personalized improvement, consider booking a coach at GamersRdy. With some of the best players in the game, we can help you shift into the next level of competitive Fortnite

If you’d like to expedite your journey towards improvement, consider booking a Fortnite coach at GamersRdy or check out The Fortnite Champions Course. We’ve got some of the top talents that can give you even more personalized tips to elevate your game.


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