Four FNCS Trios drop spots you must try out

With the multi-million-dollar Fortnite Championship Series event kicking off in just one week, the final bit of practice you get could be the difference between cashing out or busting just shy.

If you don’t have a solid drop spot at this point, you absolutely must make finding and optimizing one your first priority.

That’s why, today, I’m going to nudge you in the right direction by offering four of my favorite and most winnable drop spots.

Note: The following guide is optimized for trios. Mileage may vary for other game modes.

Dirty Docks

Now that the water levels have completely drained out, Dirty Docks has suddenly become a viable drop for a full trio. Given I drop here often, I feel as though it gets enough competition for all the loot it provides.

With so many of the “valuable POIs” like Catty Corner being rendered useless this season, reverting back to high chest and floor loot spawns is your key to success.

Dirty Docks has among the highest floor spawns in the entire map making this play a no brainer.

Risky Reels

While Risky can’t be attributed to stacked loot, there’s another way to maximize your efficiency here.

If uncontested (once again, it happens often!), one of your teammates can peel off to the northeast mountain and work their way back.

Another consideration that many trios don’t consider is rotational options. Being near dead-centre is a powerful tool that can make up for lacklustre loot.

If you’re behind on games and need to play endgames: land here.

Salty Springs

Salty Springs is that POI that everyone knows about but nobody cares to land at. After all – it hasn’t changed one bit over all 14 Seasons…

… for better or for worse. Unfortunately, the loot hasn’t gotten a whole lot better since you last landed there (whenever that was).

When chests reverted back to 60% spawn rate, this spot became even less desirable for trios. As a result, you’re not going to have to fight much for full Salty control.

Players always ask how to make more endgames – this is how: find nooks and crannies where people don’t land and go there.

I added this spot right after Risky Reels because you can employ a “super passive” strategy to practically guarantee not having to fight off spawn. Drop from the battlebus and aim somewhere between Risky and Salty. Whichever spot doesn’t get contested is where you go.

This works with relative success but be prepared to commit to one drop spot if both are occupied.

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