Bouncers, Shockwaves, & Crash Pads: How to use utility items this season in Fortnite

For a long time, utility items have been used by the best players in the game to get an edge over their opponents. Whether we’re discussing rotations, box exploits, or other off-hand tips, utility items must have a place in your game if you want to be one of the best.

In this article, we’ll be going over all the big tricks revolving around this season’s loot pool. However, a caveat before we begin: the meta is constantly changing; make sure to check back or even consult our coaches on the most up to date strategies.

The Basics

Let’s kick things off by familiarizing ourselves with the three most crucial utility items of this season:

This trap item can be placed on walls, floors, or stairs to give you an anti-gravity push in the perpendicular direction. Using this item negates any fall damage until you hit the ground one time. Best of all, Fortnite classifies Bouncers as a trap item so it won’t take up a traditional inventory space.

While shockwaves were recently nerfed in terms of spawn rate, you can still find these useful – and powerful – legendary items across the map. A powerful shock sends you barreling through multiple tiles in seconds

Crash Pads
Commonly regarded as the “only viable rotate in Season 2,” the crash pads offer a similarly fast rotate to those of shockwaves and can be reused by your entire squad. Crash pads spawn in bundles of 3, have a max stack of 6, and also take an inventory slot.

Let’s get into how you’re going to use these three items to your advantage a multitude of competitive scenarios:

Box Exploits

Crash pads quickly became the box exploit utility item of choice after it was revealed that players can strategically bounce into opponent structures. Take a look at RichHomieQuinn breaking down the basics:

Additionally, standing on top of an opponent’s cone on the roof side and throwing a crash pad towards the other side will land you a perfect level below.

Three Tile Exploit
Shockwaves are also quite useful for box exploiting. The three tile approach is a strategy that involves you standing exactly three tiles adjacent to your opponent’s 1-by-1 (on the same vertical level). Place a wall parallel to your opponent’s box and stand against the wall.

Once you’re done setting up, toss a shockwave at the wall. The force will push you exactly three tiles forward – or right behind your opponent in his or her box. You’ll have the first shot 9 times out of 10 and can easily rack up eliminations.


While utility items are often used to outplay your opponents, saving some for endgame is perhaps even more important. If you w-key until all utility is exhausted, don’t be surprised when one lobby spray sends you back to the lobby.

Take a peek at how combining bouncers and shockwaves make for an epic result:

Pretty cool, huh? We think so too. If you want to take it a step further, we’ve got some more bouncer and shockwave tricks thanks to our good friends at the Fortnite competitive subreddit:

With shockwaves and bouncers back in the game, here’s a reminder on how to rotate super far! from r/FortniteCompetitive


With launch pads removed once again from the competitive and core game modes, creating innovative rotational strategies using the aforementioned utility items is the only way you’ll keep up in this meta

Hopefully this guide gets you on the right track towards considering how utility items can help advance your game. If you’d like even more insights and personal recommendations, head on over to our live coaching category where top players are ready to elevate your game!


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