2 Simple Tricks to Win more Fortnite Games in 2021

We’re deep into Season 5 of Chapter 2 Fortnite. Along the 15 seasons of play, we’ve all worked up the ladder of skill to eventually get that very first Victory Royale at some point in time.

For all the newer players out there, this one’s for you. Players have had just north of three years to figure out the most efficient way to rack up dubs while still having a great time.

Today, I’ll be giving you guys the best tips to instantly improve your chances of getting that win. So, let’s get started!

Optimal Drop Spot

After raw skill, the drop spot is the most important factor in your win chance.

The math behind this is quite simple, really. If more people contest you, the less likely you’ll make it out of spawn alive.

This is true for the worst bots and the top pros. If you want to go somewhere with goated loot, you’ll fight and often get eliminated over it.

Sure, if you make it out, you and your newfound god loot will be in a very good position to win the entire game. But the risk-reward ratio is typically not there, especially if you aren’t 100% confident in your fighting skills.

The solution? Land at a less populated area and create a solid loot path for yourself. I’ve taken the liberty to offer you a few suggestions here.

They include:

  • Outskirt houses along the river of Weeping Woods (left side image)
  • Solo henchman house on top of the desert hill (center side image)
  • Edge buildings at Hunter’s (right side image)

These drops in specific are all great because they all offer adequate solo loot and also top tier map positioning. You’ll rarely ever have to make a long trek at any point, setting you up for better endgame positioning.

Use [Fortnite.gg] for an interactive map to create a loot path of your own!

Using the Right Loot

Having the right loadout is crucial when optimizing win percentage. Don’t fall into the basic pitfalls and you’ll instantly see better results.

The biggest tip I have in this category is using a spam shotgun over a pump or charge. Nothing is better for pub-stomping than a gold tactical shotgun.

While wielding a pump shotgun is perfect for farming those 200 pump clips, they’re inherently riskier. If you miss a shot within close quarters, the damages will compound if you aren’t using a tac.

Other optimizations include farming a balanced amount of each material, prioritizing shields and floppers over medkits and bandages, and using an AR that you’re most comfortable with.

It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

You’ll see instant improvement if you take time to plan ahead and set up fewer interactions. While this is the point of the guide, I’d like to give a word of caution that this is a double-edged sword.

Long-term improvement can only be sustained if you put yourself in uncomfortable fighting situations that make you a better player in general. If you can’t win the last 1v1 duel then bush camping for 20 minutes will only be good for 2nd place every time.

I suggest you put yourself in uncomfortable fighting situations and learn how to get out of them. You can try realistic creatives, box fighting, and many more simulations if you want concentrated combat.

If you’d like to expedite your journey towards improvement, consider booking a Fortnite coach at GamersRdy. We’ve got some of the top talents that can give you even more personalized tips to elevate your game.


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