How to Master Season 5 Drop Spots

Season 5 has introduced yet another collaboration with Disney’s media partners: this time including the Mandalorian storyline into the game. Now, we have the entire center of the map terraformed to the desert and players transforming into sand dunes.

As we move into 2021, a successful competitive Fortnite player has to adapt quickly to a new environment. This has been the way for years and shouldn’t be news to you. The introduction of new POI’s and environmental changes should be a red alert for you to study up and stay prepared.

We’re going to help you out today by discussing some of the top emerging strategies associated with navigating the Season 5 map.

Let’s get into it…

Salty Towers

Salty Springs received the most obvious upgrade between seasons after getting a facelift and a new name: “Salty Towers”

Additionally, porting in the old Tilted Tower buildings smack dab in the middle of the POI offered a refreshing buff to the increasingly stale drop spot.

Here are all of the chest and item spawns that you can expect to find at Salty Towers:

*Image courtesy of Fortnite.GG*

As you can see, the houses surrounding the center are largely unchanged from the Season 4 map. You’ll get the same chest and floor spawns, at the same drop rates as well.

What makes this Salty Towers and not Salty Springs is the three center-most buildings that were copy-pasted into the Chapter 2 map. Remember Trump Tower in Seasons 1-9? It’s back, baby!

Trios planning to land at Salty Towers must prepare for an onslaught of w-keyers and players with burn games left in the tournament. If you’re good at fragging, make sure to take center control early to have a loot and positional advantage. If you can control Salty, you control the game.

Rotating out of this spot is quite simple as well but we’ll get to that shortly.

Colossal Coliseum

The Coliseum was introduced solely as the POI dedicated to the crossover storyline. While there is no rhyme or reason from a competitive standpoint, players have found a strategic edge at Coliseum when playing in the events.

First off, the loot at Coliseum is quite impeccable. In fact, Coliseum has emerged as one of the highest density loot POI’s on the entire map:

In addition to the centre-right positioning on the map, players who land at Coliseum are met with an isolated set of quarters to gather loot and eventually fight your competition. You can usually get pretty stacked and finish any fights before a wandering third party comes into play.

Similar to Salty Towers, Coliseum has quickly become a prize for the entire lobby to seize. Don’t expect Coliseum to be uncontested for very many games. And if you do manager to get an uncontested Coliseum, loot quick and get out before the rotators put you in a pesky situation.

Practice Fighting at Season 5 Spots

All this preparation and planning out loot paths goes down the drain if you don’t have the mechanical ability to fight off intruders. If you let adversaries step on and force you into a more passive loot path, your endgames will suffer as a result.

Luckily, the Fortnite community is quick to offer resources to help elevate your game. Reddit user u/ShrideFortnite created a realistic fight scenario featuring exclusively the new map POIs:

Practice Season 5 Locations in this Map! Code: 5929-9986-9044 from r/FortniteCompetitive

Map Code: 5929-9986-9044

Creative community creations such as Realistics and Zone Wars have quickly become the fan favorites in the competitive Fortnite scene. Quite frankly, it’s the best way to practice your in-game fights.

Now, you can specialize yourself towards learning how to fighter in these new areas so you aren’t caught off guard the next time you find yourself engaged in a battle against another team.

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