Box-Fighting Tips for Radical Improvement for 2021

Season 5 just began and it looks as though we’ve regressed back to the Season 3 meta. Bye-bye pump shotguns. Hello charge (unfortunately…).

Regardless, the change in shotgun meta is as good a time as ever to reaffirm your box fighting techniques to acclimate yourself to your new weapon of choice

Corner Mongraal Classic

This fresh spin on the Mongraal classic will give you some more flexibility when someone is pressuring your box.

If you find yourself in a position where you are in a box but your opponent is pressuring you from open territory, keep this one in mind. Your opponent will have to be placed at the corner of your box in any direction for you to take advantage of his piece control.

The situation portrayed above is quite common as people view wall grabs from the corner as a very safe way to aggress. But by simply placing yourself on the right side of the corner and opening that side wall, you can take front piece control and force an engagement.

After stealing that wall, you can Mongraal classic by opening up that edit and creating an entire box around your opponent. Ideally, you place a ramp between you and your opponent giving you multiple options for how you want to secure the elimination… or the way I like to call it – “playing with your food”.

Shoot between Wall Places

If you’re maining the Charge Shotgun this season, this tip becomes exponentially more important… so listen up!

If you’re not aware, turbo build has a minimum delay of .05 seconds. Typically this number is even higher due to player latency and other factors.

This means if you’re in a jam and someone is going psycho with their pickaxe towards your box, you can almost guarantee a free shot (if your timing is spot on).

Take a look at these two frames and see how you could deal some serious damage:

Once the opponent breaks your wall, shoot for the head and instantly go back to turbo building the wall piece:

Big damage and you still have total piece control. If your opponent does take the wall before you, quickly place a ramp in your own box and migrate to another turtle.

Walls through Cones

An interesting anomaly with the Fortnite building grid is that while it’s impossible to build through a floor, you’re allowed to build directly through the cone. We can use this tidbit to take further piece control from the tops of our boxes.

Notice how you can practically place a full box on the level above your own without even having to expose yourself to the elements.

In a case where you’re actively fighting an opponent, you’re effectively getting an opportunity for piece control without the risk of opening yourself to the potential line of fire.

Good Luck!

The aforementioned tips are just a few ways you can outplay your opponents. If you’re looking to compete this season, consider booking a coaching session with some of our elite players for a 1-on-1 improvement lesson.

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Best of luck this season!


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