Ultimate Fortnite Movement and Mobility Guide for 2021

With a seemingly endless slew of options when it comes to moving your character across the map, one of the easily missed aspects of becoming a top Fortnite player is your movement.

From the micro-movements within each individual fight to macro-rotational awareness and pathing, we’re going to be covering A through Z in this one.

How is fighting movement correlated to rotations, you might ask? They’re not. But I like the theme of this one so we’re going to be discussing both. Hey, more free material for you to consume!

Mobility Changes

First, we’re going to break down the big changes from Season 5 and then work our way outwards.

The most obvious changes you’re going to see in regards to rotations is the new mobility pool. Season 5 is rife with new mobility that should make your rotations much easier. The three main mobility methods that were previously non-existent are:

– Sand Dunes (Passive mobility)

– Zero Point (Standalone consumable, Flopper)

– Rift Fish (Consumable Flopper with splash radius)

The *freshest* item added to the competitive pool is the Zero Point, a power-up you consume from shards peppered across the desert floor. Think of it like the Zero Gravity shards but for a different ability.

The Zero Point allows you to “double jump” with a glitching motion towards whichever direction you look. It’s effectively a speedier way to rotate. Or if you’re benjyfishy, an easy way to 1v6 pro players.

Benjyfishy shows the true potential of the Zero Point rocks and basically 1v6 2 pro trios from r/FortniteCompetitive

Like come on, how can one guy be so good at a video game?

Regardless, you can get the Zero Point ability through two means: picking up off the ground and consuming a Zero Point Flopper. The Zero Point Flopper also has a side benefit of healing your raw HP.

If you stand still in the sand for five seconds, you will morph into a sand dune that can buld up speed as fast as a default car on the road. If you’re in the desert biome, rotating through the center of the map becomes exponentially easier.

Fishing spots also become exponentially more valuable. With the possibility of getting a consumable rift-to-go, your entire team would pocket a free endgame rotate from this pesky bugger. Landing at a Slurpy Swamp or Weeping Woods becomes more appealing for this possibility.

Fighting Movement

Switching gears, we’re going to zoom in and talk about how you should be moving in a fight scenario. Right-hand peeks, yadda yadda, you know the gist.

I specifically want to hone in on the movement you should be doing in combination with peeking window edits.

Here’s the rundown:

1) Open a right-side window and stand one wood thread to the left of the opening:

2) Strafe to the right and duck into the bottom left corner of the window:

3) Nearly simultaneous with your duck, jump to cancel your duck and give yourself a one way peek for a brief moment:

4) Shoot and strafe back to the left. You can close your edit from here.

This movement exercise should get you in the spirit to hold right-hand peeks from the left side and offer one-way scenarios that are uncounterable from your opponent’s perspective.

With this information, you should be more prepared to take on your fights and rotations in Season 5. Want more personalized help? Consider booking a coaching session with some of the best coaches in the game here at GamersRdy.


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