“First duo event in seasons”: Everything you need to know about Dreamhack

Dreamhack partnered up with Fortnite at the beginning of this year to bring monthly Open events. They announced the November schedule.

Dreamhack has become a staple tournament for competitive Fortnite players looking to take a chunk of the monthly $250,000 prize pool. Events take place in North America (East & West) and Europe.

This time around, Dreamhack dropped an unexpected twist: a duos event format. So far, every Dreamhack hosted event has used the solo format.

Dating back to the late 2019 and early 2020 LANs, Dreamhack has hosted a combined seven solo tournaments (and zero team-based events).

All factors considered makes this an incredibly unexpected but highly welcomed move.

In a multi-season stretch of solo Fortnite content, minus this season’s four weeks of Trios FNCS, another team event is a breath of fresh air.

Date, time and format

Similar to previous Dreamhack events, all regions will compete on separate days for broadcast scheduling reasons.

Here are all the regions with their respective event times:

Europe (GET)

  • Heat #1: Saturday November 7th, 14:00-17:00
  • Heat #2: Saturday November 7th, 18:00-21:00
  • Semifinals: Sunday November 8th, 14:00-17:00
  • Finals: Sunday November 8th, 18:00-22:00

NA East (EST)

  • Heat #1: Thursday November 12th, 5PM-8PM
  • Heat #2: Thursday November 21th, 9PM-12AM
  • Semifinals: Friday November 13th, 5PM-8PM
  • Finals: Friday November 13th, 9PM-1AM

NA West (PST)

  • Heat #1: Thursday November 19th, 5PM-8PM
  • Heat #2: Thursday November 19th, 9PM-12AM
  • Semifinals: Friday November 20th, 5PM-8PM
  • Finals: Friday November 20th, 9PM-1AM

The point format obviously needed some modifications from the solo format as we are dealing with an entirely new gamemode. Despite this, the elimination/placement weights are largely the same which should lead to similarly stacked endgames.

  • 1st – 55
  • 2nd – 49
  • 3rd – 46
  • 4th – 43
  • 5th – 40
  • 25th – 2

Each Elimination is worth Five points

Advancement is largely unchanged as well. Dreamhack duos features the three stage cycle with two open stage tournaments. Players can compete in the second open tournament if they didn’t qualify in the first go around.

The top 250 duos from each heat will advance to the semifinals, with another event the next day to filter the pool down to just 50 teams. The finals will use custom matchmaking with 8 games in a single lobby

How to Sign Up

Make sure to sign up through Dreamhacks google form found below:

Regarding eligibility – only players above the age of 13 are permitted to participate in Dreamhack events due to the cash prize being provided.

You’ll also need to make sure to sign up separately through Epic Games’ website. Dreamhack will provide you the direct link to this registration form after you complete their process. Failure to complete this step before your region’s event start time will lock you out of the tournament.

Best of luck to all looking to compete in this iteration of Dreamhack. Make sure to take advantage of our complete coaching packages and elite guides to increase your shot at the $250,000 prize!


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